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Todd shoots the Joker, who is revealed to be a body double; the shots trigger a gas release, knocking Todd and Red Robin out. [48] Comic Book Resources' Kelly Thompson said that the creative team had taken a character of which she was tired (Joker) and reinvented him while creating a pivotal story. After the Crisis On Infinite Earths, the history alterations of that event were used to craft Jason a new origin separate from the similarities to Dick Grayson. [47] Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia also generally received praise for, respectively, their inks and colors. Following DC Comics 2011 relaunch of several of its comic series for The New 52, Detective Comics #1 (November 2011) sees the Joker captured by Batman and sent to Arkham Asylum; unbeknownst to Batman, this is part of the Joker's plan to meet with the villain Dollmaker, who surgically removes Joker's face at his request and then pins it to Joker's cell wall as a sign of his rebirth. Esposito said he is possibly the best Batman artist, providing energetic images,[38] while Newsarama described his work as visceral and greatly detailed, but sometimes cluttered. [9] In the backup story, Joker is shown to have taken over the asylum and meeting with the institutionalized Riddler. Batman arrived in time to see the explosion. The poison has been altered to leave victims frowning, and a clue leads Batman to Ace Chemicals where he first encountered the Joker. [5] Each issue of Batman also contained a short backup story; in Batman #13, this story sees Joker preparing Harley to meet Batman in the chemical plant. Snyder described it as the concluding chapter of his Joker story. Later, Batman studies the chemical makeup of the gas Joker used on the Bat-Family, and finds an inert isotope; the chemical compound "Ha". [6] In the backup story, Joker invites Penguin to an event he has orchestrated at Arkham Asylum. When she proves uncooperative, they use a truth drug to get her to admit that she is not the leader. Sadly, she turned out to be in the thrall of the Joker, and betrayed him, naturally also being betrayed and killed herself. The bullets fly everywhere, hitting everyone, including the Joker and the pilot, who loses control and crashes into the sea. Batman and Nightwing try to stop Joker poisoning the reservoir. In 1988, DC Comics made the controversial decision to kill off Batman's second Robin, Jason Todd, a character disliked by some fans as well as members of DC's creative staff. It is shown at a slightly blurry angle, however. He slaughters several cops and taunts Jim Gordon, then steals his own severed face out of the evidence room and leaves. Published in 1988 on Batman (Volume 1), the story provides one of the most shocking developments to the Batman mythos as Jason Todd, the second Robin, is killed at the hand of Batman's arch enemy, the Joker. [35][36], Batman #13 was generally well received for its plot which was considered to be fittingly horrifying and filled with tension representative of the Joker's return. Batman arrives too late to save them and they die from their injuries. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? But, getting captured was part of his plan. "Batman: Death of the Family" is a 23-issue comic book story arc first published by DC Comics in 2012 featuring the fictional superhero Batman and his family of supporting characters. Not only is he denying the medical supplies to the starving in order to sell them on the black market, but the Joker also replaces them with his laughing gas which, once set off, will kill thousands of people. The villain reveals that he has already reenacted his earlier crime, killing several people and blowing up the reservoir, injuring Nightwing. Batman: Death in the Family - Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki. As Batman threatens to whisper it in his ear, Joker jumps over the edge and falls out of sight, his face separated from him. "Death of the Family - Running with the Devil Part 2", "Batman: Death of the Family #17 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo – review", "C2E2: DC'S Batman Panel Makes 75 Years "Eternal, "Batman Writer Scott Snyder Addresses Huge Surprise", "Batman Writer Scott Snyder Addresses Huge Surprise (Page 2)", "Batman #13 Review - Joker's Back and it Ain't Pretty", "Best Shots Advance Review: BATMAN #13 - JOKER Returns! [67][68][69], IGN's Jesse Schedeen labeled Suicide Squad #14 as a superfluous tie-in that added nothing meaningful to the "Death of the Family" story arc or the relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker. Snyder's incarnation of the Joker was praised for incorporating historical elements of the character and his dialogue, while providing a new perspective on the character. In the beginning of the story, Jason and Bruce are in uniform hiding behind some crates while a mob plans. [64] Catwoman #14 received similar criticism; Thompson said the Joker/Catwoman concept fell flat and offered no insight about either character, and regressed Catwoman's relationship with Batman, presenting her inner thoughts as shallow. He announces that they will not take any more of such treatment and releases his deadly laughing gas over the Assembly. [5], While the Joker wreaks havoc around Gotham, he is not fighting alone. No such issue or artwork has ever emerged in the case of 'A Death In The Family', from the first trade paperback to today, with one arguable exception. Joker has instead rigged it to explode where Batman would have, injuring Nightwing in the blast, and filled the reservoir with corpses of those who would have been poisoned by it anyway. The Joker had a scheduled meeting with the villain known as Dollmaker, who was given permission to cut off the Joker's face by clown, himself. Whatever the truth of these rumors and speculation, DC may have ended up feeding this frenzy by how it has handled things since then. When they awake, Joker presents them each with a cloche (concluded in Batman #17). Joker failed to acknowledge him and Batman realized that he did not care who Batman was under his mask. A Death in the Family is a four part storyline written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by Jim Aparo. It was published in the Batman series with crossovers through Batgirl, [[Batman and Robin Vol 2|Batm. ", "Best Shots Advance Reviews: BATMAN, THOR, SAGA, X-MEN LEGACY", "Batman #15 Review - Batman's Got A Secret", "Best Shots Advance Review: BATMAN #15 - Joker Face-Off", "Batman #16 Review - All Hail The Once and Future Bat-King", "Best Shots Advance Review: BATMAN #16 - 10 out of 10", "Batman #17 Review - Death of the Family Indeed", "Best Shots Rapid: STAR WARS, BATMAN, SECRET AVENGERS, More", "Best Shots Reviews: ALL-NEW X-MEN, BOYS Finale BATGIRL, More", "Best Shots Rapid Reviews: WALKING DEAD, AVENGERS ARENA, More", "Best Shots Extra: BATMAN AND ROBIN, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, More", "Best Shots Extra: NEW AVENGERS, BATMAN, BLACK BEETLE, More", "Best Shots Comic Reviews: IRON MAN, CATWOMAN, HAWKEYE, More", "Scott Snyder plays Joker in "Death of the Family, "SALES ESTIMATES FOR FEBRUARY, 2013 - "JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA" DEBUTS HUGE", "Sales Estimates For December, 2012 - "Amazing Spider-Man" Finale Tops Charts", "Sales Estimates for November, 2012 - "All New X-Men" Leads Marvel Now! As Todd works his way towards Joker, he falls through a trap door, landing in a pit next to an unconscious Red Robin (Todd's story concludes in Teen Titans #16). The bodies are taken back to Gotham for burial. As he ventures into the asylum, his internal dialogue reveals that the movements he had previously seen in Joker's eyes when they met indicated love. Vehicles: None known. Penguin leaves his henchman Ignatius Ogilvy in charge, who usurps Penguin's criminal empire, allies himself with Ivy, and dubs himself Emperor Penguin. [44], Esposito praised Snyder's writing in Batman #16 for its exploration of Batman relationship with his rogues, especially Joker, but criticized the seemingly sudden peril in which Batman's allies are placed as the Batman issues offer no information on the events in their respective tie-in issues, undermining Batman's primary motivation to protect them. The Joker has used this information to blackmail Sheila into giving him the medical supplies her agency has in a nearby warehouse. While the outcome, bringing in the popular Tim Drake, has been well-recieved, mistakes or worse in the process of how this transition was handled seems to have been one of several events to deepen fan cynicism about their story and character desires meaning anything. Later, Batman interrogates an Arkham guard, who admits that Joker is waiting for him at the asylum.

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