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Simpson, the story was first framed as an American tragedy: the story of a strikingly handsome football player with a $40 million contract — heralded as one of the best tight ends in the nation — who somehow got involved in the senseless murder of his friend. Powered by. But there appears to have been no suggestion at the time — at least on the record — that he take a break from football to work on himself or turn to mental health professionals. Friends and family speculated about Aaron’s reaction — or lack thereof — to his father’s death, as if some nascent personal pathology could be read through his emotions. In the shooting’s aftermath, Bradley said that Hernandez became increasingly paranoid that he was being surveilled by cops and recorded by other people's iPhones. In retrospect, and after the trials, it appears that his crimes built on each other through a combination of paranoia and toxic masculinity. Meyer described one "10-hour meeting.

Want to support our journalism? Like many men of color, Hernandez was celebrated, and learned to value himself, as a sports-achieving body. "It was a rough process, and I didn't know what to do for him,” she later said. That article says that SanSoucie revealed a “now-and-then sexual relationship he had with Aaron,” starting in middle school and lasting through high school. He told CBS News that Hernandez was gay. Suddenly there was room for sympathy and understanding; perhaps he had killed himself because he was not able to lead his real life, or was terrified that he would be outed. Like many men of color, Hernandez was celebrated, and learned to value himself, as a sports-achieving body. “Meyer kept us at such a distance,” one reporter later said, “or flat-out lied, that we couldn’t verify a pot suspension.” And Hernandez was still struggling with his father’s death. The implication of such an arrangement is that the young Hernandez simply needed a proper family structure model to emulate, as if structural issues of class, race, gender, or mental health could be addressed privately through a benevolent white family’s generosity. But soon after arriving at the University of Florida — before playing a single game — Hernandez got involved in an altercation at a Gainesville bar called The Swamp. She became known as his “ride or die” girlfriend because she was symbolically pitted against her sister Shaneah, the girlfriend of the murder victim. He remained in the cell until 3:03 a.m., when he was discovered hanged.

“It was very, very hard, and he was very, very angry. Two men were shot and a witness named Randall Cason initially told police that the shooter was a "Hawaiian" or "Hispanic" male with a large, muscular build and a lot of tattoos. Instead, Hernandez was entrusted to the corporation of college sports. It’s also discussed in the Netflix documentary.). A photo from Hernandez’s prison file showing a Bible in his cell. New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez after practice in January 2012. Around 3:03 a.m., he observed a sheet hanged in front of Hernandez’s cell door.

Hernandez later pointed out: “I just know he cared about people. “It’s just going to make me think of life a lot differently and doing things the right way,” he told NESN about these life developments. A report from the state police for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, dated May 4, 2017, gave additional details. Since his initial arrest for murder in 2013, the story of Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots tight end who became embroiled in two murder trials before killing himself in April, has riveted the public. The autopsy was performed by Doctor Henry Nields. Tied on the bars on the window was the other piece of the bed sheet. He was positive and even happily emotional. This report says he made 7 calls on the evening prior to his death. Their dad didn’t approve of homosexuality, Jonathan told CBS, adding, “You could kind of see what, you know, his (Aaron’s) conflicts were and what he was struggling with, and it’s, you know, his sexuality … and accepting himself.”, In fact, Newsweek alleged that police sources believed Odin Lloyd might have known that Hernandez was bisexual, providing a motive for murder. Figures of angels and Jesus’s hands on the cross were an acknowledgment of “the pain we all go through," he noted.

Seemingly not understanding the level of Hernandez’s paranoia or troubles, Belichick said he couldn’t trade him — his contract size suggested how crucial he was to the team — but offered instead to increase his security.

You’re not my dad!’”. I will stop questioning you and us. Before killing himself, Hernandez inscribed in ink on his face — and in blood on his cell walls — the biblical passage John 3:16, with the 16th verse marked in blood. SanSoucie appears in the Netflix show.

We each get to define what and who we are sexually, even convicted murderers.”. I’m gonna try to do the right things, become a good father and [have her] be raised like I was raised.”.

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