buck and eddie scenes

As are Chimney and Maddie’s, but that’s for another post! Iconic.

It was start of something new! (I don't really know but also want to talk about buddie/buck hcs).
Trying to push down how you feel, especially the ones that take a toll on you, has never been beneficial for anyone. Their beautiful family with Christopher. With Chris away at camp Eddie falls apart almost every night in private while putting on a front at work. He’s looking at Eddie. But Eddie knows that using his own traumatic experience as a sign instead of truly allowing himself to feel, is what makes him the opposite of okay. 06. “Look, I just…I’ve watched a lot of people I love walk away. All rights We’re…just friends who hang out. come on, it’s only two dads hugging their son, why am i emotional abt this? buddieedit 911edit 911 fox 911 on fox buddie evan buckley eddie diaz buck x eddie mine gifs this was hard to make there isn't alot of scenes that is focus on their hands I also slowed some of the scenes down as otherwise it would be way to fast and you wouldn't be able to see what is going on they are that short of a moment lol I hear/see the title scene. I don’t see how anyone can watch the show and not root for Buck and Eddie to be together.

The chaos of the scene around them has fallen away from him somehow, and all he can do is look at Eddie. Buck has been through a lot of things with Christopher, aside from Eddie. where 30 writers exchanged Trick or Treat fics. That is true, but Buck didn't know about Christopher until after they become friend in the first episode of season 2. I got to be a part of an awesome event, organized by my wonderful friend Emma (who is sadly not on Tumblr, but still deserves a warm shout out!) The only reason he called me to bail him out of jail was because he couldn’t call you. So overall, I don’t think they were abusive parents. I learned a lot about Eddie Diaz while I was crashing at your station, but I could have given a recital about you. There is also a part of you that knows that it won’t help you and never will. “I thought when you guys made up last Halloween after your little lawsuit thing that it would only be a matter of time.
*fans self* The UST. Here’s the thing about the headcanon and Buck having abusive parents, I’m not really fond of it.

Eddie’s crazy about you. Me too.

Their lives are so intertwined and cemented together that it’s just right. Ever since Oliver Stark and Ryan Guzman’s firefighter characters met and bonded at the start of Season 2, fans’ desire to see them paired has grown exponentially, even if their fervent tweets have yet to manifest themselves on screen. Just because their most severe injury doesn’t seem to be so severe anymore doesn’t mean that the highway isn’t still absolute chaos. Buck was acting like a dad to Chris during the pier scenes and the tsunami scenes. He stops, though, turning around when he hears what’s happening behind him.

Gah. you practically shamed me into it. So he’s really entangled with the family and with Eddie and Buck being so close, it’s almost natural.

buddieedit 911edit 911 fox 911 on fox buddie evan buckley eddie diaz buck x eddie mine gifs this was hard to make there isn't alot of scenes that is focus on their hands I also slowed some of the scenes down as otherwise it would be way to fast and you wouldn't be able to see what is going on they are that short of a moment lol Buck shook his head, and took a swing at some rubble with his own axe, kicking the pieces aside as they broke. Lena had stopped swinging her axe at the fallen rubble and was watching him knowingly. Well, it's Ryan Murphy, so it's definitely possible. “You mean everything to me. Buck was deliberately avoiding Lena’s gaze, so he didn’t see it soften. I don’t ever want to imagine my life without you again. Prompt: Buck is desolate and heartbroken by the team's harsh treatment after the lawsuit, especially Eddie forbidding him from seeing Chris. Good for them!”, the hc that albert thinks buck and eddie are dating then being confused after finding out they’re not is truly godtier, 2 reasons to watch 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star. She walked over and helped him lift some fallen tombstones away from the path. also look at everyone smiling at them. But to acknowledge that you are not okay instead of beating yourself up every waking second of the day, is not that easy either. The main reason is because Maddie said that their parents weren’t bad people, they were just bad parents. I wanted to spread love and appreciation for all the participants, so here is where all 30 fics will be posted, the event’s collection on AO3.

What do you think eddie's (and the fire fams) reaction to buck reaction to them suddenly appearing at the station? This could mean that they were neglectful, or were not really around. “It was true a year ago, and it’s just as true now.

These bitches gay! There’s a crowd forming from nearby drivers, police taking statements and other officers trying to clear at least one lane for traffic, people with minor injuries scattered around. 27. i don’t really get why i had to bring something, anyway. One night while he's trying to sleep, Buck finds himself with a gun to his head and a masked man on top of him. “It’s not like that. I must admit, I usually never ship non-canon couples, but with these two I just can't help it. Eddie doesn't realise how badly he's destroyed his friendship with Buck until his former partner has swapped stations, changed phone numbers, and moved homes without warning. In season two, we see that ‘bromance’ come to life. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter.

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