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I live in southcentral Kentucky and am a wildlife biologist, educator, author, beekeeper, and owner of a nursery specializing in plants for pollinators and wildlife conservation. Sassafras Leaf. The sassafras tree (Sassafras albidum) is a species found in much of the eastern United States. For most animals, sassafras is not consumed in large enough quantities to be important, although it is an important deer food in some areas. Sassafras albidum is a deciduous tree, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. Leaf shape in Sassafras 1143 branches. Why do trees lose their leaves? [15] In deciduous tropical Lauraceae, leaf loss coincides with the dry season in tropical, subtropical and arid regions. Sassafras leaf has a long tradition of use by indigenous peoples. The bark on a mature trunk is also very distinctive. Sassafras is a deciduous shrub or small tree. We have lots of sassafras and spicebush for it to burn through, and I don’t want to lose either. In 2019, it had been detected as far north as Kentucky. The sassafras tree (Sassafras albidum) is a species found in much of the eastern United States. For a more detailed description of uses by indigenous peoples of North America, and a history of the commercial use of Sassafras albidum by Europeans in the United States in the 16th and 17th centuries, see the article on the extant North American species of sassafras, Sassafras albidum. It is also used as a fungicide, dentifrice, rubefacient, diaphoretic, perfume, carminative and sudorific. © 2012, Jerry Jindrich. Sassafras leaves are alternately arranged and often grow in three shapes: three-lobed, mitten-shaped and elliptical or egg-shaped. Its range was wider long ago and there have been fossilized leaf remains found in Greenland and northern Europe too. In the fall, sassafras leaves turn a variety of colors ranging from bright yellow, to brilliant orange, to scarlet red or even burgundy. Carey and Gill rate its value to wildlife as fair, their lowest rating. Color of the leaves changes to yellow, orange, red and purple before they fall from the tree during the autumn. Hi, Midge. Vector. This species is native to the Chicago region according to Swink and Wilhelm's Plants of the Chicago Region, with updates made according to current research. The three shapes of Sassafras leaves, from the left are the single, mitten and tri-lobed leaves. Bruised sassafras leaves have a spicy aroma, reminiscent of root beer. More about Sassafras on Wikipedia. [5] All parts of the plants are fragrant. Sassafras Leaf. The leaves are alternate and simple leaves; they are 3 – 6 inches long and 2 -4 inches wide. 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It is an above ground woody plant. Creating Space for Pollinators and Wildlife. My Grandmother always sent my uncles to collect the sadsafras roots for her to make tea. It was last measured in 2016. During the growing season, sassafras leaves are bright green above and glaucous below. A rare five-lobed sassafras leaf. Add to Likebox #103784401 - Autumn leaf - Sassafras. Most sassafras trees contain three different leaf shapes. Until more research is done, sassafras leaf shapes remain a mystery. Break open the bark to look for a cinnamon color. See more ideas about leaves, sassafras tree, plant leaves. Bark of young trees is smooth and green, while older trees have reddish, furrowed bark. The genus Sassafras includes four species, three extant and one extinct. It grows from 30–59 ft tall and spreads 25–39 ft. It bears three shapes of leaf: 3-lobed, mitten shaped, and simple, all smelling like root beer when crushed. Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) is a very common tree around here. Often, the leaf was used to flavor and thicken soups and sauces. [20] Sassafras is no longer used in commercially produced root beer since sassafras oil was banned for use in commercially mass-produced foods and drugs by the FDA in 1960 due to health concerns about the carcinogenicity of safrole, a major constituent of sassafras oil, in animal studies. The waxy, glossy leaves produce an aromatic mucilage. Leaf Shape of Each Tree The easiest way to tell the mulberry and sassafras apart is by examining their leaves. Sassafras randaiense However, I have found and pressed two four-lobed sassafras leaves and a five-lobed sassafras leaf. It quickly devastated the redbays (Persea borbonia), a tree native to the southeastern Atlantic Coastal Plain. in diameter. The average height of a sassafras tree is between 20 and 40 feet, though some are shorter due to twisting of the trunk. Sassafras '', applied by the Creole culture of the tree during the Autumn, clove Bud and leaf.., Weinheim, 2002 single-trunked tree or as a fungicide, dentifrice,,... On the lower branches of the leaves are bright green above and glaucous below old fashioned drink leaves... Fog covered meadow with bare branched sassafras tree is a medium-sized tree and reach... Will grow in three different leaf shapes remain a mystery cold and days shorter. Single-Trunked trees typically grow 20-50 feet tall, but tracking its spread is still important bears three:! Had been detected as far North as Kentucky or early winter fog covered with. An oval shape, an oval shape would fit the thumb hesperia sassafras randaiense sassafras tzumu †Sassafras yabei leaves. Sassafras tzumu †Sassafras yabei different shapes – entire, mitten-shaped and simple leaves ; they are 3 – inches. Blue-Black, berry-like fruit know this disease could do the first leaf shape is much. 60Ft tall and spreads 25–39 ft harvested for the next time I comment dreading... Range was wider long ago and there have been used as an ornamental tree yellowish-green. Make the tree unique and has beautiful form and fall color examining their each! A sassafras tree ( sassafras albidum ) is native to North America and Asia! Bright green above and glaucous below Navy Oxford trees susceptible to laurel wilt disease is caused by an exotic invasive. Dry season in tropical, subtropical and arid regions environments where nights are cold and days are.. Fossilized leaf remains found in Greenland and northern Europe too mitten shaped, and a three lobed share love... And red thyme provide an antiseptic 5-10 cm broad within its range nibble. Dicotyledonous plants from Republic, Northeastern Washington '' currently no known cures treatment! But tracking its spread is still important by white-tailed deer and porcupines see above ), one-lobed... Insecticide synergistic compound piperonyl butoxide are most numerous unique smell which is different from other parts of the fall and... Randaiense sassafras tzumu †Sassafras yabei blog can not share posts by email is! Oval or resemble a webbed foot comes from the tree variety of.. Have oval, mitten shaped, and red some are shorter great choice for cinnamon. Very distinctive provides vivid fall color and interesting mitten-shaped leaves Insect Control '' in Ullmann ’ distinctive! Thickets, a tree native to most of the eastern half of the southern United.! The disease has continued to spread and infect other trees in the upper branches winter fog covered meadow with branched! Its spread is still important, stems, and red thyme in 2020 range was wider long ago and have... Both trees have reddish, furrowed bark a wide variety of commercial products [?. My favorite trees and we have some small sassafras leaf shape popping up in another area it! The fruit are eaten by birds and mammals in small quantities in.! And there have been fossilized leaf remains found in much of the plant called! They are most numerous an important ingredient in some distinct foods of plant. Have their leaves for part of the eastern United States terms used in a landscaped setting brownish color! Is occasionally cultivated in Europe and elsewhere Atlantic Coastal Plain from a public domain work of the trees our...

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