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Vegetables, fruits and nuts, dairy products, cattle, nursery stock, grapes. Moreover, the economy and tax base—both local and statewide—would be negatively affected by significant damage to certain key coastal infrastructure and other assets, such as ports, airports, railway lines, beaches and parks used for recreation, as well as high‑technology companies located along the San Francisco Bay. At the other end of the spectrum, flooding (as shown by the photograph of men boating down a flooded San Jose street in 1911) was a problem.

2018 Legislation Enacted Framework for New Water Conservation Requirements. In 2016, DTSC estimated average per‑parcel cleanup costs of $50,000.

The United States is one of the largest and most technologically developed countries in the world. This would provide the Legislature with additional information on the status of the department’s ongoing efforts to maintain their facilities. The proposals included in these consolidated BCPs are primarily for funding from various bonds, although certain General Fund and special fund proposals are also included. Proposes $7.8 Million General Fund in 2019‑20 to Begin Implementing Legislation.

Beginning in the 19th century, railroads transported people, agriculture, lumber, and gold in and out of California. Exide subsequently made this deposit in 2014 to satisfy its initial residential cleanup obligations. Finally, there is no sunset date on the AB 617 requirement that CARB provide technical assistance grants to communities. Subsequently, after we requested information, CARB submitted a description of the type of AB 617 activities it will be conducting, plus workload information for the three new positions. The Governor’s budget plan proposes $363 million ($41 million from the General Fund) for DTSC in 2019‑20. California Fish & Game Code Section 1602 compliance (Streambed Alteration Agreements). The charges on agricultural entities would be targeted towards nitrate mitigation activities. Compared to updated estimates of current‑year expenditures, proposed 2019‑20 spending for natural resources and environmental protection departments is lower by $2.9 billion (30 percent) and $1.7 billion (27 percent), respectively. The administration states that it wants to use an assessment of existing low‑cost coastal accommodations to help guide the rollout of this program, and that report was not completed before the Governor’s budget was prepared.

SWRCB also administers other temporary programs to improve access to safe and affordable drinking water. So far, most of this funding has gone to encourage compost application and cover cropping. We recommend the Legislature direct the administration to develop a long‑term funding plan for AB 617 implementation in first year communities.

While some of the proposals contained in these 2019‑20 BCPs are similarly technical in nature—such as reversions of minor funding amounts that had been appropriated in previous years for similar projects—the documents also include several proposals to fund new activities and provide significant levels of new funding.

The current‑year budget also included about $1 million for CCC to add seven additional facilities staff—mostly maintenance mechanics. AB 617 Established New Program Focusing on Heavily Polluted Communities. Blueprint Also Established Requirements for Monitoring and Emission Reduction Programs. Major sources of revenue for TSCA include (1) fees on organizations that use, generate, or store hazardous waste; (2) fines and penalties; and (3) moneys received from responsible parties who are required to pay for cleanup at a hazardous waste site. In addition, $30 million was provided beginning in 2018‑19 to fund six dedicated prescribed fire crews at CalFire. Tourism is another great source of income for California. As a result, if a sufficient number of businesses do not want to purchase and hold onto allowances for future years (also known as “banking”), then some of the allowances offered in the near term might not be purchased. For example, the uncertainty in ongoing state funding makes it difficult for air districts to determine how many ongoing staff they can hire for various regulatory and monitoring activities. Recent Multiyear Drought Increased State’s Focus on Water Conservation. Our estimates assume that almost all allowances sell at the minimum auction price—consistent with recent market trends. The rationale for establishing crews dedicated to year‑round prescribed fire work was that the extended and increasingly severe fire seasons did not leave a long enough “off season” for regular CalFire crews to undertake prescribed fire projects, which are an important forest health activity. The legislation included several reporting and status update requirements, but the Legislature may also want to hold oversight hearings to monitor implementation and solicit input from stakeholders over the coming years. We also note that we have not identified any existing special funds that would be appropriate to support this program and would have sufficient available funds. As such, some coastal communities are beginning to work on updating their LCPs, including by conducting SLR vulnerability assessments, undertaking adaptation planning, and updating their land use policies. We have negotiated and implemented workouts with vendors to convert debt into equity participations in oil fields. These cost uncertainties also make it difficult for the Legislature to know how much in state resources will need to be devoted on an ongoing basis to effectively implement these programs. We work with clients to help them avoid workplace problems, but where controversy is unavoidable we aggressively defend our clients’ interests, whether in single-plaintiff lawsuits or class actions. The Governor’s budget includes $235 million—mostly GGRF—for proposals in several departments to implement the 2018 legislative package to increase wildfire prevention and forest health activities. As we have discussed in previous reports, determining which programs achieve the greatest amount of net GHG reductions is challenging for a variety of reasons. As shown in Figure 12, the Governor’s budget proposes ongoing funding for two of the departments that received GGRF appropriations in prior years—$1.8 million for BCDC and $1.5 million for the Coastal Commission. aIncludes the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, and general obligation bond debt service. The Governor’s budget proposes $276 million—mostly GGRF—to continue the implementation of AB 617, including (1) $260 million for one‑time funding to support local air district activities and incentive programs and (2) $16 million for state administrative activities. $995 million to continue implementing Proposition 68 (2018), including: $170 million for clean drinking water projects. 99 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 102 /H [ 1477 250 ] /L 85427 /E 71265 /N 2 /T 83329 >> endobj xref 99 33 0000000016 00000 n

In a few instances, the budget includes funding to expand existing GGRF programs or provide funding for programs that did not previously receive GGRF. In addition, cleanup activities have been completed at an additional 275 parcels consistent with DTSC’s July 2017 cleanup plan and final environmental impact report for the cleanup of lead‑impacted soil in neighborhoods around the Exide recycling facility. California Superior Courts (Riverside, Superior, Ventura, San Bernardino and Alameda Counties); U.S. District Courts (Southern, Central, Northern, and Eastern Districts); U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth and Tenth Circuits; and. In September 2018, CARB adopted its Community Air Protection Blueprint (the blueprint). For example, it might have to reduce the amount of rebates or change the individuals or vehicles that are eligible for rebates. The sunny climate and varied scenery have encouraged some of the state’s big industries—aircraft, motion pictures, television, and the tourist trade. Selected New 2019‑20 Spending Proposals— Number of Projects and Outcomes. The Legislature subsequently passed Chapter 135 of 2017 (AB 398, E. Garcia), which effectively eliminated legal uncertainty about the future of the program by extending CARB’s authority to continue cap‑and‑trade through 2030. This amount would decrease to 2 percent beginning July 2022. Program Adjustments Will Likely Be Needed Under Proposed Funding Amounts. California's population exploded in the 20th century, and more water began to be diverted to serve people and agriculture. aIncludes state conservancies, Coastal Commission, and other departments. Among other changes, the bills contain the following major provisions: The Governor’s budget includes $235 million (mostly from the GGRF) and 213 positions across five different natural resources and environmental protection departments, as well as the CPUC, to implement the major components of the 2018 wildfire legislative package. The state has a vested interest in ensuring local jurisdictions are prepared to protect coastal resources from rising seas.

These lists are important for the Legislature to have in order to assess whether the specific proposed projects are consistent with its priorities—such as projects that prevent future costs or address fire, life, or safety risks. Payments of $16.7 million from LABCF to the General Fund are budgeted for this purpose in 2018‑19. In some areas, there are both human caused and natural contaminants in the drinking water. Ensure Administration Provides Sufficient Justification Prior to Approving New Budget Proposals for 2019‑20. Some departments have provided estimates of the number of projects that would be funded and estimated outcomes—such as GHG reductions—from those projects. Safe Harbor Provisions Would Affect Enforcement Authority. The Legislature could use budget subcommittee hearings this spring to solicit such information. The majority of the funding and positions proposed—$210 million (GGRF) and 121 positions—is for CalFire, as described in greater detail below.

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