are fireworks legal in ottawa

No person or group of persons shall discharge any pyrotechnic special effect fireworks in the City of Ottawa, without first having obtained a permit issued by the Fire Chief authorizing the display of pyrotechnic special effect fireworks. The Fire Chief may issue permits for displays of fireworks on the conditions set forth in Section 13, and each such permit shall state the name of the sponsoring club, association or group, the purpose of the display, the place and date at which the same may be held, and the name of the person under whose supervision the display shall be held. It is declared that if any section, subsection or part or parts thereof be declared by any Court of Law to be bad, illegal or ultra vires, such section, subsection or part or parts shall be deemed to be severable and all parts hereof are declared to be separate and independent and enacted as such. The permit holder holding the display of pyrotechnic special effect fireworks shall ensure that all unused fireworks and all debris are removed. In Kingston, you can only legally shoot off fireworks in a residential area between dusk and 11 p.m. on the day before Victoria Day (Sunday) and Victoria Day itself (Monday). Anyone selling, purchasing or using firecrackers within the City of Ottawa is in violation of the Fireworks Bylaw as well as provincial law. The city defines a firecracker as "a pyrotechnic device that explodes when ignited and does not make any subsequent display or visible effect after the explosion.". 1997, c.4, as amended, and the Regulations enacted thereunder as amended from time to time or any Act and Regulations enacted in substitution therefor; "Old Municipality" means the old municipalities of the City of Cumberland, the City of Gloucester, the Township of Goulbourn, the City of Kanata, the City of Nepean, the City of Ottawa, the Township of Rideau, and the City of Vanier and "Old Municipalities" has a similar meaning; "prohibited firework" includes but is not limited to cigarette loads or pings, exploding matches, sparkling matches, ammunition for miniature tie clip, cufflink or key chain pistols, auto alarms or jokers, cherry bombs, M-80 and silver salutes and flash crackers, throw down torpedoes and crackling balls, exploding golf balls, stink bombs and smoke bombs, tear gas pens and launchers, party peppers and table bombs, table rockets and battle sky rockets, fake firecrackers and other trick devices or practical jokes as included on the most recent list of prohibited fireworks as published from time to time under the Act; "pyrotechnician" means a person who is certified under the Act as a Theatrical User, an Assistant, a Pyrotechnician or a Special Effects Pyrotechnician and is qualified to purchase and supervise the display of pyrotechnic special effect fireworks under the Act; "pyrotechnic special effect firework" means a high hazard firework that is classed as a subdivision 5 of Division 2 of Class 7 Firework under the Act and that is used to produce a special pyrotechnic effect for indoor or outdoor performances and includes black powder bombs, bullet effect, flash powder, air bursts, smoke compositions, gerbs, lances and wheels; and. !��:����9�%?V��O�ZzH�q�+�������~x�P���p��CrϨP�*�᪉��-ׅzT����$���� �9$�I؄ҡV�C��tE��P+���aѵ�W�C� ���(_8���LW�j�zh� ���B��=˄zla ��4�����ɚ7h�l kʇ��@^�C����޼:�� In Ottawa, firecrackers are prohibited from being used or sold. If you are planning to do so, the city wants to make sure you follow rules and regulations. By-law Number 166-89 of The Corporation of the City of Ottawa entitled "A by-law of The Corporation of the City of Ottawa respecting fireworks and firecrackers", as amended, Part VI entitled "Fireworks" of By-law No. The following by-laws of the Old Municipalities are repealed: This by-law may be referred to as the "Fireworks By-law". Victoria Day and Canada Day are the only times of the year in Ottawa where blasting off your own fireworks won't get you a visit from bylaw officers, as long as you follow the rules. Yeah, I heard them in Craig Henry (which is pretty much the same area). Violations of the Fireworks By-law may be reported to 3-1-1. A by-law of the City of Ottawa respecting the sale and the setting off of fireworks within the City of Ottawa. Such insurance shall be in the name of the applicant and shall name the City of Ottawa as an additional insured thereunder. The City of Ottawa will be enforcing the fireworks by-law this Victoria Day Weekend. They were the Casion de Lac Leamy fireworks held not at lac Leamy but on the Ottawa river behind Parliament. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Victoria Day - I know firework displays can only get so good but these are literally world class fireworks.

No person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall discharge any consumer fireworks except under the direct supervision of and control of a person eighteen (18) years of age or over.

height, range of effect, fallout and duration of the display of pyrotechnic special effect fireworks, location of the audience and all exits, and. 1990, Chapter P.33. Fireworks By-law will be enforced Victoria Day weekend Ottawa – To ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday, the City reminds anyone planning to use fireworks over the Victoria Day weekend to do so in a safe and courteous manner and to comply with the City’s Fireworks By-law.

29-71 of The Corporation of the City of Nepean entitled "Being a by-law of the Corporation of the Township of Nepean respecting the sale and use of fireworks and firecrackers".

Is it worth it? the day immediately preceding Victoria Day. the number of persons authorized to handle and discharge the display fireworks; a site plan providing a description of the discharge site to be used for the discharging of the display fireworks; a description of the fire emergency procedures; the name and address of the applicant and the sponsoring organization, if applicable; proof of certification of the applicant as a Fireworks Supervisor; proof of the consent of the owner of the property to the discharge of display fireworks in writing; proof of insurance and indemnification in accordance with Sections 10 and 11; and.

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