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Harley appears as a character in the non-DCAU animated series The Batman, where Hynden Walch voices her.

In Red Robin #19, Red Robin is mentally trapped in a virtual world where Riddler acts as his subconscious trying to tell him what he already knows. The Riddler captures Commissioner Gordon. These three instances are from the, In "Darkseid's Descending", there are many things influenced by the, Also, starting from this episode, the new Justice League satellite's halls, rooms, computers, and teleporters bear many similar designs to the.

Batman defeats Joker, and Harley almost learns to move past Joker, but she just can't escape his thrall. Dini’s script hits on all cylinders. After losing his job, he became the supervillain known as The Riddler. BATMAN™, Superman™, Justice League™ and all related characters are trademarks of and © DC Comics and Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc. The Judge dropped an oversized book on him, which appeared to have at least critically injured him. She teams up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and the three villains go on a massive crime spree. Joker is mad because he should be the one to kill Batman and Harley explains that she still used one of his scrapped plans, but changed it eough to make it work. In the comics, Leslie ended up losing her job at the radio station before becoming Livewire. He isn't the original Joker per se, but a sort-of clone created by him as a backup for if and when he finally kicked the bucket.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Harley, who is in a playful and seductive mood, tries to cheer Joker and get him to take his mind off his plans, but Joker is determined to come up with a grand plan to eliminate Batman. They were mayor players in 52, and she eventually became the second Question when Vic died of lung cancer. However, the Riddler was absent from the final third of the trial, and possibly seized the opportunity to escape.

Television: A character named Dr. Harleen Quinzel was the main antagonist of the short-lived Birds of Prey live-action series, which takes place in a Gotham City after both Batman and the Joker have left. While the Joker knows Bruce almost as well as a best friend. Joker tries to set up the copyright on the fish, leading him to demand payment for all the seafood that comes out of the harbors.

However, after Batman: The Animated Series finished airing, Karlo joined up with various other persons that have gone by the title of Clayface (in a group known as the Mudpack) and absorbed all of their combined shape-shifting powers. However, Batman had secretly survived by simply concealing himself in a nearby safe, and confronted the shocked Nygma.

This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality. "Mad Love" is the last aired episode of The New Batman Adventures. While en-route to an experiment in Gotham, the villainous Livewire escapes police custody.

Harley is glad to see him recover and explains how she arranged ths master plan to kill Batman with the sole purpose of making Joker happy. Harley gets ready to drop Batman into the tank, but Batman starts laughing at her and at the idea that once he is gone, she and Joker will be happy together. How he survived, thanks to a control chip planted in Tim Drake's neck years ago. Batman explains to her that Joker doesn't love anything but himself and when Harley tries to argue that she knows details of Joker's life, Batman proves to her that all she knows are lies that Joker tells everyone to gain sympathy from them. Producers In the comics, Mr. The most extreme example, however, had to be that depicted in "Joker's Favor". Joining with one of Gotham's well-known toymakers, Charles Baxter, the Riddler invented several puzzles that quickly became popular with children, also using his Riddler persona to boost the company's profile. In a reality warped by Kwaku Anansi (in JLA #22-#26), alternate versions of well-known heroes are created. However, Harley changes her mind in the last second, when she notices a flower near her bed with a note from him. She is willing to betray the Joker if she is given protection. Indirectly, the Riddler got his revenge: though Mockridge made millions from the sale of Competitron, he was traumatized by the whole near-death experience, seemingly scared of the Riddler's return for the rest of his days. Edward Nygma argues over his unfair firing. However, after the "One Year Later" gap, the comic incarnation of the character began wearing a full-body suit very similar to what the Justice Lord J'onn wore (with certain elements of the traditional look worked in).

The fight is intense, but Batman gets the upper hand by punching Joker realy hard and causing him to fall off the train into an industrial chimney. The Batman skins are showcased in Chapter 10 of the, In "Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes", the League uses a, In #11, Maps and Olive encounter a security guard who, like the, The headquarters of the GCPD is based on the. It’s fun to se some of the differences between this issue and the episode it became. Competitron's profits soared, which was a boon for CEO Daniel Mockridge.

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", while Bat-Mite is pretending to be Batman, there's a shot of him standing on a roof silhouetted against a dark red sky until a lightning bolt flashes, directly mirroring the, In "The Golden Age of Justice! Two-Face (As an illusion o… The briefing "Omerta", found in the Iconic Anomaly "The Hunt", hints at a relationship between Huntress and Question (Vic Sage) that is more than professional. Mad Love "Mad Love" is the 11th episode of The New Batman Adventures. However, this it not how Joker operates and he attacks Harley, throwing her out through the window and she falls to the streets, where she is knocked unconscious and blames herself for not understanding Joker.

DCAU John Stewart's time as a marine was inserted into Mainstream Comics John Stewart's history though he remained an architect. Harleen was devastated to see Joker badly injured and that same night, she went out to the city to get a complete set of weapons and a new outfit. He flings darts at a newspaper's front-page photograph of Commissioner Gordon.

Lock-Up's role in the comics is similar to that of a vigilante jailer.

Batman figured the Joker's plans thanks to a sloppy clue left for him, which makes Joker furious as he leaves the place and throws a bomb at them to buy him some time to escape. Also, Harvey's file is stolen from the psychiatrist's office to use against him. James Gordon 2. Recent appearances in Blue Beetle and Superman #700 have him in his more friendly Superman: The Animated Series appearance. A TV example where he throws a pie on his own TV as if he's hitting the Mayor's face. The actress was un-credited, but the character voice was provided by Tara Strong, who voiced Harley for the video game Batman: Arkham City and a handful of subsequent games like the Injustice series. [1] Much like Mercy, she is blindly devoted to Luthor and carries out his every command, claiming he saved her life a few years ago. There were plans to include the Riddler in the Legion of Doom in the third season of Justice League Unlimited, but because of the Bat-embargo, this was not possible. With no other options, Batman recruits Harley Quinn to try and find the Joker. Subsequent stories fill in her background as the child of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, who, impressively, worked her way up through the mostly male, mostly white GCPD ranks. As an escape, he developed a habit of freezing insects and live animals in jars of water, because, as he explained to a psychiatrist, he liked to preserve them as they looked, unchanged and beautiful. Perhaps in remembrance of that, J'onn wears the full body suit on Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths while his Crime Syndicate counterpart, J'arkus J'edd J'arkus, wears an outfit similar to the traditional one. When Collins survives and finally works up the nerve to confront his tormentor, Joker threatens to kill his family. He is the arch-nemesis of Batman and has a penchant for turning all his crimes into a game for his own amusement. The Dark Knight understood that his major weakness was his inability to resist showing off how smart he was, by leaving clues that invited someone to try and catch him. Her origin story in the comics was very similar to her DCAU origins—in both instances, she was previously a shock jock named Leslie who enjoyed humiliating Superman on her radio show. The DCAU version of the Clock King (Temple Fugate) was a complete reinvention from the original (named William Tockman).

In "Joker’s Wild", upon seeing the titular casino, he alternates between wanting to blow it up for infringing on his likeness and sheer glee at a casino dedicated entirely to him.

With Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Arleen Sorkin, Bob Hastings. A recent figure release in the DC Universe Classics line even has Clayface identified as Basil Karlo, but with the exact same appearance as the animated version. MAD LOVE "Mad Love" is the first story to delve into the full origins of Harley Quinn. Like most of Batman's rogues, the Riddler underwent a revamp when he transferred from Batman: The Animated Series to The New Batman Adventures.

Batman is summoned to the GCPD Headquarters, where he is shown a videotape of Harley trying to warn the police and himself about Joker's new plan, which would kill many people in Gotham. J'onn also wears the full-body suit in the Young Justice series. "Holiday Knights" is the first episode of The New Batman Adventures, and it serves as an anthology occurring across a December in Gotham. New episodes air on Fridays. The comics Freeze's origin was retconned to reflect this deeper history.

"Harlequinade" is one of the first spotlights for Harley Quinn as a character. more specifically, a genetic backup of the Joker's memories stored into a microchip and implanted into Tim Drake as a host. Reading this years later, it’s easy to see why it’s an award-winning issue. In "Deep Cover For Batman", Owlman's costume bears many similarities to, In the episode "Legends of the Dark Mite!

", the JSA Museum sports a small picture of Batman that resembles the logo of, In "The Super-Batman of Planet X", the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh (voiced by, In "The Knights of Tomorrow! Collins promptly changes his name and relocates his family to Ohio, but Joker obsessively stalks him and finally tracks him down, forcing him to honor the favor owed to him.

He also does this to the Jokerz, openly declaring them "a disgrace to the name Joker". バットマン ("Batman: The Animated Series") 2 85 1996〜2000 スーパーマン 3 54 1997〜1999 バットマン ("The New Batman Adventures") 1 24 1999〜2001 バットマン・ザ・フューチャー 3 52 2000〜2004 スタティック・ショック 4 52 2 Like the original version of the story, "The Laughing Fish" focuses on a new scheme hatched by the Joker, who taints the fishing supply of Gotham in his image. Alfred Pennyworth Antagonists: 1. “Mad Love” was the final episode aired of The New Batman Adventures, and it’s a fitting conclusion for the series even if it wasn’t the last episode to be produced. In Trinity, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are revealed to be keystones for the universe.

KEEP READING: Harley Quinn's Tribute To The Dark Knight Rises Creates A Better Arkham. Freeze, Freeze inadvertently blasted Nora's cryo-capsule, causing it to shatter. Harley's efforts are dismissed and the girl is tossed to the streets in a most thoughtless way. How he circumnavigates death at the hands of Tim Drake. Remove this message when finished. In the comics, Leslie was able to control electricity from birth, whereas her DCAU counterpart only gained this power after being hit by lightning.

I guess I should salute you as a, Until he gets his hands on Ace or a government, Unfortunately, Batman was in said apartment to snoop around and managed to divert the plane with a Batarang, but it, the entire point of the entrepreneur cashing in on Joker's image was that he, The guy who willed it to him, mobster "King" Barlowe, anticipated that he would do this and made it the cornerstone of his. Both Hope and Mercy have currently left Luthor, and both seemed to be interested in working with Steel against their former boss. The psychiatrist theorizes that it's due to another side of Harvey's personality.

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