autumn metaphors and similes

Samples the air is as ……… as ……… the trees are as ……… as ………. the air is as ……… as ………. between dusk and darkness, between fury and peace. . ( Log Out /  Autumn leaves blow in the wind like a ballet dancer.

( Log Out /  This example is just one of the masterful ways that Keats uses figurative language to describe the season of autumn, and I'd encourage you to read the piece for yourself to look for the other inventive ways Keats brings autumn to life.

What constitutes the music of autumn, according to the poet in "To Autumn". This story is full of figurative language, metaphors, and similes, and the very first line is one of these. The second possible simile is "sinking as the light wind."
Try this fun printable activity that helps students practice their writing and creative thinking skills by filling in blank panels... Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

In fact, one of my favorite literary similes occurs in the second stanza of Keats' poem: "And sometimes like a gleaner thou dost keep / Steady thy laden head across a brook" (19-20).
As you cover your plants with the contact paper, rub out any air bubbles. Examples might include the months of fall or descriptive words dealing with the sights and sounds of autumn. And men could not see, looking up, what the wild geese drew, what the ospreys trailed behind them in silvery ropes, that flashed in the icy sunlight; they could not hear. The weather is as crisp as fresh lettuce. Students create descriptive autumn similes and write them on fall-themed paper. 30 Do's and Don'ts of Classroom Etiquette for Teachers and Students, First Day Activities For Middle School Students, How to Write "Choose Your Own Adventure" Stories, Fill in the Beginning and End of Comic Strips. Samples The leaves are as orange as a pumpkin. John Keats' "To Autumn" is full of rich figurative language, and similes are certainly included (as a reminder, similes are comparisons that use "like" or "as"). That said, the season brings such delight to the visual centers of the brain that our minds see the season as a protracted, yet gorgeous battle between day and night, light and dark. By Hunter. These students were studying similes in Literacy, and … Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance. Log in here. The narrator describes summer as being "dead" and autumn soon to be "born." Sweet-falling as the evening dew. If day was summer and night was winter, then autumn, Walcott observes, is the lingering sunset that seems long and drawn out when experienced, but is in fact brief and succinct. Already a member? Select from a monthly, annual, or 2-year membership plan starting at $2.49/month. You can determine the number of similes and the length of the final product based on the students' ability level.

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