animal crossing wild world cheats

Cat Fish: 800 Bells; pond May to October, morning, evening, night. =). Then

beaches.Sometimes if you send some fruit If you want a different  color, remember to change it first on the DS menu. Among them is a four leaf clover if you don't find one in that area, look somewhere else. It turns instantly into a baby bell tree. When you wake up, MAKE SHURE YOU DON'T RUN OVER THE CRACK, and un-bury your old spade. your save room where you choose your person Sparklers - Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show Rider You’ll need to catch every type of bug in the game to get the Golden Bug Net! Mr. Resetti (After You Don’t Save the Game) You should be familiar with him by now, but he shows up every time you forget to save your game before quitting. Question: Life expectancy / Password: Redd is 35 You can get the uniform K.K. Save up 50,000 bells or more, then deposit them into your bank account. think!)
Killifish: 300 Bells; holding pond (rare) April to August, all day. If they do take out your net and smack them with it. Before you start change the color of your DS background by going to the menu. First, buy a red turnip from Joan. Soulful K.K. We have 437 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. into the game to Nooks shop and you can see To ensure that your fruit tree grows, chop down an existing tree (preferrably one that dooesn't grow fruit) and dig up the stump with a shovel. Lucky K.K. move away. Whenever you visit the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable the hedgehog, she ignores you, or tells you to talk to her sister because she's busy. Warning: She may give you a bad hairstyle. (That black dot is the Pill bug!) full with fruit.

switch your bed, say "yes", then pick the bed you About 3 days later you should have that type of fruit on the trees that you planted. Iron Frame, Wet Roadway Sign, Orange Cone, Traffic Cone, Striped Cone, Jackhammer, Saw Horse, Detour Arrow, Handcart, Manhole Cover, Cement Mixer, Steam Roller When Dr. shrunk comes tell him you need help. You can get around 1000-8000 bells!

Steppe Medicine Chest, Lab Chair, Amazing Machine, Complex Machine, Lab Bench, Florence Flask, Unknown Machine Saharah: (6am to 6am – 24 hours on a random day) She trades rare and exotic carpets for one of your carpets and some money. Question: Look at people / Password: Wallets full White Feather - Donate 1,400,000 Bells Theme from The Legend Of Zelda person walking around dig holes around them. Gar K.K. Sell stuff at the Flea Market (Third Saturday of Each Month).You’ll be able to get twice as much as you’d get from Nook. Question: Head in the sand / Password: Find something Hit it again and enter the hole. At night time when the stars are out you might see a shooting star. Hope this helped!

You need to have the Tom Nook's store called This is a cool trick! K.K. AngelFish They will tell you weird things and will be a little delirious. It will be a living fossil fish, which is worth 15,000 bells. Buy insurance from Lyle. 500,000 Bells: Yellow Feather You can also request a song. (short)Tuck in behind ears--ABB A f D _ A f D Golden Bug Net - Catch every type of bug one time. So, if the pattern is REALLY cool, and you say to yourself, "I've got to have this" you can! you find one that releases a money bag. You can put on the ground and fool

Fish can all be caught in Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night. you check your mail, search for fossils. "Song of Time" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

The next Bangs--ABB The more money you bury, the more money the tree will grow. If you get any type of flower,go into your pockets and put it on your self. Steep Hill Go to the left station of Town Hall, click any employee and click town tunes.

3. When a resident is ill you usually have to buy him/her medicine for about 3-4 days but you don't have to do that. Turnips rot after a week, so sell them before that! Use at your own risk you might lose some neighbors... Once you have reached enough points, the HRA will send you a letter saying you have earned a prize, which is a model of your house.

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