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what a job amazing. As the natural successor to Reiza Studios' previous title - the highly regarded Stock Car Extreme, originally released in 2013 - AUTOMOBILISTA continues to simulate premium Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil … This addon also provides realistic sounds in upgrade options. Interlagos: Fixed object LOD popping; Upgraded road seam & roadline shaders; Imola: Fixed hole at Acque Minerali; closed some open edges between double sawtooth curbs; fixed some grass glitches; calibrated brake marker spacing; upgraded sign placement to latest references; Upgrade distance marker shader to rz_basic, rework sign placement based on recent reference video; moved start trigger 5m to align with pitwall starting gantry; added garage door collisions; relaxed road noise slightly; minor optimization pass, Ortona; Minor Art pass; Added new AI paths for paddock area; Fixed broken UV4 groove mapping.

29000+ Members | Dear Guest, click this link and join the RD Army on our official Discord server. This shader pack contains almost all popular custom shaders ever made for rFactor.

SimRacing-GP.net is a project we won't be able to fully realize without your support. Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, Oct 3, 2020. Changed 'EXIT' button to 'RETURN TO MAIN MENU' on post session leaderboard. Other advantages may be introduced in the future.

), Added 1960s Touring Car Series (featuring Lotus 23 & Mini Cooper S 1965), Added German Group A Series (featuring BMW M3 E30 & Mercedes 190 Evolution, Added Hockenheim 1988 Short layout (part of Hockenheimring DLC)*, Added borderless window mode option (Perfromance Options Screen), Altered behaviour of helmet/cockpit cameras to prevent locking to world horizon and improve smoothing/damping of camera view, Fixed issue where event date was not correctly set if host changed track via multiplayer lobby, Added 'Start New Championship' flow; Added Select championship type, select vehicle/livery, Pre-allocate opponents Added championship specific AI Skill / Aggression settings to championship overview (can be adjusted mid season as desired. Ortona: Fixed pit speed warning on track over 60kph; Added correct trigger for pit exit on layout 4; Silverstone 2020: Extensive performance pass, Outon Park: Marbles test : less boxes (78->24), bigger boxes, 0.5-1.5 range, no brake zones, Snetterton: Fixed some AI pit lane issues (hitting pitwall, driving onto grass at pitlane to main path merge), Adjusted textures; fixed some object LOD popping; Adjusted 100 layout pitlane/pitexit/trackcut to prevent a DQ in some cases, Curitiba: Minor optimization & art pass; improved pit lane path merge to main path; remapped garage/pitbox locations; calibrated dynamic brake marker spacing, Spielberg Historic:Restored road patch bumps; minor optimization pass; calibrated brake marker spacing, Imola 2001: Added period-accurate ad boards, Added VR Spectator cams to Interlagos, Silvestone 2001, Bathurst, Hockenheimring, Imola, Fixed objects popping in Spielberg, Silverstone 1975, Silverstone 2020, Brasilia: Fixed several object LOD popping; Various object & texture adjustments, Brands Hatch: Upgraded road seam & roadline shaders; Improved brake marker texture and spacing; Minor optimization pass. Several upgrade options for players to customize gameplay experiences. Automobilista Motorsports Simulator 2016 is an impressive racing game.

Visit the Store Page. Official page for the Automobilista 2 racing simulator on the PC platform, now available on Steam! SimRacing-GP.net aims to organize friendly competitions on your favorite Racing Simulators.

The Lotus floats 10cm off the track in external view.

Puma P052 small adjustment to interior sound. Fixed clamping of range when validating Multiplayer AI difficulty setting on client. What a great trip down the memory lane =) Excellent, thank you! Just in time for 1k mods of AMS, I hope this is the nº1000.

2001 Season DLC, you must downlad the base mod first.

'Waiting for host' message now also displayed after race sessions in multiplayer when appropriate.

Would be possible to create a version with proper steering rotation (something around 450-540)?

As we grow, some cool features will be added, hopefully in a short time.

Bathurst: Attempted fix to floating groove in the Cutting, Cascavel: Minor Art Pass; Updated AI paths, Lotus 23: various graphical updates & fxies, Mini JCW 2020: fixed bonnet issue; updated liveries(removed plates and fixed numbers font), Ultima Race: added dirt / damage effects + Dangling damaged parts, Stock Car 2020: Update Cruze liveries; added new Windshield banner, Corrected onboard camera positions for Lotus 23, Mini Austin 1965 & Mini JCW 2020, F3 (F309) - Revised and updated liveries for the whole grid including 4 new community skins, Added MetalMoro AJR Dirt/Damage effects + Detachable parts (all versions). This game was released on 26 th February, 2016. Log in to download, or make sure to confirm your account via email. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

I just updated the source, I attached complete templates for this mod, hope it can help your paint job! Red Bull Ring for rfactor, original track by WCP, updated by Whills. Max Grid Size and Max Human Opponents now allowed to be equal in http UI, Replaced AllowableTimePenalty with AllowedCutsBeforePenalty and limit to correct range (1-50). Original vehicle skins, texture style and high-quality cockpit graphics.

A new update is available for Automobilista 2 (V0.9.2.1), mostly focusing on FFB, physics and AI, but it also features many improvements and fixes in other areas. Three vehicle classes: Grand Prix 1998 (based on Grand Prix 3 & Grand Prix 4), Grand Prix 1994 (based on Grand Prix 2) and Grand Prix 1991 (based on Formula One Grand Prix). Fixed incorrect activation states on Broadcast Control overlay toggles. Replaced open Salisbury-based open differential physics with more effective alternative; Further reduced differential lock per clutch setting, Fixed CTD with Caterham Academy / Supersport, Fixed F-V12, MP4-12, kart shifter & other unreleased cars missing latest minimal AI strentgh adjustment (being too slow below 100% setting as a result), M1 Procar: Revised tyre construction; Revised Suspension Geometry; Lowered engine inertia; Increased brake torque; Revised tyre constructio, Adjusted AI lateral movement in initial launch off the line, Reduced differential locking increment per clutch setting (all cars), Slightly adjusted kart tyre treads & FFB max force, Slightly reduced F-V10 Gen2 AI tyre rolling resistance to better match player´s, Onboard cameras now all use onboard sounds, All cars revised for any persisting inacurate engine sound position (forward-rear, left-right), Added helictoper & drone sound effect (track dependent, where animation is present as sound effects are tagged to the respective objects). This game was released on 26th February, 2016. The Group A are very slow off the start and probably a bit underpowered after that.

This addon will make the original tracks support the RFE plugin.

Automobilista is developed and published under the banner of Reiza Studios.

Geoff Crammond and MicroProse for the original Grand Prix series. It's important that I rate this game for what it is. The mod is a blast, keep it up. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Reiza Studios was able to work in full steam, allowing the team to hit all core development targets and be schedule with the release of 1… Your email address will not be published. Fixed missing center suspension setting heading localisations, Added help text for all setings (subject to further review/localisation adjustments), Changed 'WORLD MOVEMENT' to 'HEAD MOVEMENT' to reflect new functionality, Added French & Spanish localization options. GRAND PRIX EVOLUTION Please note: You are not permitted to upload the source file anywhere else.

ISI for rFactor; Reiza Studios for Automobilista. CPU: Info; CPU SPEED: 1.8 GHz or 100% compatible CPU; RAM: 4 GB; OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10; VIDEO CARD: DX9 Compatible with minumum 1 GB Video Memory

Fixed menu mouse activations and highlight state throughout on Broadcast Control, Added Start New Championship screen for championship and vehicle/livery selection (additional championships to follow), Replaced "Reset Championship" button with "Start New Championship". Reworked treeline and grass blade shader, added few new types of grass blades & reworked existing ones. The advancement of sim racing games over the years has been lead by advancements in technology to model the accuracy of a real car in life. I dislike when a MOD changes some of the default content in the game without disclaimer. I was hoping at least one BMW v Ford 70s era. This game gives you awesome motorsports experience as it will put you in the driving seat of one of the most intriguing and advanced racing game ever. This was our second racing game after "super monaco gp" from Game gear, jejej.

Licensed Members get an ad-free access to the Website.

Other may join in the future ! Plateforme : PC Format : ISO Langue(s) : Français, Anglais, etc... — Allociné voir la source — IMDB voir la source. Added support to look backwards when pressing loo left / look right simultaneously.


Reiza Studios have released a development update on their Early Access Automobilista 2 title, revealing that the title is due to hit 1.0 in mid-June. There's still development going on even though the latest release is Version 1… Please note: You are not permitted to upload the source file anywhere else. Automobilista 2 V1.0.4.0 Update Released, now updated to v1.0.4.1. Added confirmation step when attempting to exit while waiting for host to return to lobby at the end of multiplayer events. Great idea, great execution! I understand the current values are probably based on the original games, but would be great to have those now matching to our current wheels. You can change the values to fit your needs.

Automobilista Series.

Azure: Added "cheatblock" to pit lane track cut mesh.

Experience racing in the Brazilian streets. Informações do Jogo Séries Brasileiras de elite. The Mini Challenge AI is massively overpowered, even at 85% difficulty they pull away effortlessly on every straight.

Super V8: Adjusted SUB-frequencies over RPM range. This site uses cookies. Provides you awesome motorsports experience. What a mod. Drive all Deloreans from the Back to the Future Trilogy!

Individual graphical style, physics and sound effects for each class. I'm using a combination of 1 and 2: VorpX to get the image into the Rift as a big curved 3D cinema screen.

SimRacing-GP.net aims to organize friendly competitions on your favorite Racing Simulators.At the moment, the supported simulations are "rFactor 2" by Studio 397 and "Automobilista" by Reiza Studios. This brings me a good memories playing Grand prix with my brother in a 486. JavaScript is disabled. Keep developing and updating this please. 2002 Season DLC, you must downlad the base mod first. rFactor F1 Challenge base mod - You must install this before installing DLCs.

Accurate 3D models built from scratch according to the original games.

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