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Batman then defeats five gun-wielding Blackgate prisoners who are holding Dr. Sarah Cassidy and three other doctors hostage. Due to Joker's taunts to his henchmen, it's possible that around this time in the Arkhamverse, many people wrongly concluded that Batman could be a vampire, since he was never seen at day time. When the two arrive at Arkham, Batman and several helmeted security guards strap the Joker to an up-right stretcher and wheel him down into the Intensive Treatment Center. Young eventually found out who was paying her, and put a block on her account. Meanwhile, the Joker is dying from a disease inflicted by the unstable Titan, and forces Batman to find a cure by infecting him as well.

The plot features key moments in Batman's career, such as his first encounter with the Joker, and the beginning of his partnership and friendship with James Gordon. The Guardian included the game on its list of the 50 best videogames of the 21st century. Distributor: Certain gadgets and their buyable upgrades are well suited to the Predator style.

As he prepares to exit the lair, Croc suddenly charges at him through a tunnel, but Batman destroys a weak part of the floor using his Explosive Gel just as Croc runs over it, sending him plummeting down into the river below. Arkham City was later released on October 21, 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is a side-scrolling game developed for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS by Armature Studio. Shot and killed while evacuating to Arkham East. Games Movies TV Video. Rocksteady was initially rumored to be working on a Superman-themed game, which they later debunked. Trending pages. Can only be used once per encounter, and creates interference in the area so that future Sonic Batarangs will not function there. Joker Artwork. The PlayStation 3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will use some elements of SIXAXIS Motion Control. Realizing that Joker plans to use Titan for something sinister, Batman heads over to Arkham Mansion to reach Young's notes before the Joker gets there first. He still climbs out, barely harmed at all, but as he brags about how he is victorious, Batman sprays Explosive Gel over his heavily armored knuckles.

Nevertheless, a number of the staff are depicted as openly immoral or corrupt; for example, Penelope Young and security officer Frank Boles were both in the employ of the Joker, although Young later has a change of heart. But when he got to Arkham Asylum, he realized his mistake; driven insane by the other inmates, he was disfigured after an encounter in Mr. Although Quinn is convinced Batman is trapped in Patient Pacification, Batman escapes back to the Processing Corridor, moving into the Decontamination area, where several Arkham personnel and inmates were trapped in a room filling with Joker Toxin. Arkham Asylum is a very nasty place, but Rocksteady gives you enough tools to make foiling the Joker's latest plot thrilling from start to finish. The visuals were also slightly degraded from the previous entry. Interview tapes. After solving the first of the Riddler's puzzles, Batman is approached by William North, an Arkham guard, who unlocks the door to the Utility Corridor for him. Joker Teeth: The Joker has scattered a lot of "chattering teeth" toys, often in groups of two or three. The game's plot is loosely based on the 1989 graphic novel. Joker jumps up onto a high point and sends his men to attack Batman, but while he poses and shows off to the choppers, Batman yanks him down with the Batclaw and he crashes through the floorboards into an electrical circuit. Amygdala is a villian of Batman who had surgery that removed his amygdala, a part of the brain. He does so and then comments Ivy doesn't get her name for nothing; he wanted her to turn into a "40 foot plant monster", but was unsuccessful. According to Arkham City, the time between the events was 18 months. Riddles.

[36], Batman: Arkham Unhinged is an original digital comic series that released in October 2011 alongside Arkham City, the game. Masked Guard #3 Throughout the game, Batman must work to free hostages from the villainous inmates of Arkham Asylum. After a brief encounter with several pipe-wielding convicts, Batman approaches the Cell Block Transfer section, where he encounters the first goons carrying firearms, who have overwhelmed the security guards and taken control. The miniseries picks up one year after Arkham Asylum, where former Arkham Warden Quincy Sharp, now mayor of Gotham City, has decided to close down Arkham Asylum. [89], The "Bat" logo for the series, as seen on the, The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were released as part of the, The Wii U edition was released under the title, The console and PC editions were released under the title, "I spent a full work week playing Batman: Arkham Knight", "Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer skips Wii U", "Batman: Arkham Origins stars Roger Craig Smith as Batman, Troy Baker as Joker", "Batman: Arkham Knight is next gen game from Rocksteady – trailer now live", "Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date Delayed", "The New Batman Game is Batman: Arkham Knight", "UPDATE: Retailer outs Batman Arkham Knight", "Arkham Knight Has No Multiplayer, Kevin Conroy Returns as Batman", "Sources: WB Montreal Cancels Unannounced Suicide Squad Game, Shifts To Batman", "Rocksteady and Their Canceled Superman Game That Was Rejected by WB Games", "Rocksteady Reveals 'Suicide Squad,' Its First Post-Arkham DC Game, Raising Questions", "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Set in Batman: Arkham Universe", "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Trailer Reveals DC Heroes as Villains", "NYCC: Batman: Arkham Origins Going Mobile", "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Coming to PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U", "New Batman: Arkham game lets you play as the bad guys of Gotham City", "Batman: Arkham Underworld lets gamers take control of Gotham's underground on iPhone", "BATMAN: ARKHAM VR COMING TO VIVE AND OCULUS RIFT", "Three-game Batman: Arkham Collection coming to UK Nov. 22 (update)", "Batman: Return to Arkham remaster coming to PS4, Xbox One this July", "Batman: Return To Arkham Is Real, With Both Games Using Unreal Engine 4", "Comparison Video Shows How Batman: Return To Arkham Stacks Up To Originals", "Batman: Return to Arkham for PlayStation 4 Reviews", "Batman: Return to Arkham for Xbox One Reviews", "Batman: Return To Arkham review – the Dark Knight lightens up", "Batman: Return to Arkham Review – A Little Batty (PS4)", "Batman: Arkham Asylum - The Road to Arkham #1 - The Road to Arkham (Issue)", "Batman: Arkham City comic book miniseries announced! Batman will collect a series of gadgets at specific points during the plot. Navigation. It was developed by WB Games Montréal and written by Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia writers Corey May and Dooma Wendschuh. Clayface is a villain in the Batman universe. Harley tries to attack Batman herself, but is subdued in seconds and locked into a cell. The sequel includes other Batman characters that weren't in Arkham Asylum as well as some of the same characters in speaking roles such as Catwoman, The Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth, Victor Zsasz, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, Mr. Arkham was chosen as a location because of its limitations including the fact that it's located on an island. Now in possession of the knowledge that Joker plans to build an army of Titan-fueled mutants (effectively an enormous group of Banes), Batman heads over to the Gardens and reaches the hidden laboratory. A sequel was revealed to be in production at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards, with a trailer featuring a "beaten-up" Joker being nursed by Harley Quinn, whilst the relocated Arkham Asylum descends into chaos. Whenever the player defeats a boss, he/she is unable to reenter the places where said bosses are fought. Batman leaves Intensive Treatment, finding his way to Arkham East, where he discovers that the Batmobile is being attacked by Harley Quinn's henchmen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Upon emerging from the Gardens, Batman learns that the Joker's party is about to begin.

Arkham Asylum also received positive feedback for its choice in voice actors, such as Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy as The Joker and Batman, respectively. Batman: Arkham Asylum Arkham Origins, while considered the weakest installment of the series, was still generally well received. It should be noted however, that the time between Asylum and City is uncertain, as multiple sources mention different timings, ranging from 6 months to around 1 year.

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