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By Anything better than this comeback where they dropped an album and MV and disappeared off the face of the earth.

A little more modest than the four names mentioned above, TAETAELAND is ranked 5th, so 4 out of 5 top names are related to BTS.

No how do u think teacher's, bus drivers etc.. fight for their rights? They are so fucking lazy, even now some are questioning EXO_LABs decision. Finally they have taken action. EXO_LAB's first step was in making a petition (sign it if you haven't already!

IRIDESCENT BOY is a long-standing and especially charismatic fansite of EXO Sehun, the evidence can be seen through the release of goods and photo books as much as the album of this fansite.

And what's up with the last minute album vers they released. Members giving empty promises of more promo that they dont have the power to fulfill.

EXO Biggest Iranian Fansite بزرگ ترین فن سایت خبری اکسو در ایران امروز پنج شنبه 08 آبان 1399 , به سایت اوه سهون فنز خوش آمدید

This female idol expressed a different perspective on Irene’s attitude scandal. Below is a list of 10 fansites of Kpop male idols with the largest number of followers on Twitter, as of January 10th, and surprisingly, all 10 fansite names on the list come from only two boy groups ( which can be said to be the most successful today): BTS and EXO. That seems likely since exo days are numbered.. Not saying they aren't focusing on new groups now, but this might just advance their schedule. EXO’s most famous fansite continues to be a fansite for the youngest brother Sehun. SM has ALREADY put EXO on the backburner. exo; Recommended Posts. You need to relax ya chest and face muscles sis this thread has zuh hero to do with BTS... get a grip. On October 31,... Nancy was praised for her glamorous Western beauty, reminiscent of the Hollywood beauty icon.

All international fanbases are sheeps of EG. Founded in Korea, fansite mainly publishes photos and videos of the artist (s) they love. EXO’s most famous fansite continues to be a fansite for the youngest brother Sehun.

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Maybe if exols would stop worrying about bts’ career maybe y’all would actually get things done... Not really relevant for ifans since we don’t buy much anyway But yeah good that kfans are taking initiative.

WEAK argument. If you are an EXO-L or ARMY, the names on this list are definitely not too strange anymore: Topping the top 10 is @JUNGKOOKcokr account with over 1.86 million followers, far more than the rest of the list. EXO's Biggest Fansite Urges for Boycott! Thanks to the hairstyle and makeup, Sana’s charisma reminded of Red Velvet’s Irene. BLACKPINK has made... On October 17, Black Pink promoted Lovesick Girls on MBC’s Music Core show. I'm tide of yall cowering.. FOR WHAT? PCWHY, November 28, 2018 in Celebrity News & Gossip. why would anyone think it's a good idea to boycott a groups last stretch of activities D: OHHH much like they're doing now except...exo's still making money?

Only holding # 13 Billboard for 1 week, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez drop from the chart in the second week , will Ice Cream definitely be out of the chart next week? Camila Cabello shows her love for BTS by not only following their account but also this, TWICE’s sister group with Shin Ryujin, Hwang Yeji and Chaeryeong has finished filming their debut MV.

Copyright © 2015 Flex Mag Theme. EXOJAPAN Member Poll 2017 (Biggest Japanese EXO Fansite) Archived. Complaining but still doing nothing is gnna have 0 impact smh.

Thanks for nothing SM, "Lets boycott but only until their next album comes out then buy a million copies of that because we cant fall too far behind other groups in album sales or people will make fun of EXO, thatll teach SM", nice "boycott", if you want to send a message go all the way with it or dont bother. Changmo & Lee Hi, (Raiden x Chanyeol - Yours (Feat. Have since 2016 in fact.

Every EXO thread you are literally always in the first page. Now hopefully SM will listen, The most disappointing to me is i-exo-l's weakness and I don't say this for all but for most of them some others and myself came into contact with. Standing at the third position and constantly rising to the spot with the second position of IRIDESCENT BOY continues to be a young fansite of Jungkook. The fansites who take and edit photos of your idols, just look at the photos you have on your phone, there is a logo of theirs stamped on it, for sure. how do u say u care about people but u rather the company treat them like poop flies aka pests and sit ya lazy ass by and complain. 2.

Theme by MVP Themes, powered by Wordpress. This time, it was not just Jennie and Rosé who answered the interview in English as always.

Powered by Invision Community. That moment when no one breathed about BTS but your EXO obsessed ass still finds a way into any thread with their name in the title~.

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