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Unfortunately, Bane sneaks up behind Robin and a rooftop chase ensues. Meanwhile, Robin wins the fight against Candace, who flees back to Thorne. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. However, Kobra One apparently survived, as the events of ", The previous episode (and second-to-last in the series), ", This episode was scheduled to air on September 14, 2001, but, due to its terrorism-related content, and the.

Meanwhile, Bane and Candice grow closer, plotting to overthrow and kill Thorne to take over his criminal empire. "Unmasked" is the fifty-second episode and series finale of Batman Beyond. Wayne-Powers builds a new body for Victor Fries, better known as Batman's opponent Mr.

He must seek the help from Bruce who knew of an old enemy of theirs. After Inque's latest employer betrays her and blasts her with an experimental weapon that causes her body to slowly dissolve, she is forced to turn to someone whom she has not seen in years: her daughter.

This is the list of episodes for the Kids' WB series Batman Beyond. Given Bane's high fee, Batman quickly hits on Thorne as the only one of his enemies with enough spare cash to hire the assassin.

Bane wurde erstmals in dem Comicheft Vengeance of Bane #1 vom Januar 1993 vorgestellt. Batman gets involved when a friend of Terry's and her adoptive father are haunted by eerie, man-shaped creatures made out of soil, and soon learns that they have a frightening connection to the girl's biological father, who was thought to have perished in a nuclear accident. This is the only time Bane appeared as an episode's main villain. However, when Charlie ends up helping a gang of crooks rob a Wayne-Powers research lab, he is exposed to a dangerous experimental chemical and mutates into a monstrous giant. When the Joker mysteriously reappears in Gotham City after having seemingly died 35 years ago and now fully aware of all of the original Batman's secrets, he starts targeting people close to both Bruce and Terry; leading the latter to investigate as to how it is possible. A new vigilante who calls himself Payback begins taking revenge on the tormentors of several troubled teenagers, all of whom are in the same therapy group. It initially aired on December 18, 2001. However, as Terry and Max walk away, Miguel glances over his shoulder with a knowing smile on his face. He then lowers the crane into the ship's hold, which is filling with water. When Terry's friend Chelsea Cunningham gets sent there, Terry goes to investigate, but ends up biting off more than he can chew. His plan soon backfires when "Cynthia", programmed to be completely devoted to Howard, becomes dangerously possessive. Terry proceeds to tell her the story to prove his point, from a time just after he became Batman: However, Max believes that she has proven her point, seeing that Miguel was saved and there weren't any problems by revealing his face.

Batman of the Future (Originaltitel: Batman Beyond) ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie aus den Jahren 1999 bis 2001. Freeze, in the hope that a similar treatment might reverse Derek Powers' transformation into Blight. When the Clown Prince of Crime plans to use a high-tech military defense satellite to destroy Gotham City in addition to ruining both Batmen's lives in the process, a climactic showdown begins between the original Batman's successor and his deadliest nemesis. Batman follows Candace to her apartment and starts questioning her about Bane. Terry has mysterious visions of a young girl asking him for help. However, after they are double-crossed by Paxton Powers, both Paxton and the gang seek to increase their bank accounts through Bruce Wayne. Seeking vengeance, Shriek uses his knowledge of sound to take away Neo-Gotham's ability to verbally communicate. After a series of unexplained events, all the kids in Terry's class think that the ghost of a dead student is haunting their high school.

https://batman.fandom.com/wiki/Bane_(BTAS_episode)?oldid=146622. But Batman soon discovers the real cause—Willie Watt, who has developed powerful new. Batman Beyond (known as Batman of the Future in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia) is an American Superhero animated television series developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett and produced by Warner Bros. Terry refuses point-blank, and reminds her of an earlier incident with the "Diaz Kid". But when Batman tries to stop the robot, it becomes bonded to Willie mentally, giving him more power than he ever dreamed of in his life. Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis confront a very familiar foe. Bruce is out of town and incommunicado when Curaré returns to Neo-Gotham, hunting down the last of her former society after the failure of her last mission marked her for death. Jahrhunderts angesiedelt.

Batman also plays a recording of Candace's conversation with Bane, discussing their plans to murder Thorne next. It premiered on September 10, 1994. When Terry goes undercover in the group to find the culprit, he begins to suspect the doctor running the sessions, but Payback's real identity proves to be someone no one would have expected. "Unmasked" is the fifty-second episode and series finale of Batman Beyond.

Seemingly cured of his need for extreme cold, Fries tries to redeem himself, but neither the former Batman, Bruce Wayne, nor his former victims completely trust him, and his benefactors have plans of their own. Robin holds his own, but is eventually caught and knocked out by the chemically-enhanced behemoth.

While Bane's brute strength far exceed Batman's, Batman's speed and agility allow him to stay ahead. To get to the bottom of the problem facing the Justice League, Batman must face off against his own teammates—including Superman himself. The Royal Flush Gang's Ten returns on a mission to rescue her family, who have been captured by the Jokerz. Batman visits Croc in Arkham for details on the mysterious "helper", and Croc, with a bit of persuasion, describes his attacker as a huge man with a South American accent; he had tubes wired into his head which pumped him up twice as big.

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