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Guess you have to keep working here, LOL!" You’ll come for JVN but stay for the genuine insights. The Best Podcasts for 2020. Not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types. Each episode explores what one classical track means to the guest. Jun 4, 2020 Design by Susanna Hayward. Topics include content marketing, SEO, email outreach, Reddit marketing, and more. Guests include an editor for British Vogue and a personal shopper for NET-A-PORTER (otherwise known as a dream job). The brief: Helping listeners convert good intentions into practical changesFrequency: 33 episodes to dateAverage run time: 40 minutes. The brief: Amazingly absurd improv-come-chatFrequency: Every MondayAverage time: Between one to two hours. Do you like England and the history thereof? For newcomers to Comedy Bang Bang it’s worth having a listen to their ‘Best of’ episodes so you can get a feel for the show’s at times bizarre (but brilliant!) Explore the best podcasts 2020 brought to you by the editors of Vogue. Episodes discuss spending habits to President's Trump's remarks. Expertly synthesising each of these mediums, George the Poet carefully weaves words together to produce narratives that are topical, enlightening and thoroughly moving. ", TIL Reddit Recap Saturday, October 24th 2020, r/Choosingbeggars My Roommate Wants Me to Buy Them A New Free House, TIL Reddit Recap Friday, October 23rd 2020, r/Talesfromtechsupport I Accidentally Made The Printer Explode , TIL Reddit Recap Thursday, October 22nd 2020. r/Entitledparents WHY WON'T YOU PAY FOR MY VACATION?!

A balance of pop culture, mental health discussions and witty anecdotes, hosts Vic and Jas have created a podcast that feels like listening in on a chat with friends, always bringing the same refreshing honesty and understanding to their episodes. Reddit Gold Radio brings Reddit to the air waves! Last updated to include new suggestions for 2020. Or, if you’re looking to see what it’s all about before investing hours, some fan favourites of this podcast include the Silk Road series and coverage of the Moors murders. Huge thanks to our sponsor for this episode - Cloud Academy! Talking through everything from mental health and sexuality to race and religion, this podcast tackles important issues with amazing grace and emotional intelligence. When the results didn't exactly go as planned in 2016, the duo—as well as fellow White House alums Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor—regrouped with Pod Save America to discuss "challenges posed by the Trump administration" and more.

The brief: Validation you’re not a 'bad' feministFrequency: Twice a week, often Mondays and WednesdaysAverage time: 50 to 70 minutesHelping to make feminism more accessible for the masses, The Guilty Feminist is the perfect non-preachy format to better understand what being a feminist in the 21st century means. With perfectly coiffed dark hair, enormous lapels and an air of complete self assurance, his sharp quips and charisma made him a crowd favourite. From the ever-so-lovely NPR comes Code Switch. Podcasts let you keep learning when you're driving, walking to class, working out, or practicing your plunger-arrow archery. Pelicans! If sports are your thing, these episodes follow athletes from around the world to learn their stories, unraveling what makes someone successful (or not) while also offering a look at how sports can influence cultures around the world. Interviewing a whole host of industry icons including Charlotte Tilbury MBE and Jen Atkin, this award-winning podcast provides expert advice from people who live and breathe beauty. Maxwell shared how his team is using Video Poll Conversion Ads to quadruple link click-through-rates. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like a 'bad' feminist, this podcast will help you put that to rest. Does that sound like you? The brief: Warm, insightful and relatable conversations around being mixed raceFrequency: Weekly, four episodes to dateAverage run time: 50 minutes. The Chernobyl Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts). In each episode of heardit, join Will and Sam as they chat about some of the most upvoted reddit posts and comments ever. From Marian Keyes to Helen Fielding, Bookclub is an excellent way of discovering a new book or analysing an old favourite - essential listening for bookworms and new readers alike. A frequent guest, he has his own show, Mobituaries, in which he, in short, explores the past. 2 - Old reddit post about Episode 73: Kirsten Hatfield alleges that it is "a lazy copy" of the Paula Zahn episode "Taken from her bed". An intimate portrait of the country star and her far-reaching impact on American culture, this podcast looks at everything from Dolly's discography to deeply personal anecdotes. We also recommend taking a look at dedicated podcast creation services, such as Cast, which take you through the entire process, including hosting and distribution. In each episode, they'll be deconstructing Western beauty standards from a different angle, while also ranking the efficiency of products like eye creams. If you need a laugh, tune in and become part of their Bodega Hive. OP is a seasoned hiker, but her cheating boyfriend doesn't know the first thing about hiking. Early in OP's career, she applies to a business where Karen works, and Karen was extremely rude and dismissive of OP. That value changes, you find out, when you have your employees’ fates in your hands. This podcast sees tech expert Jamie Bartlett hunt the globe in search of Dr Ruja, the mastermind behind one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams ever seen. The Best Podcasts of 2020 So Far The Best Podcasts of 2020 So Far. In this buzzy podcast, writers Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall revisit the '90s media frenzies that everybody got completely wrong, from Yoko Ono (who didn't break up the Beatles) to the Challenger disaster (which was no accident) and Tonya Harding (who deserved sympathy, not judgment). Linoleum Knife (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts). As a girl who grew up in the South, I thought I understood this event, but I was very wrong. Shining a light on often overlooked elements of design that surround us on a daily basis, 99% Invisible explains the complexities that go into designing everyday objects and structures we often take for granted.

My Brother, My Brother and Me (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts). Well researched yet entirely accessible, Feel Better, Live More offers balanced, sensible and easily implementable advice on how you can improve your quality of life. Happy Halloween!By WBUR and Reddit, Mike and Ting talk about Disco Elysium. Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad put together an amazing podcast that is both extremely scientifically informative, and symphonically lovely to listen to.

The best part: You can call in with your thoughts or with something you want them to dissect at 240-46-NIGHT or [email protected] From the people at HowStuffWorks.com, every episode of this podcast tackles and takes apart a topic—like tornados or bitcoin or the sun—so that you can come away with a good working knowledge. She was also the first black woman elected to Congress. At some point in the recent past, podcasts made the jump from being a DIY tech for radio broadcaster wannabes to a reputable mainstream medium. Waypoint Radio (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts). The brief: The answer to your true crime addictionFrequency: Every SaturdayAverage time: One hour. Is this an instance where being a Karen is justified? Listen online, no signup necessary. Analysing and grimacing their way through the bawdy prose of “Rocky Flintstone” (his father’s chosen pseudonym), this podcast will see you laugh, groan and learn how to liken to female form to a whole host of seemingly innocent inanimate objects. The Diversity Gap is a podcast dedicated to sharing insights from thought leaders around the lack of diversity within our everyday culture and devising ways in which we can contribute to closing this gap. Erik Krasno, a Grammy-Award winning guitarist, conducts in-depth interviews with prominent musicians each week. If you think that will make for an anti-climactic listen, you're wrong.

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