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Amos Moe Champ Orion Texas Bond – surname of fearless spy ‘James Bond’. These dog names for boys have consistently occupied the top male pet names lists for years: As you can see there’s a real trend towards giving our dogs human names. Rayzr (Razor) After all, your puppy name should be unique when you call him in the middle of a dog park! Bear TOP TIP: If your puppy is arriving any day soon, check out our list of puppy essentials and make sure you are ready. Bane We can’t blame people for wanting to cuddle up with a furry companion during these isolating times. Teton The best name for your dog is one you fall in love with, and don’t mind shouting out in public. Waylon Ridley Frizzle Inky Milton

Stark Sonny (Sunny) Romeo

Jimbo So, you just got a new puppy. Pops It is a very important task for pet parents to choose the best dog names. Hooch One way to to find cute boy puppy names is to pick a theme you like and see where it leads you.

Maverick Scout Knotts Wrigley Mason Rico Drax Jedi Ripley

Recognize their nobility with one of these strong male dog names: Our Dog Name Survey through up some other famous names, too.

Rogue Rooney Keanu Ewok, Fabio Lynx, Mac Dice Butch Titan

Jesse (Jessie) Yenko Norris Scrappy Cheetah Crawford Surnames were actually given to individuals based on occupation. That’s just a taster of course! Axis Boomer Crocus Joker We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Irving Goliath Huxley Sultan Squirt Blaze …

Lewis Beefy Nitro (Nitros) Furthermore, 75 percent of pet owners who used TV as a source of inspiration are millennials. Nelson Stainless Steel with Multiple Engraved Charms. Jasper Gizmo Killian Although there are likely a number of unique male dog names that you haven’t heard of or thought of in our lists above, here are a few more to add to your list: Again, you have probably noticed some of your favorite Disney characters’ names make an appearance in some of the lists above. So, if your male dog is an unusual breed, has unusual patterns on his skin, or has a crazy temperament, then have a look through our suggestions of unusual dog names for boys.

Lance Bronson

Howie Labrador Retriever Life Span – How Long Do Labs Live? Maddox Tango

(c) 2019 My Pet's Name - All Rights Reserved. Chevy Kent Fonzi (Fonzie) Dane Snowball Bernie Striker (Stryker) Herbert Black Lab Names – 400 Perfect Ideas For Your Pup, Strong Dog Names That Give Your Dog Even More Attitude, Cute Dog Names – 125 Adorable Names For Boy and Girl Puppies, Tough Dog Names – Scary, Fierce, Strong, Guard Dog Inspired Ideas. Hansel Thunder Grendel Perry Smoky (Smokey) Zeus

Zorro Here are some cute boy dog names for puppies that are going to be adorable forever: Is your dog going to be a legend in his own time? For example, in 2017, the most popular cities used for male dog names and female dog names were the following: Cute dog names are great and all, but what if you have a strong, masculine, and rugged male dog? Want your handsome pup to stand out from the pack? Matisse … Tucker 11. Shiloh, Benji, Toto, Snoopy, Pongo, Clifford, Otis, and Marley are excellent male dog names that pay homage to some of our most beloved canine characters. Marmaduke Surge, T-Bone Degas

Voltron Odin Best Male Dog Names Some of the best dog names can be found in your favorite films and books; especially those about the lives of pets! Freeman Athos Raven Monty Zeppelin Prince Chaos We’ve published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find that perfect name. Now I can’t help you predict what name your family will agree on, but I can help you come up with plenty of male dog names to get you started. Jolt Piper

Baloo Bailey If you are looking for some inspiration, grab your favorite snack and consider some of these food-themed unusual male dog name ideas to get you started: Consider yourself a history buff? Onyx Puffball Zane Neyo

Marshall Elway We also threw in a few wacky ones that are sure to get tongues (and tails) wagging. Fury Flame Matrix Browsing a variety name categories can often help you find some contenders for the perfect unusual male dog name. Major Forest (Forrest) You never know when an obscure name is about to surge in popularity, or if someone else on your street is about to have the same flash of inspiration. Southpaw Clive Not feeling very creative? Monet Buster Spark Moon Davis Farley This top 50 selection came courtesy of the 2019 Dog Names Survey. Rogue

Shadow There seems to be a trend at the moment for naming animals after other animals. Explore some more of the coolest male dog names below: Unusual names are perfect for a crazy unusual pet! Dre Ego The Labrador Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. Service Cat: Can a Cat Be a Service Animal? Dante Max Izzy (Izzie), Jabba Mars Fritz Kaiser Hobbit Repo Scrapper

Sitka Look for a word that will make everyone you tell it to say ‘what does that mean?’. Bullseye Fang Indy Cyprus Sarge Roco (Rocco)

Scottie (Scotty) Dallas Redwood Woody Jury Justice, K-9 Archer Fighter Fuzzy, Gage


Midas Olaf If you want more ideas, take a look at this dog name database! Buzz Brodie (Brody) Barkley Icon Tonto Skeletor Wonton Jordi (Jordy) The first thing on your mind is probably, what are the best boy dog names which you can (Read more… ).

Cecil He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, holds two degrees and has studied Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare.

Ali It’s not a family friendly name. Top Unusual Male Dog Names. Rufus Ditka

| Privacy policy | Terms and Conditions | SiteMap. Hilton Why? Turner, Van-Gogh Because you never know what you might find online or at the local pet store that speaks to your pup’s name. Tayo Conrad Perfect for Dog Moms! Macho Sawyer Zulu Kujo LeBron When Do Puppies Stop Biting And How To Cope With A... Silver Lab – The Facts About Silver Labrador Retrievers, Is My Labrador Too Thin? Brett

Along the same lines, pop culture buffs may appreciate names like Mario, Luigi, Sheldon, Leonard, Chewy, Dexter, Bowie, Elvis, or Hamilton. Darby Flapjack


Ike Zeppelin Fargo

Mercury Here are a few more to add to your list: Is your male puppy going to become a working dog?


Killer She is also the founder of the Gundog Trust and the Dogsnet Online Training Program, Pippa's online training courses were launched in 2019 and you can find the latest course dates on the Dogsnet website, I have a male lab Molson. Snickers Aero Vaughn Leland Dagger Kronos Dread


Jonah Twelve percent of pet owners turn to their favorite foods or beverages for name inspiration, according to Rover.com. Neo First, let’s pull out some of our favorite unusual male dog names from all categories. ), Zoar (Cartwright and Zoar are both small settlements in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada), Neo (Neo means both “new” in Greek and “gift” in Tswana – how perfect?

Recco Caviar Check out our guide The Top 100 Female Dog Names: A Pup-Parent-to-Be’s #1 Guide if you’re looking into girl names for your pupper! Crusader Check out hundreds of great. Bayer Gucci But, which one can you choose to fit your pooch! Bronx


Bristol Cole Dazzler Dammit: This word is used to express anger or used with a negative outcome. Scroll through the rest to see which one is perfect for your pet. Compton Choose your new dog’s name based on someone famous—many historical names are very rarely used as dog names. Poe Show Your Love for Dogs Through This Unique Car Decal. Recognizing And Treating Underweight Labs. Tigger Finding a unique dog name for your male puppy that has meaning for your dog as well as meaning for you is important. If they are good enough for the big screen, then they are good enough for your pet dog! Echo Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Bringing home a puppy is SOOO exciting. Howler Percy Tango Chronic Malcolm Draco I have a G S D that I call Stuart. Moo-Shu Louie Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? 100+ Unique Dog Names for Every Kind of Pup, 50+ Funny Dog Names for Pups With Personality, Baby Boy Names of 2020 Come From Around the World. Chomp Marlowe Gonzo If you are a “Game of Thrones” fan, then you probably have noticed that your American Alsatian looks a lot like a Dire Wolf! Gibson General Rocket Hunter Nemo Ferdinand Male dogs are amazing, special animals, and deserve brilliant monikers to showcase all the things you love about them. Corky

Iggy Scrabble Yoggy Yogi Captain Courage

100 Boy Dog Names That Are as Charming and Special as Your Pup 1. Here are some puppy names for boys that will call out your male dog’s powerful physique: Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Brute Clark (Kent, Superman) Gaston Hagrid (Harry Potter series) Herc (Hercules) Hulk Jordon Mufasa Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) Stallone Stretch Tarzan T-Rex Wolverine Diesel

Capone Sergeant Herc (for Hercules) Bling Seuss Bruno Harry

Pay attention to your particular dog's special physical characteristics and personality traits when trying to find a special and unique name. Roman Heath The coolest male dog names are monikers which have a cool meaning behind them! Reed When looking for a unique male dog name, it is important to find some that you have not heard of before. Crew Kipling Hector Cassius Cobb Wishbone

Rambo Quatro Rio Grover Southpaw Wherever you get your inspiration from, finding the perfect name for your newest family member is a satisfying moment. Rock Cujo Male Dog Names are tough to find. Clint So, where do you start? Jeter

Remi (Remy) Louis Some of the popular names of the year, I have listed below. Our favorite cute male dog name is ‘Bo’, derived from the Old Norse nickname ‘Bua’, meaning ‘to live’. Kona

Potter Orbit Chico Beckett

Sumo Unusual dog names are fun and can even be great conversation starters when you meet new people while out and about with your pup. Farmer Lenin Yoda Trip (Tripp) Trigger There are many ways to find unique boy dog names.

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