carcinogenicity of rous sarcoma virus

Determining influence of a new helper virus on the host range and susceptibility to interference of RSV, Analysis of defectiveness of Rous sarcoma virus. 118–121 In 1978, v-Src (the protein product of the v-src gene) 122,123 was shown to be a protein tyrosine kinase. Historically, several strains of rodents have been used in, the chronic bioassay; however, each strain has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the DNA provirus hypothesis became widely accepted with the demonstration by Temin and Mizutani (85) of a virion enzyme they called “endogenous RNA-dependent DNA synthesis” and the independent discovery by Baltimore (86) of the same enzyme he called “viral RNA-dependent DNA polymerase,” which later became “reverse transcriptase.” Those findings overcame the objection of a one-way transmission of information from DNA to RNA and clinched in the minds of all but a few contrarians the DNA provirus hypothesis (81). carcinomas and astrocytomas) express both PDGF and its receptor.

The early history of tumor virology: Rous, RIF, and RAV. gene silencing may occur through nonmutational mechanisms. Vogt found that NP particles were noninfectious on commonly used C/B cells that are susceptible to viruses like RAV-1 and its pseudotype RSV(RAV-1) (56). An important difference from the method of Groupé and Manaker was to use an agar overlay to prevent secondary infection of cells at a distance by RSV released from the originally infected cells. Pieces of tumors were ground with sand in Ringer's solution and centrifuged twice at low speed. The multipass TM viral receptor MCAT-1 was also isolated as a VLP and assayed for function in cells expressing either the full-length MLV envelope protein (MLV env) or MLV env with a C-terminal deletion that has been reported to increase fusogenicity. cancer, Rous prepared an extract—he minced a sample of the tumor tissue Another ALV was found in stocks of RSV and called Rous-associated virus (RAV). The idea was to modify Dulbecco's plaque assay in cell culture for cytocidal viruses to allow transformed focus formation by RSV.

An extensive number of protein kinases are serine or threonine kinases, some of which, can be activated in tumor cells and lead to transformation. A virus was isolated from a late transplant generation that produced tumors of the same histological features as the primary tumor, although they tended to resemble chicken tumor #1 after serial viral injections. Mutations, several human cancers, including a high percentage of melanomas. (iii) Given that retroviral genomes integrate into cellular DNA, why do highly viremic roosters fail to congenitally transmit RIF (i.e., ALV), whereas all viremic hens do so (38)? The inoculation of relatively small numbers of intact NP cells into chickens induced visible tumors within 5 d, which continued to grow for approximately 12 d, when they started to regress (46). Both, benign and malignant neoplasms can be induced by chemical and physical agents (carcinogens), certain viruses can also act as, carcinogen by interacting with DNA. He published approximately as many subsidiary articles on chicken sarcomas in the same time span, indicating the breadth and productivity of his investigations. Intact cells from the NP foci produced foci when seeded with an excess of normal chick fibroblasts. In the 1960s a gene called src was identified as producing the protein that leads to tumors. Molecular biological studies have shown that oncogenicity is largely caused by proteins they produce that are encoded by viral oncogenes, a concept introduced by R. J. Huebner and G. Todaro of the US National Institutes of Health in 1969 and corrected, refined, and greatly expanded since the mid-1970s by J. M. Bishop, H. Varmus (Nobel Prize, 1989), and R. A. Weinberg of Boston. As with the, mechanisms such as gene silencing by DNA methylation may occur during tumorigenesis (, Numerous experimental systems are available to assess the potential carcinogenicity of chemicals. The classes of aberrations recorded include breaks, analysis of chromosomal alterations is performed in mice where the test chemical is administered to male mice shortly. The envelope of the infectious RSV(0) was subsequently shown to be provided by endogenous (genetically transmitted) RAV(0) or related defective endogenous viruses (57–59). through a relevant mechanism of carcinogenicity. While a wide array of assays are available to assess, ).

Whereas RSV tumors require sustained oncogene expression, their growth is largely a balance between viral recruitment of tissues and host immune destruction of infected … An accumulation of nonrandom chromosomal aberrations and, karyotypic instability are hallmarks of progression. Animals are exposed to chemical agents and the frequency of micronucleated cells is determined at some, specified time after treatment. Clonal sarcomas were induced rapidly, and, furthermore, v-src potentiated metastatic progression in approximately 0.1%-1% of tumor clones with unexpectedly short latency.

The natural history of solid human cancers spans several decades and involves progressive stages of preneoplastic and neoplastic development (101). It produces foci on cell cultures derived from the normal chicken embryos of all of the strains of Kimber Farms White Leghorn chickens tested in my laboratory. Each of the helper viruses confers its host range properties on RSV activated by that helper. He recognized that actinomycin D also inhibited the growth of influenza virus that is not integrated into host cell DNA (83). Three types of epidemiological studies of cancer can be used in the assessment of carcinogenicity in humans: cohort studies, case–control studies, and correlation (or ecological) studies. Through the induction of aneuploidy, it is thought that DES increases the incidence of adenocarcinomas of the vagina and cervix in, daughters of women treated with the hormone during pregnancy (, A number of chemical agents that reduce thyroid hormone concentrations (T4 and/or T3) and increase thyroid-stimulating, hormone (TSH) induce neoplasia in the rodent thyroid. In mammalian cell lines, most of the test, 2 chromosomes). The loss of GAP leads to sustained Ras activation of downstream signal transduction proteins. Describing these experiments, Rous suggested that the Carcinogens may be DNA, reactive (genotoxic carcinogens), which is a classification for chemicals that interact with genomic DNA resulting in damage to, or alteration of its structure resulting in a mutation. During the study, food consumption and body weight gain should be monitored, and the animals observed clinically on a, regular basis, especially for palpable swellings, which give an indication of the time of onset of tumors and location. 0000015142 00000 n CAT, catalase; GSHperox, glutathione peroxidase; SOD, superoxide dismutase; VitC-Vitamin C; VitE, Vitamin E. species and the presence of oxidized DNA bases may also modify DNA methylation; hypomethylation of CpG sites may arise due to, hindering the ability of methyltransferases to interact with DNA, and if present in CpCpGpGp sequences, the presence of 8-OHdG, in DNA will inhibit the methylation of adjacent C residues leading to DNA hypomethylation (, Cells within an organism communicate in a variety of ways, including through gap junctions, which are aggregates of connexin, proteins that form a conduit between two adjacent cells (, to participate in the regulation of cell growth and cell death, in part through the ability to exchange small molecules (, between cells through gap junctions.

It seemed that the filterable causative agent required for its action cell derangement or proliferation, such as the needle prick or the presence of dried tissue. In particular, the discovery of the cellular homolog (ie, c-Src) of the viral oncogene (ie, v-Src) was received as a surprising finding, since it implicated that the precursor form of the cancer-causing gene (oncogene) is encoded by the human genome. trailer The cell culture assay for RSV was used to explore the radiosensitivity of the virus and of the cell's capacity to establish and perpetuate infection. In this study CAR-responsive genes Cyp3a11 and Cyp2b10 were induced in the liver of C57BL/6 (wild-type) mice by toxaphene (30–570-fold) (at the carcinogenic dose 320 ppm) and phenobarbital (positive control) (16–420-fold) following 14 days' dietary treatment. -, Methods Enzymol. Two additional tumor types are also associated with exposure to peroxisome-, ). We do not capture any email address. 0000005521 00000 n Agents that function through non-DNA-reactive, mechanisms frequently function at the tumor promotion stage of the carcinogenesis process, and require prolonged and relatively, high exposures in order for tumors to be produced.

following exposure to a variety of tumor-promoting compounds (e.g., phenobarbital, phthalates, dieldrin, Klaunig, 1991; Klaunig and Ruch, 1987, 1990, gene, a gene that was shown to be required for cancer induction. JAMA, 1911, 56:198, Rous P. A sarcoma of the fowl transmissible by an agent separable from the tumor cells. They cause chromosomal damage by indirect action, but the role of this damage in carcinogenesis remains unclear. This is a reversible event, in that if the endogenous or exogenous growth stimulus is removed, the, preneoplastic focal cells may remain in a steady state or increase in apoptotic rate, which will decrease the number of cells within, the promoted clonal population.

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