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Richard Watterson has been extremely lazy ever since the summer of 1983. But then Penny tries to stop Tobias from hitting Gumball by holding back his arms. Popular All Time. Margaret Robinson | Tobias trying to hit Gumball with his broom sword. His fifth main antagonist role in the episode "The One", he tries to be Gumball's best friend, first bothering him, and then defeating Gumball's friends; Leslie, Bobert, Banana Joe, Sarah, Carrie, and Darwin. Billy Parham | In a fit of rage, Gumball hit Tobias's hand with his broom sword. Penny is exasperated of hearing the same story and tells Gumball that he cannot expect people to change after telling them the same thing over and over.

HolyGhostInMinecraft. He's also friends with Tobias and a potato. a tornado) to occur. They both are brothers and best friends but they are a bit stupid. Who is stupid, yellow, and has googly eyes? They are at an impasse so who do they turn to in their time of trouble? Penny trying to hold back Tobias the second time, so that Gumball could defeat him. Robert Julius Oppenheimer Jr. | As in the question, Bobert is a robot that has no emotions and is in many episodes. She is the love interest and eventual girlfriend of Gumball Watterson. So Bobert is in a whole lot of episodes. Television The Amazing World of Gumball Hobby How many different kinds of animals are in Gumball's family? Banana Joe is a very weird banana. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Forms 5 Gallery 6 Trivia 7 External links 8 Navigation From Season 1 to "The Shell," Penny was an anthropomorphic peanut. ", This is the third time Penny shapeshifts into her dragon form. paradoxic. Duncan is a punk rebel who was put in a youth detention center for his rebellious actions. HarassmentBlackmailAssaultIndirect destructionCheatingIncriminationBullying.

He first appeared in "The Butterfly," where he wreaks havoc all over Elmore.

Gumball Ok, so this is where you get to be the human version of these abnormal characters .

Despite his hostile personality and fondness for criminal activities, he has shown that he is actually a good person at heart (although he insists otherwise at every opportunity) and generally gets along with most of his fellow competitors. When everyone is ether at school or work, Richard will sleep, watch tv, and drink soda and eat chips until the family comes home. Gumball and Darwin, now thinking that this was a scam, battle Tobias with imaginary weapons until they are stopped by Tobias' dad.
While Tobias can be friendly and empathetic at times, he can be selfish and egotistical at times, even to the point of becoming a jerk. Anything can happen !

Chi Chi and Ribbit |

He'll do anything for Penny to date him but he has competition, as Gumball is also in love with Penny. She is sometimes part of the main group. Noticing this, Gumball pushes Tobias out of the way and then pushes Penny out of the way from Mr. Fitzgerald's car, which inadvertently causes Mr. Fitzgerald to swerve right toward the Watterson's house and hit Tobias with the right rear-view mirror of his car before crashing into the Watterson's house. Tobias Wilson | Darwin The others are.

Rob |

Anais This is his first role as the main antagonist. Grady | Gumball (The Amazing World Of Gumball) In what episode did Darwin think that gumball was a girl?


He is also a rival of Gumball.

Zach Watterson |

He has stick hands, a clay mouth, and a very weird head. Evil Turtle’s Babies | 128 Comments. Butterfly | And she will do anything to see her favorite animal called Daisy. His second minor antagonist role in the episode "The Awkwardness", where he makes fun of Gumball and Hot Dog Guy by recording their conversation with his phone. Clayton |

As in the question, Darwin is an innocent, stupid, fish that has legs. Alias Fanfiction Humor Tawog The Amazing World Of Gumball Watterson Gumball ... Darwin Anais Nicole Richard Rob Mr Robinson Mrs Larry Penny Carrie After waking up in his nemesis’s body, Gumball naturally wants to go back to normal as soon as possible. Who is the teacher who taught in the Stone Age? Gumball's Mom's name is Nicole and she is strong, athletic, brave, and many more things, too.
His first minor antagonist role in the episode "The Quest", Tobias, along with Carrie, tossed around Anais's Daisy the Donkey doll, and when Gumball told Tobias to give Anais's doll back, he intentionally dropped the doll off the bus, causing Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to try and find the doll and get it back from, He was the secondary antagonist in the episode "The Pressure", overcome by. This article is about the character. Troll | His most popular role was in the episode "The Knights" as the main antagonist. Which person is the laziest person in Elmore? Mr. Rex | Which character is really stupid, a cat, and is in the Watterson family? 0. She will scream at you if you do anything wrong. Gargaroth |

... Really likes gumball and hates penny. Character Information The butterfly is a single-appearance character in The Amazing World of Gumball. ... Human! His thorax is multicolored and he has red wings with multiple black dots on them. He was scared off when he was almost run over. Penny watching in horror as Tobias beats up Gumball in a trash can. Miss Simian Type of Villain Also in the episode "The Fight" the mom battles Tina Rex's dad.

Tobias declaring himself the winner, and the one who claims the hand of Penny. Elmore Junior High StudentStudent Athlete and Jock

Powers/Skills What if Gumball was an anime (Removed Scenes) Mikeinel.

In the episode "The Apology" Miss Simian was trying to frame Gumball and Darwin. In the episode "The Pen" when Gumball and Darwin chewed his pen he was about to beat them up until he tripped while running at them and he slammed into a water fountain. Huggers | Who is shown in "The Robot", "The Club", "The Bet", and more, who is a nerd, with only four friends, and is also a robot. He is a fluffy and athletic multicolored jock who usually appears as a supporting character but has had some episodes where he was an antagonist, most likely due to his jealousy of Gumball's adventures.

It is revealed that Tobias secretly told. Who in the Watterson family is stupid, innocent, and is a fish that has legs? https://twitter.com/benbocquelet/status/585127881904361472, https://theamazingworldofgumball.fandom.com/wiki/Butterfly?oldid=577480, He is one of the very few characters to be animated using live action. His second minor antagonist role in the episode "The Party" , Tobais blackmailed his sister, Rachel to invite him and his friends to her party, threatening to tell their parents about the party.

And she beat up the T-Rex so much, when she came out the whole outhouse broke down.

Who is the woman who is extremely strong when she is angry? Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

Goals His family is so rich, he gets the latest video games. Elmore Prisoners | Tobias saying he will, in exchange for a kiss. Darwin also sleeps in a fish bowl and he is human size. She also loves laughing hysterically and she's a baboon. Jamie Russo | He dresses up like a minstrel, and fights Gumball for Penny's affection, even though Penny did not like him that much and tried to stop him from attacking Gumball. Seeing as how he is fully aware of his destructive powers, the Butterfly has a malevolent personality and appears to enjoy causing mayhem.

His first primary antagonist role in the episode "The Mothers", he, along with Gumball, Darwin, and Banana Joe put their mothers through various tests (without their knowledge) to see who is the best. Bobert | Darwin always sticks with Gumball no matter what because they're kind of like brothers.

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