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In the hands of Aretha Franklin, “Respect” is one of the most empowering anthems ever released. Buffalo Springfield – “For What It’s Worth”. 100. The Who were every bit the studio obsessed band The Beatles and The Beach Boys were during the 1960s. That was a mandate from Berry Gordy. Released on Sly & The Family Stone’s “Greatest Hits” album at the end of the 1960s, “Thank You...” became a massive hit. © 2020 OLDIES.com and its affiliates and partner companies. Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” is the ultimate look at what was going on in the world during the 1960s. 1940-1944 is a 1998 compilation album of songs recorded by Jo Stafford. [2] In 1989, Shiloh secured their first record deal and put out one album titled California Reggae. The V-Disc program began in June 1941 and continued until May 1949. 2 hit for the group in 1967. Before Led Zeppelin flipped blues into hard rock and heavy metal, there was Cream. [22][23], Drifting and Dreaming with Jo Stafford is a 1996 compilation album of songs recorded by American singer Jo Stafford. Further lineup changes have ensued, and the band now consists of Quino and James Mcwhinney, Paul Kastick, Goofy Campbell, Chizzy Chisholm and Michael (Mikey) Ortiz. Given how much of an anthem it’s become, “Sweet Caroline” feels overplayed at this point. Pete Townshend was pulling out all the stops. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. [2], Broadway Revisited is a 1987 compilation album of recordings by Jo Stafford. 10. The In Crowd; 2. Frankie Valli’s voice drove the song to No. 20. That’s hard to argue with. The Beatles – “Strawberry Fields Forever". Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Fortunate Son”. 1 single with “Fingertips.” But it was “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)," which Wonder co-wrote, that proved he was something truly special. [6], G.I. Eric Clapton, a true bluesman at heart, hated the single’s pop tendencies and left the group. The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” is the ultimate example of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, a layered recording technique that would forever change pop music. The part that pushes the song to its peak is Mary Clayton’s soaring backing vocals. Its influence on the funk genre has been immense with bassist Larry Graham Jr.'s slapping technique reaching its peak and changing how others played the instrument. 83. Dylan’s genius as a composer was at its peak when he released “Blonde on Blonde.” Lyrically, “Visions of Johanna” is on another level, a watershed moment in poetic songwriting that would go on to influence every great singer-songwriter that followed. The song still landed in the top 10 on charts in both England and the United States. Percy Sledge – “When a Man Loves a Woman”. That included “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” a brilliant pop song that foreshadowed the mainstream sounds of power pop that would emerge in the 1970s. The song sounds so beautiful, it makes you believe it can happen. But Cooke’s didn’t like the final product. [32], Coming Back Like a Song: 25 Hits 1941–47 is a 1998 compilation album of songs recorded by American singer Jo Stafford. When Brian Wilson began obsessing over Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound production, The Beach Boys music became truly groundbreaking. jeff buckley hallelujah other recordings of this song. But it’s Sledge who is identified with the track that became a watershed moment for southern soul music. 97. 's spent much of their careers playing the background as members of Stax house band. Ultimately, the song would prove an influential force in the development of Americana. It borrowed the choir style The Beatles had utilized on “Hey Jude," making “You can’t Always Get What You Want” one of the most infectious choruses any Stones song ever produced.

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