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The student section, in fact the whole stadium really got into her “touchdowns”. Wisconsin will have to earn just an honorable mention, permanent plaques until after he graduated, caught the attention of the Tuscaloosa police, Deadspin’s Drew Magary shrewdly pointed out, actually pissed Notre Dame isn’t getting more credit, The 10 Most Hateable Fan Bases in College Basketball. To hear him tell it, the biggest barrier at this point is not the idea of a mascot but its design. (They really are pretty nasty-ass animals. Do you remember Whiskey and Brandy or Willy the Wolverine? I agree with Sarah McNitt, above — they’ve always creeped me out a little bit too. (The U-M Housing Division distributed some 15,000 copies of the directory.) Antigua secures the personally identifiable information you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Let’s keep it that way! I lived there and remember seeing them practice with Whiskey pushing a soccer ball around. They can be beautiful and strong, fluffy and distinctive, slim and agile. Antigua encourages you to periodically review this Statement to be informed of how Antigua is protecting your information. Decades would pass before another mascot would capture fans’ attention. Eisen wrote that he’d taken a persuasive speaking class the previous year. I’ve got other priorities for the Michigan Experience right now. Utah Valley University uses a mascot named Willy the Wolverine but its exact origins have been lost to history. $17.99. He could stick his claws in a bucket of buckeyes and eat one…, I do remember Whisky and Brandy. One that is cool, arrogant, strong, forceful, struts with pride and loves UM students, alumnae, ball players, etc. We used to all scream in the stands every time she went across the goal line. Michigan and all of it’s sports need no mascot, ever. With him, I sometimes worry he has a me too attitude, if lots of other programs are doing it, well then me too!! We called him Willy the Weasel, because that’s what he looked like — not a wolverine. Who cares? No. Traditions are made to evolve and as long as they maintain the spirit and style of the university. I’ve always thought that if Michigan ever has a mascot, live or otherwise, its name should be Victor. Make him look so real people blog about if he is for real or not. Rather than follow the crowd, let’s keep some of what’s left ofc our tradition as it stands. The M Den is the Official Merchandise Retailer of Michigan Athletics. “So far we haven’t figured out a way to do it. He built Michigan Stadium so that, someday, it could be expanded to fit some 300,000 football fans. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive features of the Antigua services or Web sites you visit. Things seemed to unravel when Big M Enterprises pitched then-U-M director of public affairs for housing, Alan J. I remember Whiskey and Brandy as a kid, and everyone seems to have great memories of the dogs…it was so light-hearted. One of the big gripes about Willy is that he looked too much like Bucky Badger, the Wisconsin mascot. Make it past the delicious roasted meats, the deliriously hot coeds, and the signs with faux-French to spot someone who’s wearing another school’s colors? I suggest that at such time as Michigan admits the first wolverine as a member of the freshman class it should be allowed to become the mascot. If I give away 40+ articles of Michigan gear to the homeless shelter, our downtown grifting areas will look like a downtrodden Michigan alumni convention within a week or so. Not so far fetched as I remember that a dog graduated from Minnesota in my time. Bring back the dogs! Notre Dame graduates around 2,000 students a year, yet its influence is so vast, so far-reaching, and so annoying that if an alien were to land his spacecraft on Earth and become a college football fan, he’d most likely presume Notre Dame to be our world’s largest educational center. Archival records show that Levy forwarded the letter to U-M’s in-house counsel. zone! I\\\’ve always been so relieved that we don\\\’t have one. Let’s take pride in who we are at Michigan, not act like some copycat wannabe. Fan demand grew to the point that administrators issued an announcement in the Michigan Daily asking that the dog’s owners make the halftime show a regular arrangement. Yost was a visionary but he was also a competitor. Michigan’s first attempt at a live mascot was carried off by no less a tradition-builder than Fielding Yost himself, longtime head football coach (1901-23, 1925-26) and athletic director (1921-41), first at the Michigan Stadium Dedication Game against Ohio State (Oct. 22, 1927) and again when Michigan played Navy that season. I\\\’ve always thought mascots, typically, looked embarrassingly ridiculous, with the possible exceptions of USC and maybe Illinois. Anyone that has even been to Michigan stadium knows that the fans there don’t need anything, especially a goofy looking mascot, to get worked into an awe-inspiring frenzy that few (if any) schools could even fathom trying to achieve. For example, if we play Ohio State, lets have someone dressed up like a nutcracker. “Today, for the first time in the annals of Michigan gridiron history, a Maize and Blue team will take the field of battle with two live Wolverines as mascots on the sidelines,” the Michigan Daily declared the morning of Oct. 22, 1927, the day of the dedication game. UM tradiiton of NO mascot is already acceptable. Good grief! Obviously the behavior was committed by a tiny minority of people, but there’s a reason why there’s not a lot of love for Morgantown elsewhere in the country. Should I direct the donations so that the gear ends up in the hands of folks less likely to grift or end up in a mugshot?
I did enjoy years ago the skill and enthusiasm of Whiskey the pup. Michigan does not need a mascot. I work at a Pac 10 (now 12) that has a mascot – Butch the Cougar- who spreads a great deal of good will in the larger community. Said Yost of the wolverine experiment, which ended after that first season: “It was obvious that the Michigan mascots had designs on the Michigan men toting them, and those designs were by no means friendly.” After the season, Bennie was sent to the Detroit Zoo while Biff was placed in the now-defunct University of Michigan Zoo. A shirt is a shirt is a shirt. Facial expressions are impossible, and lacking those, all the thing can do is bob head, dance around, look utterly stupid — viz Notre Dame, the OSU Buckeye, Iowa\\\’s Jayhawk. Im Not Just A Program Coordinator Im Just A Big Cup Of Wonderful Covered In Awesome Sauce With A Splash Of Sassy And A Dash Of Crazy Notebook Original Program Coordinator Notebook, Journal Gift, Diary, Doodle Gift or Notebook 6 x 9 Compact Size- 109 I never considered them mascots. Why should it matter? So totally classless to post a thread bragging about how great you and your family are, and actually asking a QUESTION about whether to donate unused junk. No wonder our alumni section is so quiet in the stadium – apparently we have no ability to just embrace our love of Michigan and have fun with it! many occasions, while watching the idiotic The plan was for the wolverines to be walked around on leashes. Did it influence my decision to attend or cheer for Michigan? As previously stated, we truly are the leaders and best.

I think if are to have a mascot, I say bring back the Michigan Moose. Have you won one of those with a quarterback whose financing for his new Benz was, shall we say, murky? You don’t want to end up with something as annoying as the baloon boy known as lil Red that Nebraska refuses to put out of our misery. I am so glad that we don’t have one.

Go Blue! By the time I enrolled as a freshman in 1960, he was gone. I remember every time i was at a pep rally or any sports event and i would see that mascot it would give me a sense of pride i would hold my head a little higher and feel better about my school in whole. u cant call a football game a football game without a mascot ..well you can but it takes part of the pazaz away when you wanna see sparty and and a wolverine mascot hash it out on the feild for the crowd i graduate highschol in 2015 so im a freshman and i wanna ggo to this college.and i wanna try to find a way to make michigan have a mascot.

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