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That Hawaiian was AWESOME. Most delicious pizza is a little on the greasy side but this one happened to be greasier than all the others I've tried in the area. Let me break it down for you. Total was $34. Closest flavor to NY pizza. I have ALWAYS tipped the delivery person but I've never had one actually say... "Where is the cash for my tip?" I am asking for my money back. I believe this place deserve a 5 stars rating. Great American pizza, great service, and affordable prices!If you're looking for that thicker, more bread-like pizza, Brick's is the way to go. My dog was very excited!This level of customer service is awesome. All in all not the best experience. They don't use fake cheese and you can tell.

I had the pleasure of enjoying one of Brick's pizza recently and it was delicious. The guy knows who we are. We tried Brick's after a short hiatus...not sure why we stopped ordering from Brick's as the pizza is delicious and the customer service is the best! Today we got the American, mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese with an order of hot wings. As she was giving the pizza to me, she heard my dog bark, pulled a dog biscuit from her pocket and asked if my dog would like a biscuit. Cheese at Brick's Pizza "There aren't a lot of pizza places where not only the pizza is great but the toppings are high quality. Again. We first started as part of a national franchise, but soon after, we decided we could better serve YOU and our COMMUNITY by moving on as an independent business.

When the pizza got there as soon as the guy handed me my pizza he said... Where is the cash for my tip? The crust, the sauce the cheese was excellent. I loved it though (I do not and will never dab my pizza). He looked up my address and told me my pizza was on its' way, so I was happy.Totally understandable, though. Love it!!! Now, I want another one. We probably order their pizza every two weeks. The pizza was good, REALLY good. There aren't a lot of pizza places where not only the pizza is great but the toppings are high quality. The down side is that it was super greasy. As you can see, the cheese surrounded the meats and mushrooms, cushioning them in a warm universe of flavor. The ingredients are so fresh and I swear their mozzarella cheese is the best I've ever tasted. I stood there dumbfounded because I have NEVER had someone say that after delivering food. I can appreciate that. What I loved about it is that the pizza was super cheesy without me having to ask for extra cheese.

Best Pizza in Va. Superb.

Now, the sausage was the real deal. I can tell it's Roma style from a can, and they add Italian seasoning to it. Pizza $ (540) 894-4270. 11004 Kentucky Springs Rd, …

One pizza had Italian sausage which was just ok - it was a little spicy and not very flavorful (or that may have been because there just wasn't that much). Friendly staff, quick to hand off our order and ring us up, I like fast efficient service. An extra large, extra cheese pizza is always our go to and you can't beat it! Before handing the pizza to me, our delivery person picked up the packages at our front door, handed them to me, then handed the pizza to me and thanked me for not cooking :-). Door knocked at 5:55pm, right on time! It also came with an icing container. If you're looking for fresh tasting pizza with a hearty flavor from the crust, sauce and all the delicious toppings, Bricks is your pizza place.

The veggies, the meats, the cheese, they are all delicious. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Every pizza they've delivered to us has been perfection.Give them a call to make your order. Tomato sauce: A little sweeter for my taste, but complemented the mushrooms.Cheese: Stringy, hot, delicious goodness. The veggies, the meats, the cheese, they are all delicious. As someone said, it's easier to confirm whether they deliver to your area by calling. I REALLY like this pizza. My first thought was it smelled great. My wife doesn't like greasy pizza, but she dabs all of her pizza anyway. The Hawaiian was amazing. Very picky about pizza thickness, crust, and cheese ratio. We get two boxes everytime and I admittedly have taken down two boxes myself. Great pizza place. I purchase a Hawaiian pizza, and they deliver a plain cheese pizza.

Could've been better, it was too dry. My preference is a less-sweet (I like more savory), more herby sauce with a thin crust and sweet Italian sausage. What a great way to end the work week! I used to hate putting veggies on my pizza but with… You can truly taste the ingredients, and everything tastes fresh! Big Cheese Pizza has been a member of the Walla Walla, Washington community since we opened for business on March 11, 1991. I always get extra sauce.The cheese is your standard mozzarella - it appears to be part skim cheese, and they don't go crazy with it. I'm curious about who has the best delivery pizza in Centreville so over the weekend I tried Brick's pizza for the first time. Couldn't be happier with the value and ingredients and fresh made flavor.

Their dough is nice and thin. I would be remiss if I did not mention the owner of this fantastic place, Matt Brick. Compared to the chains, Brick's really deliver fresh taste. For some reason, I thought we were calling a restaurant that made pizza in a brick oven. As a forewarning, it's not trying to mimic NY style pizza. I judge all pizza joints by this standard.No complaints on the staff as well. Splurge yourself with a Brick's Pizza! It's pizza though. You can taste it too if you pay attention.The sauce is rich in seasoning. I would order pizza from here again but try a different kind just to see if it'll be as greasy as the cheese pizza. Crust: Meh. The pizza is thick-crusted and has a pretty sweet taste, not herby at all. So good we had to have it again less than 2 weeks later. Mind you I still had two pizza boxes in my hand.

(I know - probably should have actually paid attention or asked.). My wife saw this place delivering pizza to our neighbor and suggested we try it out. I thought that was great. But I've had some pretty crappy pizza and smelled some HORRIBLE "pizza".The Pepperoni Feast was greasy. I can tell that they added oil or butter and maybe a pinch of sugar to it to help it get that golden crust. the cheese was good - what you would expect from a delivery place. Savory, sweet and succulent, just like an Italian sausage should be. Little pricy but I can't complain. Pepperoni is pretty greasy itself, so it make sense the pizza would be a little more greasy than usual since it's double Pepperoni. Drivers have always been very nice.

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