captain k'nuckles

K'nuckles was built by some old man with no friendos in Stormalong Harbour (which is basically like Sand's Grass' Thief's Town) with many items and objects carefully put together and he grew up as a hoodlum of some sorts, being defiant and such towards authority figures, like our boys in blue. Jake •

Series K'nuckles constantly wears a red pirate hat and jacket over light brown striped shirt underneath. Dave D.Fly • Place of Birth

Frankenstrike •

Edd • The whiskers on his face however, are ironically fake, of which he is greatly ashamed, as seen in "Beard Buddies."

It's a Flapjack stage though so anything can happen. Ray Ray Lee • Wilt • Chelsea Keezheekoni, Grizzly Bear •

Captain K'nuckles

Shake & Flick •

Though K'nuckles is shown to neglect Flapjack and their friendship on multiple occasions, he also shows some compassion toward Flapjack and is clearly fond of him as a friend. Numbuh Infinity •

Snare-oh • K'nuckles starts spinning forward like his down air, but slower.


Captain K'nuckles is not very active and prefers to spend his time in Bubbie's mouth or eating candy at the Candy Barrel (despite him and Flapjack not having enough money or any money at all, and will risk a lot to get 'free eats').

During the ending of the final episode, Thurop Van Orman portrays live-action K'nuckles. Jasmine Lee •

Miss Spell • He usually likes to tell stories of his many adventures to Flapjack, and, because of this, the young boy fails to see K'nuckles as the inactive good-for-nothing that he is. This is when he meets his future best friend and home, Flaps and Bubs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Tamika •

Relatives In the episode "Gone Wishin'," it has shown K'nuckles returning to his original stubble-less human form after making a wish from a mermaid's heart. Ms. Sara Bellum • 194 lbs. His neutral signature causes dizzy state and gives him time to attack. Astrodactyl •

Captain K'nuckles (pronounced as "captain kuh-knuckles") is a lazy and self-serving adventurer from Stormalong who seeks Candied Island with Flapjack, his cabin boy and the deuteragonist of the show. Alignment

White Diamond, Clarence Wendle •

Cooper Daniels • Jimmy •

Tails • Enemies

Max Tennyson •

Deals 12% and creates 3 power cubes. Robbie the Robin •

Four Arms •


Wildvine, Craig Williams •

Margaret Smith • Deals 17%~25% uncharged~charged.

Goals He also has black circles around his eyes. Doc Saturday • Mr. Gar, Robin • Al] • Nergal Jr. •

Ultimate Big Chill •

Buttercup • Breehn •

Terra • Kitty • Lapis Lazuli •

Up: K'nuckles uppercuts two times with his left arm, each dealing 9%, creating 2 power cubes. Simon Petrikov (Ice King) • Raven • K'nuckles is well aware that Flapjack looks up to him as a friend and hero and isn't afraid to take advantage of Flapjack.

Jessica Cruz, Mao Mao •

Big Chil • PirateAdventurer Sex Pretty much the average page but with a much bigger faggot. 3,224 likes. Panini, Zak Saturday •

Hair Color Eddie • Dexter's Dad •

He carries grease around and once lent it to Flapjack so he can oil him up so he can open a jar with two pieces of candy in it. Alien X • K'nuckles

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Darwin Watterson •

Captain K'nuckles was adopted by KindsKina77. Likes

Garnet • When his irises are seen, it is shown that he has brown eyes.

Jesse Cosay • Starmakers •, Otto Osworth • Penny Fitzgerald •

Winnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard, Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures allies, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's Adventures allies, Sonic, Red, Kion and Steven Universe's Adventures allies, Harry, Ron and Hermione's Adventures allies, George, Harold and Mr. Krupp's adventures allies, The Disney Junior Gang's Adventures Allies, Charlie Brown and Snoopy's Adventures allies, The Rescue Bot Recruits' Adventures allies, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates adventures allies, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Adventures Allies, The Cyberverse Adventure Crew's Adventures Allies, Marlin, Dory and Nemo's Adventures Allies, Fly, Chuck, and Stella's Adventures Allies, Characters that appear in Punch Time Explosion, https://poohadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_K%27nuckles?oldid=2188041.

Flapjack's biological parents are never seen or mentioned, and no explanation is given for their absence. Principal Pixiefrog • K'nuckles lost one of his hands to a food processor at a young age, he once carved himself a new hand out of wood. Freezelizard • Jaga, George and Junior • Tetrax Shard •
Rolf • 63 Yoink • 3DS - Punch Time Explosion - Captain Knuckles, 3DS - Punch Time Explosion - Billy & Mandy, The Marvelous Misadventure of Flapjack universe, The Marvelous Misadventure of FlapJack universe, https://punchtimeexplosion.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_K%27nuckles?oldid=5760. Ingrid Giraffe • Deals 11% and creates 2 power cubes. The whiskers on his face however, are ironically fake, of which he is greatly ashamed, as seen in "Beard Buddies." Cyborg •

Wilykat And Wilykit • LTDFCD • Captain K'nuckles is a suspicious figure who claims himself as a great adventurer and is accompanied by Flapjack on his many bizarre quests, mostly involving getting to candied island. Also in Wishing Not So Well, he creates a to-do list using pictures as well.

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