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Fun Fact: Mela is the lead singer in band Magnolia Memoir! voice actors. Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Reveals Vehicles, Olympus, And... All 16 Olympus Map Locations Revealed By Apex Legends Dataminer, Apex Legends Shadow Bug Means You Can Still Pick Up Guns, Apex Legends Finally Confirms Olympus Map With Horizon's Backstory. There are a total of 13 diverse Legends, each with their own unique personality and backstories. Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Teased By Classification... Apex Legends Player Gets Brutal Cliff-Toss Revenge, Developer Reveals Wholesome Reason Apex Legends Released Late, Apex Legends Drops Horizon Easter Egg In The Firing Range, Apex Legends Leaks Suggest Arena Mode Is On The Way, Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Hints At Pathfinder Removal, Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Season 7 Weapons And Character Skins. Justine Huxley is an LA-born actress, and has lent her voice to several voices in TV and gaming, including as Constance Pickering in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Anjali Bhimani is an American/Indian actress, known for many TV and film roles (Modern Family, NCIS, Grace And Frankie), and also her voice acting for Overwatch’s Symmetra. However, since this is an online game with no campaign, there aren’t any traditional credits. Wattson is perhaps the friendliest character in Apex Legends, but also the pros' choice, and is played by Justine Huxley. As for what’s changing in the way of legend buffs and nerfs, Respawn previously noted that at least five legends will be updated in some way. The game instantly struck a chord with the gaming community for its great gunplay and signature Respawn mobility, taken from the Titanfall games. Company Credits Mirage, Rampart, Octane, Pathfinder, and Loba are all guaranteed to be buffed – with Pathfinder having the cooldown on his grapple, while Loba will be able to take ammo from her Black Market Boutique without needing to use one of the two loot spots for it. So, we’ll just have to keep an eye on that. Apex Legends Fight Or Fright 2020: When Does It Start? | There is also a myriad of changes coming to the weapon pool. Lifeline is one of the most well-liked characters in the game, and is played Mela Lee, known for her role as Jade in Mortal Kombat 11. Wraith is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality — but those abilities came at a price. “There’s a thin line between life and death. Fun Fact: Erica started acting at two years old in Pampers commercials! Regional 4 - APAC North Be sure to check back here for any announcements of new Legends. Respawn Hits Back After Reddit User Claims They Were Unfairly... Takeaways From The ALGS Autumn Circuit Online Tournament #2. October 21 - November 8, Tier 2 Overwatch teams are getting down to the wire, as the Upper Bracket Finals take place. We will have to wait and see who is added to the list when new Legends join the group in the future. As Bangalore, Erica is the epitome of leadership and strength, and many fans often compare their twinning looks. Fun Fact: Johnny streams regularly on Twitch! podcast to discuss her experiences with voicing the character and being a part of the game’s development, when she let slip that she hasn’t actually played a match. Apex Legends has a plethora of characters, with their own distinct stories and voices, but have you ever wondered who lends their talents to the Legends’ inimitable quotes? July 21 - November 8, Valve brings you the online regional tournament Dota Summit 13, with all regions competing for a prize pool of $250,000. She remains a fixture of the Apex Games, and with every match she gets closer to the truth... Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage. As for what’s changing in the way of legend buffs and nerfs. The R-99 is returning to floor loot in Season 7. You can find the full list below: Bangalore: Erica Luttrell Bloodhound: Allegra Clark Caustic: JB Blanc Gibraltar: Branscombe Richmond Lifeline: Mela Lee Mirage: Roger Craig Smith Pathfinder: Chris Edgerly Wraith: Shantel VanSanten Narrator: Zehra Fazal Apex Legends is moving to a whole new world in Season 7, Olympus on Psamathe. Wraith is an incredibly popular legend in Apex. Mirage is best known for his wisecracking attitude, and Roger Craig Smith is no different. https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/video-games/Apex-Legends/Wraith Erica Luttrell has been a voice actor for over 25 years, in both TV and games. October 24 - November 22. These small hovercrafts will be situated across the map and can fit a trio in with ease. Just like Lifeline VA Mela Lee, Nicolas Roye has been involved with Anime voice acting for several years, as well as joining fellow Apex castmate Darin De Paul in Marvel's Avengers. “There’s a thin line between life and death. Bloodhound is canonically non-binary, and Allegra revealed that they lower the tone of her voice in post, to reflect that. October 5 - December 20, Riot Games bring us their next official esports tournament for VALORANT, with NA teams competing for a $100,000 prize pool. The newest Legend to make her way into the game is Loba, played by Fryda Wolff. The adrenaline junkie and speed demon Octane is played by Nicolas Roye, who has been part of many voice over projects in gaming. All original material is Copyright © 2019 by GGRecon Ltd. | While there are plenty of differences between Apex Legends and it. The villainous Caustic is played by JB Blanc, best known for his work in Beware the Batman and War Dogs. Darin De Paul not only voices Revenant, but also the Hulk in the Marvel’s Avengers game, and Benjamin Hancock in Death Stranding. Apex Legends was a breakout hit upon release, due to its faster-paced take on the Battle Royale genre. [ ... ], Apex Legends looks set to introduce new modes of transportation in Season 7 if leaks are to be believed. Who is the Apex Legends Horizon Voice Actor? They come with set abilities that can be combined together in a trio to create a squad worthy of being called Apex Champions. Fun Fact: Chris started his Apex Legends content creating career by seeing how many random players would recognise his voice in-game as he played on their squad! “I have to visualize it because I’ve never played the game, sorry guys,” the actress said, talking about the process of recording voice lines for in-game scenarios. Getting a new legend to start each season is obviously the biggest change, and that’s only amplified when it’s someone like Horizon. Of course, while it is enjoyable to fans, the game isn’t for everyone – and that even includes those who have had a hand in giving it to the gaming world. Chris Edgerly certainly isn’t as robotic as his counterpart, and cut his teeth doing voices on the most well-known TV shows in the world, such as The Simpsons, and innumerable games to boot. The biggest of these is the return of the R-99 SMG to floor loot. Fun Fact: Shantel is also a model, and once appeared in Teen Vogue! Years ago, she woke up in an IMC detention facility with no memory of who she was. Branscombe Richmond just IS Gibraltar. Apex Legends (Video Game 2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Some of them, including Chris Edgerly, the voice behind Pathfinder, have embraced the game and its fanbase by playing the game and creating content. Voice Actors of Apex Legends Cast Respawn’s brand new battle royale shooter, Apex Legends, has just released.The twist, though, is that you pick … As already noted, she’s got a thing for messing with gravity, and her ultimate – a black hole that pulls players towards it – could really shake-up the meta when it comes to the legends. By browsing this website, you consent to the Horizon’s abilities should shake thing up in Apex Legends. We’ve got all eight of the Apex Legends voice actors from the game as well as even the voice for the announcer who you will hear throughout the match. The ill-mannered God of Gas himself, Caustic, is voiced by JB Blanc, who has incredible voice-acting chops, having lent his timbre to Mortal Kombat 11, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, amongst many, many more. Allegra Clark is a seasoned VA, having acted in games and TV, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Aggretsuko, and Last Of Us: Part II. Fun Fact: Anjali Bhimani went to High School with Roger Craig Smith (voice of Mirage)! You’ll find me there.”. Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them. As mentioned, there will be vehicles on Olympus – these are called Trident. The assassin simulacrums real name may be unknown, but his voice actor isn’t. Following her lead, Wraith found the strength to break free from her prison and escape into a different reality - this reality. You can find the full list below: And that’s the current cast list for the game. October 26 - November 4, The Apex Legends Global Series is back for the Autumn Circuit. Published: 2/Nov/2020 10:04 [ ... ], Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, has taken a bold stand against the community today [ ... ], The ALGS Autumn Circuit continues to outdo itself. Shantel VanSanten, the voice behind Wraith, appeared on Edgerly’s podcast to discuss her experiences with voicing the character and being a part of the game’s development, when she let slip that she hasn’t actually played a match. Fun Fact: Justine makes and sells custom ice dyed clothing! Athaim Gaming Are Set On Breaking Into The Apex Legends Esports... Mirage To Receive Buff For Apex Legends Season 7, Leaks Suggest Apex Legends Season 7 Will Include Vehicles. The Apex Legends has a diverse selection of characters, played by a talented voice cast. Respawn Entertainment dropped one of the biggest surprises of the year when they released Apex Legends sans any marketing and fanfare. Fryda has been voice acting for almost 20 years, and appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Fallout 4, Street Fighter V, and many others. Apex Legends Releases Custom Rampart, Wattson, and Lifeline... Takeaways From The ALGS Autumn Circuit Online Tournament #1, Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event Challenges, Pathfinder Reverse-Nerf Gives Hope To Path Mains, Why The Naruto Run Is Gone, And What It Means For Wraith, Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event Skins. October 26 - November 4, Riot Games bring us their next official esports tournament for VALORANT, with NA teams competing for a $100,000 prize pool. Years ago, she woke up in an IMCDetention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no memory of her life before. Horizon [ ... ], While the Apex Legends Season 6 trailer teased we'd be shooting for the stars with a Hammond [ ... ], This could be a case for Mulder and Scully because it looks like E.T. Why not start with the latest Legend, Rampart, herself? The voice actor for Pathfinder, Chris Edgerly, actually has a role in the 2007 film "Pathfinder" which is the same name as his character. She also began hearing a distant voice whispering in her mind that would keep her awake for days on end, nearly driving her insane. Elle Newlands is the voice behind Horizon - and many of your favourite video game characters too! (Segment begins at 19:20 for mobile readers). Updated: 1/Mar/2020 22:01. Regional 3 - APAC North The new map, Olympus, will also shake up the way Apex is played because not only are there vehicles on the map, but there is also the constant danger of falling to your death because of how high up the map is. Fun Fact: Darin also performs on Broadway! Revenant (voice) Chris Edgerly ... Pathfinder (voice) Zehra Fazal ... AI Announcer (voice) Justine Huxley ... Wattson (voice) Alison Jaye ... Mila Mela Lee As far as you can tell, it’s on your side. Privacy & Cookie Policy (Your Privacy Rights). See more » Connections Apex Legends contains eight various “Legends” that you can play as in the game. Fan-favourite Mirage is voiced by none other than Roger Craig-Smith, known to voice characters like Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins and Ezio in the Assassin's Creed franchise.

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