7th saga how to recruit

Or will they be "locked in" to their reactions at that stage in the game with no way of changing their reactions? You fight two of the other characters as bosses in the game at certain points, it's randomized which ones they are. The 7th Saga; Valsu; User Info: jasont2319. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. To avoid frustration? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. For The 7th Saga on the Super Nintendo, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Esuna Recruitment Help". If I kill an apprentice in a fight, are they gone for good?

Against bosses, Valsu is far superior.

They're both very straightforward fighter-types.

Every time i fight Lejes i just raise up my defenses while he wastes his magic lowering my defenses. Definitely play the patched version, if you're going through it on an emulator / with a rom.

Haven't played in a long time, but there's one forced fight: And once you have the Star Rune, Lejes is a pushover because (aside from heal potions) his AI will ONLY cast Defense 2 unless your defense is halved or he wasted all his MP. I think for your main character the best choice is a spell caster like valsu or esuna. That's why I cheated through it. the last few times i played the game through with those combos of valsu/ wilme, lux, olvan. 7th Saga uses the same RNG table for seed bonuses and NPC movements, so we can use this to force maximum stat boosts from seeds. Is there any other rpg you recommend? Levelling to be stronger vs an apprentice is a disaster, as they also level, and get the Elnard boost (which you don't); even Lejes Of The Idiotic AI is a threat if you level enough. Using the demon Leges means more people will hate you.

One is only a few hours into the game near Guntz with the Brain mobs, and later the M. Brains will give the highest XP/Gold you can get (and they also drop Remedy which is this game's elixir item). It involves a boss fight that levels as you do throughout the game. I just wanted to see the ending. You start with one character and later on you get to pick a second one as you run into the other characters in towns. Edit: thanks for the tips, I’m really enjoying the game so far. After that fight, go nuts with grinding. Shoot it still took me like 8 hours and 40 min to go through the entire story with them! It's more useful. Overall, not one of my favorite RPG's. ~ Karl Pilkington. I have beaten it numerous times over the years using pretty much every character. "Easier 7th Saga" with Magic Fix - Impossible Esuna Battles. I did it, took me 54 hours. Lejes (the demon dude) for example is very underwhelming. The battle system has two things the game doesn't really spell out for you. It never happened to me as a kid or an adult FWIW. Let’s hope dark souls prepared me for this a little. This was when I was a kid who would basically play *any* RPG to completion, but it was such a difficult slog that I couldn't manage it. I haven’t played many turn based rpgs but I’m familiar enough to how it works, is there anything this game does super differently? Swapping out your second person later in the game and picking up one with beefed up stats is a thing people do. Find a room with exactly one NPC and ample space for him to move (eastern room in Guntz is ideal) Input the movements into the widget below. In the years since then, thanks to emulation, I've tried it again twice... and abandoned it twice. Using the alien (spiky orange dude) or the robot is going to give you the easiest time since they have the highest defense and HP and die less often.

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