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The film was directed by Clarence Brown and centers around a female reporter who blames the Pittsburgh Pirates manager for their losing streak. Released in 1994, Cobb is a biographical film focusing on the life of baseball player Ty Cobb.

One night “Ray” hears a voice in his head telling him to build a baseball diamond on his land. Fame, fortune, glory—it's embedded into both, and together can create magic for some beautiful filmmaking that will leave you nostalgic for the days on the diamond or in the stadium. ), it’s almost certainly the best movie that involves baseball, and still works as a great baseball movie as well. In a way, baseball and acting are two peas in a pod.

Here are the results. In “42” — which smartly restricts itself to the 1947 season and the handful of years leading up to it — Robinson is the barrier-breaker who waded in alone, but also was a young husband and new father living in a new place adjusting to situations that were unprecedented, yet terribly familiar. It humanizes an aging ball player and makes him relatable as a person struggling with changes in his life. The film wound up being nominated for Best Story at the Academy Awards, and can now be purchased on YouTube. The director of Dazed and Confused brings you a film about a team of college players in the 1980s. Damn Yankees was received well by critics, and can be purchased on YouTube and Amazon Prime. This 2006 film is a comedy focusing on three adults who decide to challenge child bullies to a baseball game. Sixteen years later, Hobbs makes his return to pro baseball. But alas, that's what's happened, curtailing the start of the MLB's 2020 season.

Even though the plot might seem simple, it's camaraderie that makes this film great. The film was directed by George Abbott, and focuses on a middle-aged Washington Senators fan so tired of his team losing that he’s willing to sell his soul to the devil. For those wondering, the rights to the ball were contested in court by two men (Alex Popov and Patrick Hayashi), and actually ended up getting pretty heated. He’s got a dying relationship and his 20-year career is coming to an end. This 2014 film stars actor Jon Hamm as a top sports agent by the name of J.B. Bernstein, looking to sign new talent after having multiple clients retire. Real-life couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello star in this film, where the latter goes back to his dreams of being a baseball player after spending some time in prison. It's the best Charlie Sheen baseball movie — I'll take 'Hap' Felsch over Wild Thing any day. The most interesting part? The film stars Kevin Costner as Crash Davis, a veteran catcher tasked with teaching rookie pitcher Ebby LaLoosh about the game to prepare him for the major leagues.

The depiction of Dominican Miguel "Sugar" Santos's journey to pro baseball poignantly points out the stacked deck of challenges facing foreign players, as well as the lack of empathy and resources they receive once stateside. This film explores the events leading up to the 1957 Little League World Series, with the first team outside of the U.S. to win the entire thing.
Race relations, necessarily, are front and center: we see how Bingo's men have to become more showmen than ballplayers to win over white fans, and we see black baseball enter its final stages amid growing sentiment for the major leagues to integrate. — Bill Bender, Why it's a great movie: The movie plays on the nostalgia of baseball while also paying homage to the ghostly aspects of its past and touching on the deeper emotions of the game. Charlie Sheen as the team's x factor, a bespectacled relief pitcher named Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. By Jake Kring-Schreifels. The movie received good ratings, and can be watched on Tubi. It’s one that gets better with each viewing. While the movie didn’t do so well at the box office, critics praised Jones’s performance. — Tom Gatto, Why it's a great movie: "Sugar" succeeds by being what almost every other baseball movie isn't. The panel: Bill Bender, Ken Bradley, Ron Clements, Cory Collins, Ryan Fagan, Jason Foster, Tom Gatto, Bob Hille, Vinnie Iyer, Adi Joseph, Marc Lancaster, Cristina Ledra, Matt Lutovsky, Troy Machir, Justin McGuire, Jeff Owens, Steve Petrella, Brad Pinkerton, Scott Ridge, Joe Rodgers, Jesse Spector, John Turner. At the moment, the film can be purchased on the official MLB website. So it was only natural that baseball movies would end up becoming a part of cinematic history. Major League was a huge box office success, and can be seen YouTube. And if you also happen to be a Mad Men fan, this is really one of you—Jon Hamm plays the lead role. The movie is based in the year 1908, and focuses on the fictional baseball team, the Chicago Wolves. The Natural is a 1984 sports film based on the 1952 novel of the same name. John Goodman stars in a biopic documenting Babe Ruth's rise as one of the greatest players in the history of the game. The film is a remake of the 1997 version, and centers around the relationship of Ben Wrightman (portrayed by Fallon) and Lindsey Meeks (portrayed by Barrymore), as Wrightman tries to prove that their relationship means more to him than the Boston Red Sox. The film can now be found on Amazon Prime.

The film can now be watched on Hulu. Sep 21, 2017 Courtesy. While there are plenty of honorable mentions, we hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We may earn a commission through links on our site.

That being said, we have decided to come up with what we consider to be the top 35 baseball movies of all time. The film can now be found on YouTube Movies. Doesn't matter. Naturally, hijinks ensue as Selleck gets lost in translation. Rookie of the Year can now be found on Hulu. This 2002 film starring Dennis Quaid is ranked as one of the best sports films of all time. Mar 19, 2018 Buena Vista Pictures/20th Century Fox/New Line Cinema. Not just the greatest baseball movie of all time, but possibly one of the greatest sports films of all time. The film centers around a baseball retiree making his comeback at the age of 47.

Kevin Costner sure loves his baseball films. And it’s about baseball.

The film's star-studded cast features Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake—with those names, you know at the very least it'll be watchable.

So instead, let's talk baseball movies. Be prepared—this might just become one of your favorite comedies ever. Little League, the big leagues or the minor leagues. Bang The Drum Slowly focuses on two friends/teammates after one friend is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. The MLB may not be there right now, but these flicks sure are. — Cristina Ledra, Why it's a great movie: This isn't just "the other Charlie Sheen baseball movie." Kelly Leak. In the movie, Buddy’s puppies get kidnapped, and Buddy must rescue them before going to bat. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings (1976), In defense of the oft-maligned 'Major League II'.

We certainly don’t want to spoil the documentary for those that haven’t seen it, so we won’t reveal the final court ruling. — Steve Petrella, Why it's a great movie: This belongs on the list just for Gary Cooper's take on Lou Gehrig's "luckiest man" speech. — Cristina Ledra, Why it's a great movie: From the classic quotable lines — “You’re killing me, Smalls” — to the unforgettable scenes — when Squints kissed lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn long, and good — to the awkward moments of childhood — when Smalls realized he’d accidentally lost his step-dad’s Babe Ruth-signed baseball — The Sandlot delivers on so very many levels. — Jason Foster, Why it's a great movie: Morris Buttermaker. Up For Grabs is a 2005 comedy based on a real life dispute between two men over Barry Bonds record setting 73rd home run ball in 2001. https://uproxx.com/sports/best-baseball-movies-of-all-time-list-ranked Little Big League can now be purchased via YouTube Movies. The MLB may not be there right now, but these flicks sure are. With the MLB Playoffs approaching soon, be sure to watch these classics to get you pumped. But Eight Men Out features a stellar cast that delivers stellar performances, and for a new generation, put very human, nuanced characters to the infamous Black Sox Scandal. This 1957 film is a biography focusing on the life of baseball player Jimmy Piersall. The dialogue and clubhouse banter also give it a more authentic feel than a lot of other baseball movies. Batter Up! SPECTOR: In defense of the oft-maligned 'Major League II'. In the film, Rogan (a struggling playwright) sets out to kill his biggest critic Steven Schwimmer (portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.) ahead of his latest premiere. An ego clash, a love triangle, some damn good baseball... where can you go wrong? The movie's keen cinematography and stellar performances make the film feel more powerful than ever given current world events and protests.

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