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So: am taking him to see a radiologist at Sloan Kettering.

Last night, before getting some sleep, I came in to see if he needed anything. First, I brought in stacks of all of O’s books, cleared a bedside table, and put them there. “I’ve been reading you since way back. I am not a writer but like writing and loved what OS wrote about writing. As if the sky were full of shooting stars. The young man looked confused, as if thinking, “What? Oliver worried that his feelings were perhaps too raw, and felt it was too soon to publish it, given that most of his friends and family members did not yet know his news. And for such an amusing reason — why not? For me, it’s a different kind of recognition, of people’s humanity.”. I love your writing. She told us that she’d recorded Biophilia (its name inspired by Oliver’s Musicophilia) in the lighthouse I’d spotted the night before when I was chasing down the sunset. This was when people still wrote letters regularly and when one got a letter, sat down and wrote a letter back. Last modified on Wed 21 Mar 2018 23.53 GMT. I look forward to your upcoming book and I will certainly be reading your other works. Like any couple, we would have tensions, usually over minor things.

Oliver, I should note, had absolutely no idea who she was, nor would he understand if I had pulled him aside and told him. O repeatedly tears off his hospital gown because he is in so much pain that even the thin cotton material causes discomfort. “No.” His eyes were closed. And his final legacy is that, while on one level my book is about me reinventing myself in middle age, there’s another story there about Oliver Sacks reinventing himself, in his 70s.

It was then that I went back to my journal, which I had started at Oliver’s urging a few weeks after I moved here in 2009. But there was no denying that his tastes, his habits, his ways – all were irreversibly, fixedly, not of our time. “He had never spoken or written about his sexual identity or our relationship until his autobiography came out in May 2015.”, Sacks had decided a long time ago that romantic love was not going to be part of his life. But I did know that I was intrigued and attracted. We took long walks in the botanical garden in the Bronx, where he could expatiate on every species of fern. “I want to be able to write, think, read, swim, be with Billy, see friends, and maybe travel a bit, if possible.” Oliver added that he hoped not to be in “ghastly pain” or for his condition to become “humiliating”, and then he fell silent. How wonderful that he found love with you in the last years of his life. Elsewhere, a few books by his heroes – Darwin, Freud, Luria, Edelman, Thom Gunn – and photos – his father, Auden, his mother as a girl with her 17 siblings, his aunts and uncles, his brothers. “Well, gentlemen, I’m going downtown. “Do I seem like I am from another age?”. “He’d had his heart broken very badly as a young man and then he shifted his focus to his work, to his patients and his amazing writing.” He wrote many books, hundreds of essays, reviews and articles. But before we could hang our coats up, we heard yet another round, faintly, and without going to the window to check, pulled our coats back on. Nothing fancy – two bottles of San Pellegrino and a couple bottles of wine – but no bottle-opener. Hayes had at that point met Sacks in person only once, but they had been writing letters for a year. Björk said she had a calendar in the kitchen with the time for the tide going in and out, so they would know when they could get to the lighthouse – and how long they would be “stuck” there while the tide was in. Good to have this to write on. I’m the beneficiary of a lot of love because there’s a lot of love for Dr Sacks, for a lot of really good reasons. (“I meant to provide a blurb,” but “got distracted and forgot.”) This was when I was still in San Francisco – early 2008. As Joni Mitchell wrote: “We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall, keeping us tied and true.”, Thinking of you, Mr. Hayes, on this anniversary.

From an early age, I had an understanding of death and loss and grief as part of life.”, “The oncologist said [Sacks’] prognosis was six to 18 months and I thought, well surely we’ll fight this and have a few years. “Even better. What do you miss most about Oliver?His companionship. It can be ridiculous and playful.”, We also see Sacks, known for his drug experimentation, continuing to dabble into his 80s. I was very sad not to have been able to thank OS for it and for the other books of his I so enjoyed. Oliver hadn’t been inside a gay bar in at least 40 years. I had been in love before, but I’d never felt that quality of adoring someone. By now, an hour after our arrival, the bar was jammed, the music getting loud, and for Oliver’s comfort and safety we thought it best to leave. “Not only because he was elderly, but also because I had experienced a great loss before and he had had a bout of cancer.

Oliver published his autobiography, On the Move, in May 2015, three months before his death. Thanks a lot for everything you have done and especially for every word in the book. I have just been told that Dr. Oliver Sacks is in the house — welcome to Oliver Sacks Night, Dr. Sacks!”. Eventually she circled back and poured water for everyone. The entries that follow the diagnosis of Oliver’s cancer are terribly affecting. There was an entire country between us, not to mention 30 years’ age difference. This prompted a series of questions about the periodic table, the elements, the composition of the very air we were breathing. Do you want to go?” I was sure he’d say no. I thank you sir for your generosity of spirit in sharing such a humble, intimate and beautiful portrait. Wishing you all the best. The tablecloth was embroidered with seashells. He smiles mischievously. But Oliver really knew in his gut. Hayes’ street photography also features in the book. Her incredible face blocked my rearview mirror.

I had lived on the West Coast for 25 years. O wants to go ahead with his birthday party, and doesn’t want people to know. I hope the reader gets a sense of what our relationship and conversations were like. Much more civilised. Bill Hayes, photographer and author, at the Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar, Dublin. 17 February 2013 Oliver and I went to a small chamber orchestra concert at the American Irish Historical Society, a jewel box of a building directly across the street from the Metropolitan Museum. Now in her late 60s, still beautiful, her face naturally lined. Because of his face blindness, which makes it difficult for O to recognise people not only on the street but also in movies and on TV, he’d sometimes ask, “Is that Björk?” or, “Which one is Björk?” A swan dress one minute, robotic gear the next, her constant changing of costumes and hairstyles utterly confounded him, but he was deeply impressed by her artistry.

She ushered us into the dining room, where a table was set. The book is also threaded through with character sketches from New York’s streets, demonstrating how Hayes’ worldview complements Sacks’. “Well, let’s see…” He paused. After his diagnosis with terminal cancer in 2015, Sacks wrote a list of eight and a half reasons to be hopeful: Number 6a. There was a small reception afterwards. Oliver propped himself against a streetlamp pole. 7 July 2015 O, proudly, playing a new Schubert piece, and with great flair demonstrating how it requires “crossed hands”. So most of all I miss the comfort of his company and the laughter.Interview by Lisa O’Kelly, • Extract from Insomniac City: New York, Oliver, and Me by Bill Hayes (Bloomsbury £16.99).

We asked for one extra day – to get Oliver safely through the procedure first – and they agreed. About; Books; Essays; Photographs. Like David Clark, below, I have woken up this morning after coming to the end of ‘On the Move’ last night. This looks like a stairway carved out of a wall of basalt!” Björk nodded. Sacks’ acceptance of his own death gave Hayes some of this strength. Dear Mr Hayes, I live in Sydney and am looking forward very much to attending your talk tomorrow morning as part of the Sydney Writers Festival.

Through a series of tender vignettes, we meet characters from the streets of Manhattan, and we are brought into the cocoon of Oliver Sacks’ apartment, where the romance between Hayes and Sacks is under the constant gentle scrutiny of Sacks’ curious mind: “I’ve suddenly realised what you mean to me,” he tells Hayes. How would Oliver have felt about Insomniac City?I think he would have been delighted and proud. Wishing you well. Recurrences such as this were considered extremely rare, yet the consensus seemed to be that the preliminary diagnosis was most likely correct and that treatment options were few. Phone orders min p&p of £1.99, • Bill Hayes will be signing copies of Insomniac City on Monday 3 April at the London Review Bookshop, London WC1, and on Tuesday 4 April at Gay’s the Word, also London WC1. My Bill died 1/6/16. May I have your attention?

“I have got asked many times since my book came out, did you and Oliver ever fight? Oliver could not have looked more tickled. They want to see him this afternoon. [Now] I kind of understand it. Of course she didn’t, but her air of modesty and respect in greeting O had that feeling. It rounded out all of the books and scholarly parts of his life by the images of that night of your marching with Black Lives Matter and Oliver Sack’s Night at Julius’. His mood now sober, Oliver raised his voice with the others for several blocks. She was fast-talking, bawdy, opinionated, a broad – the opposite of Oliver except for having in common that mysterious quality: charm. We got back into the elevator, got ourselves onto the sidewalk, and joined the tail end of the last wave of the march up Eighth Avenue, then heading east on 14th. In lieu of any experimental treatments, Oliver made the decision to go ahead with a surgical procedure called an embolisation, which would cut off blood supply to the tumours in his liver and therefore kill them off – temporarily (they would inevitably return, he was told).

He enlarged the image on the monitor, so the white spots – the tumours – looked as large as those made by a hole punch.

The Oliver Sacks?” Oliver looked both pleased and stricken. Conversations and scenes just jumped off the page and I realised they could be much more effective at chronicling our lives than if I were to write a more traditional narrative. I am like Oliver. But as I headed for the bedroom, O called to me from his desk, “Do you know why I love to read Nature and Science every week?” I turned. But in a way, he’d had no reason to do so – he hadn’t had sex in three-and-a-half decades, he told me. “If it wasn’t completely full he’d take clean cups and mugs from the cupboard and put them in to keep the others company. As is almost always the case with O, it wasn’t necessary: he’d had the definition exactly right in the first place: nunc dimittis is “the final song in a religious service”. Oliver felt genuinely nervous about being recognized at one; but equally so, with his increasingly poor eyesight and hearing, he couldn’t abide crowded, noisy places of any kind. So if he was puzzling over a question, he wanted to know what I thought and what others around him thought . The party started at 9. Now, clouds and stars, and what sounds like a hymn: “Craving miracles…” Björk sings. Oliver was a very brilliant man, but he wasn’t patronising or pretentious or pompous. We were early. I looked at Oliver skeptically: “Would you go? I had not known – had never considered – whether he was hetero- or homosexual, single or in a relationship.

||| ©2020 Bill Hayes :: Site by KPFdigital :: Admin Login |||. I pushed things out of the way in the back seat; she tossed in her handbag, and dove in. We pulled into the driveway at the back of Björk’s home and I saw her through the kitchen window. And now to have been privileged to read another poignant & enlightening essay about you and Dr. Sacks is a bonus.

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