blind sentence

concession fares for Blind Persons, eligible persons must first obtain a Blind Persons Pass. The constitution having been destroyed by the Blind, the elector proclaimed one of his own making; but even the chamber elected under the provisions of this despotic scheme could not tolerate his hateful tyranny, and there were incessant disputes between it and the government. The person who gave most generously to the scheme has been, 199. A blind man cannot distinguish light from darkness. "Put on your glasses, you'll go blind doing that," Dean said, handing Fred his beer and reclaiming his rocker from Mrs. Lincoln, the large black cat that had adopted the pair the prior February. (1894); Martineau, Etude de politique contemporaine. 3. But we must not allow such a theory to blind us to the true wisdom with which the writer defers his censure. Yes, I will throw you back beyond the Dvina and beyond the Dnieper, and will re- erect against you that barrier which it was criminal and blind of Europe to allow to be destroyed.
we find a blind poet, a native of Aeolian Smyrna, through which flows the water of the sacred Meles. The road is partly/partially finished. There was something about his tone—flat and free of human warmth like the talking computer her blind coworker used—that made her uneasy. False information has led the police up a series of blind alleys. It is the, Skunk really gave it some stick all the way to Caliban's place, we passed a good few Coppers but they all seemed to turn the, I said the medication made my vision temporarily blurry, it did not make me stone. Charitable institutions of a high character are also prominent, among which are the Hospicio, which includes an asylum for the aged, infirm, blind, deaf and dumb, foundlings and orphans, a primary school for both sexes, and a girls' training school, and the Hospital de San Miguel de Belen, which is a hospital, an insane asylum, and a school for little children. On its inner surface the longitudinal canal is adpressed to the lateral bloodvessel, and gives off a number of small, blind caeca or tags, each of which ends in a small clump of cells. One must not be blind to his own defects. Can you identify the stratified squamous epithelium lining the blind crypt? You chose to let Jade go and turn a blind eye to him being a traitor. 2. It should be said that any double-case watch with the crystal removed serves well enough for a blind person whose touch is sufficiently delicate to feel the position of the hands and not disturb or injure them. The first won because the general trend of the world was in their favor, and because their opponents were blind, contumacious, and divided among themselves.
He withdrew his computer and did so, grateful for the woman that helped him out of blind faith. Unlike mechanical clocks, which are completely, 215. But his military incapacity and his blind hatred of democratic reform went far to undo his work. Papineau, in pursuing towards the end a policy of blind passion, overlooked real grievances, and prevented remedial action.

The little blind children at the Perkins Institution had sent it and Laura Bridgman had dressed it; but I did not know this until afterward. It was his suggestion about the newspaper subscription that started the whole business rolling— even if it was blind luck. In the case of the great grey kangaroo, for instance, the period of gestation is less than forty days, and the newly-born embryo, which is blind, naked, and unable to use its bud-like limbs, is little more than an inch in length. Indeed, the author of this article finds in the writings of Plato a grave and discriminating study of the several forms of sophistry, and no trace whatsoever of that blind hostility which should warrant us in neglecting his clear and precise evidence. The frequency of blind passages and of circular chambers will be noticed, as well as the very large number of bodies in the cruciform recesses, apparently amounting in one in stance to nineteen. For future planning, the archery section will apply to include blind archery but the ultimate decision maker is the IPC. A newly - devised microcomputer can act as a guide to a, 198. The fanaticism or blind allegiance to his priest. But I do not understand how he ever thought a blind and deaf child of eleven could have invented them. 0. Whatever it was, I was all for light. The mist thickened and hid it, and I knew a moment's, 226. I was to be Ceres in a kind of masque given by the blind girls. Their artillery was numerous and for the most part of heavy calibre - 18and 24-pounders were common - but the strength of the army lay in its infantry, with its incomparable tenacity in defence and its blind confidence in the bayonet in attack.

blind spot on the retina of the eye which cannot receive visual images. The degradation of medicine between Galen and Harvey, if in part it consisted in the blind following of the authority of the former physician, was primarily due to other causes; and its new development was not due to the discovery of the experimental method alone: social and political causes also are concerned in the advance even of the exact sciences. Did you know that the blind children are going to have their commencement exercises in Tremont Temple, next Tuesday afternoon? Is there a need for CCTV on the back of certain vehicles to eliminate or reduce blind spots during any unavoidable reversing? : But a Western policy that is blind to the urgent need for reform and justice is certain to end in catastrophe.

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