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The name's Buck! Baby Dinos | Him and Eddie eventually make up, after learning Eddie´s anger was due to Buck not considering how the lawsuit could affect their relationship. Eduardo | In time, however, they saw behind the petty grudges and worked together with Manny, Sid, and Diego to escape the flood, but left with Ellie when she left Manny and his friends to cross the minefield, as she claimed that it was suicide to cross it. Dos | Louis asks them how could they be so happy when their home is falling apart, Crash simply told him that they were stupid but, they just didn't respond, Crash just squeezed his nose saying "beep". [4] Buck became one of the few lucky survivors of Reach's fall, having escaped New Alexandria and made it safely to Earth. [7] In 2528, when he was eighteen, he enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and trained on Earth and Reach,[8] following it through as a career. After finally making it to the elevator, Dare punched Buck in the face, for "abandoning the mission"; a furious Buck complained that she had been MIA, and that his squad was scattered only to be cut off by Dare, who gave him a passionate kiss for "coming back." 18 Neil deBuck Weasel | First time, actually!". Lance Sterling | They insist on going despite his warnings, although he gave them directions to where momma went with her babies and Sid. Fuzzy, Animated Features Tulio Monteiro | Finale Ears | He makes up for it by saving Manny, Ellie, Diego, Crash & Eddie from some dinosaurs. As children during the Ice age, Crash, Eddie and their mother adopted an young abandoned mammoth called Ellie, who over the years forgot her origins and thought she was a possum like them. Momma Dino | When Metro LA's 9-1-1 system is hit with a massive system-wide power outage, the call center must go old school in responding to emergencies. The brothers love adventures with Buck. Neil deBuck Weasel started off as the narrator of the start of the film, explaining what and how the universe was created. Manny | Enemies While in the dinosaur world, however, Buck's sanity slipped away and he lost his mind. Crash and Eddie joined Ellie in trying to escape the flood, but soon ran into trouble when they were trapped in a cave. Lucy Van Pelt | To bandage his socket, Buck tied a leaf around his head and attempted to escape Rudy, but was swallowed up by the dinosaur. Buck is the first playable character in the. Gavin | Buck wielding a Shotgun during the Battle of Mombasa. Horton the Elephant | Buck | Crash and Eddie have extremely smaller roles as compared to the previous two movies. Eyes | Manny, Sid, Diego, Buck, Roger the Pterosaurus, Momma Dino, Baby Dinos, Ellie, Peaches, Granny, Precious, Shira, Louis, Ethan, Steffie, Katie and Meghan, Julian, Brooke, Teddy, Shangri Llama, Gavin, Gertie, Roger, Santa Claus, Prancer, other reindeers This is not true, however, due to helping Buck save Sid from his incoming death. Crash and Eddie are the supporting characters in the Ice Age franchise. One example of that is that in the video game, when Buck is told that Manny and Diego have been eaten by a carnivorous plant, Buck asks which one is Manny but then reluctantly said that he will save them both, meaning that Buck first planned not to save Manny. Survive the Meltdown (succeeded).Rescue Sid from Momma Dino (succeeded).Survive Pangea (succeeded). Joy Jenkind. "BUCK! Sid | He still helps the herd through the perils of the underground Dino World. Seasonal Chronology Miscreants (by Diego) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He seems to enjoy his rivalry with Rudy, the dinosaur who took his eye, and in return Buck took his tooth as a weapon, which he wields with amazing skills. "-Buck Buck is a weasel and he is generally crazy. Nod | When at the beginning of the film they were blissfully fast asleep when Manny woke them up rudely to ask where Peaches went, they fumbly said that they "didn't" see Peaches sneak off, where later they try to kept an eye out for her but do not make a good job. Season Two is the second season of 9-1-1. In Halo 5: Guardians, Buck is one of 8 playable characters in the campaign. Buck's voice can be purchased in The Armory for 15,000 credits to use in Halo: Reach's Firefight mode. Shangri Llama | They were terrified when they found out that the land bridge wasn't there anymore and were taken hostage.. During the fight against the pirates, they were briefly seen clinging to Dobson's back, and again when the Sub-Zero Heroes were cornered. https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/01/911-renewed-for-2nd-season.html, Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 23rd September 2018 - SpoilerTV, TV Ratings Monday: ‘Magnum P.I.’ premieres low, ‘Manifest’ debuts high - tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com, 'Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Monday 1st October 2018' - SpoilerTV, "Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Monday 8th October 2018" - SpoilerTV, "Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Monday 15th October 2018" - SpoilerTV, "‘Happy Together’ adjusts up, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ adjusts down: Monday final ratings" - TV By The Numbers, "Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Monday 29th October 2018" - SpoilerTV, "'Manifest,' 'The Good Doctor,' and 'Dancing with the Stars' adjust down: Monday final ratings" - TV by the Numbers, "'Dancing with the Stars' and 'The Good Doctor' adjust down: Monday final ratings" - TV by the Numbers, "TV Ratings Monday: ‘9-1-1’ and ‘The Voice’ climb back up, ‘Manifest’ stays steady" - TV By The Numbers, "'American Idol' adjusts up: Monday final ratings" - TV by the Numbers, "'The Voice,' 'American Idol,' 'The Neighborhood,' all others hold: Monday final ratings" - TV by the Numbers, https://twitter.com/911newsupdates/status/1050068378985979904?s=21, https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2391062/how-9-1-1-is-handling-connie-brittons-exit-after-season-1, https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/05/9-1-1-season-2-jennifer-love-hewitt.html, https://twitter.com/911newsupdates/status/1004499805270302722?s=21, https://twitter.com/911NewsUpdates/status/1007375261514395648, https://twitter.com/911newsupdates/status/1114608357946445824, https://twitter.com/911NewsUpdates/status/1003850501241225216, https://9-1-1.fandom.com/wiki/Season_Two_(9-1-1)?oldid=7696. Buck even chose Crash and Eddie to go into his mind to help them understand space rocks. After saving a 911 caller known as Jesse, he proceeds to have sex with her on … They strive to be like him, even wanting Rudy to give them an eye-patch like Buck's. Rafael | Following which, he would participate at the Battle of the Great Bear. Buck as he appears in the Desperate Measures Vidoc.

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