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However, it remains unknown whether Caroline agreed to be uploaded into the Genetic lifeform component or if she was forced by technicians, though unused audio files make it clear that the choice wasn't hers. (The most prominent message, "the cake is a lie", is repeated several times.). When the team decided to add a large disk to GLaDOS' design, with the four Personality Cores dangling from it, she was still a mere sphere standing above it, which was considered too small. Concept art of a journey around her damaged chamber, based on, Concept art of her damaged chamber, based on, Concept art of her damaged chamber, revealed during the. En las grabaciones, el CEO Cave Johnson también menciona a Caroline varias veces, haciendo referencia a ella en varias ocasiones en la conversación. Ella tiene el pelo largo de color marrón y lleva un vestido blanco. Johnson advirtió que Caroline probablemente tendría que ser forzada a esto, como se predijo que sería lo contrario se niegan por modestia.

GLaDOS finds the experience of feeling empathy distressing and unpleasant, adding, "I'm being serious, I think there's something really wrong with me.". It later becomes apparent that at the end of each testing course, she would send them outside the testing tracks, serving as her minions without even knowing it. Portrait of Aperture CEO Cave Johnson with Caroline at his side.. On several occasions, she seems to malfunction at suspiciously convenient points in mid-sentence, obscuring important information. She insists that Chell would be better off simply allowing GLaDOS to kill her, making a vague allusion to the Combine invasion. A diferencia de los científicos, que parecen estar muriendo por envenenamiento a causa de neurotoxina, la mujer no se está ahogando y parece tener algo que sobresale de su estómago.

GLaDOS' potato is carried off by a bird, but Chell eventually finds her. Only when Chell is nearly at GLaDOS' lair does she show her true colors, declaring, "Turn back or I will kill you. GLaDOS also shares some characteristics with, GLaDOS is also similar in voice to Val from, "PotatOS" is the nickname given by fans and developers to GLaDOS as a potato battery, an obvious play-on-words of "GLaDOS" and "potato.

En este punto, los recuerdos y la personalidad de Caroline comienzan gradualmente a resurgir, descrito por GLaDOS como una especie de conciencia. Curiosamente, cuando se reproduce hacia atrás la frase '¿Hay alguien ahí?' GLaDOS is able to monitor Chell's progress through the test chambers via security cameras.

ATLAS and P-body are then dropped into the depths of the Enrichment Center, where they are sent to an unnamed Test Shaft originally conducted by Aperture in the 1950s-70s era. She at first pretends unconvincingly to be on Chell's side, claiming that her attempts to kill her were merely part of the test, that she is concerned Chell is going the wrong way, and that rewards such as cake will be available if she turns back. GLaDOS and Chell complete several chambers, then escape Wheatley's "surprise" attempt to kill them and make their way into his central chamber. When Chell detaches all of GLaDOS' Cores, the Cores are all sent to a different location, making it harder and harder for Chell to catch them.

", The name PotatOS seems to be the official name for GLaDOS's potato form, as there is a song on the official soundtrack titled "PotatOS Lament. Feminine-like programming GLaDOS comenta 'al acceder a los recuerdos de Caroline sugieren que ella admiraba su pasión, determinación y agresividad, así como su disposición a expresar abiertamente estas cualidades.'. Lee bajo tu propio riesgo. GLaDOS became hostile once more, and within two picoseconds she had locked down the entire facility, trapping all inside and flooding the facility with neurotoxin. Concept art of an early GLaDOS as a sphere, with a single disc and an early Chell. Homeworld

A pesar de esto, sin embargo, GLaDOS en su última instancia decide conceder a Chell su libertad sin hacerle daño - aunque ella afirma que esto es simplemente porque sus intentos de matarla han sido muy problemáticos.

GLaDOS afirma haber eliminado sumariamente lo que queda de Caroline; después, se muestra un marcado cambio en su estado de ánimo, al parecer, volviendo a su estado-conciencia libre de antes. Earth In the cooperative campaign, she is the testing supervisor for ATLAS and P-body. The two make their way through the deteriorating facility in an attempt to escape. A prototype chassis for GLaDOS was constructed in 1989, but was subsequently abandoned. Under the platform, all the wires seen above start. Caroline nunca ha aparecido en persona, pero su voz se puede escuchar a través de grabaciones de audio en algunas cámaras de prueba ubicadas en las partes más antiguas del Centro de Enriquecimiento. You can help by correcting spelling and grammar, removing factual errors, rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and moving some elements when appropriate. Sin embargo, la mayoría de los aficionados dicen que si se escucha con cuidado uno puede oír débilmente una voz gritando "sácame de aquí". Into Portal: Still Alive? Ella es al principio incapaz de recordar de Caroline, finalmente cae en el silencio conmocionada durante un tiempo cuando ella recuerda sus orígenes. GLaDOS after being transferred to a potato battery. En los archivos del juego para Portal, un archivo de sonido llamado dinosaur_fizzle no utilizada parece sonar como un ruido electrónico ilegible. GLaDOS' remains on the parking lot shortly before Chell is dragged away by the, GLaDOS' "head" when she refers to herself during the, The cake, a radio, and the Aperture Science Red Phone on the desk of the lobby of GLaDOS' chamber after the end of.

Under her is another transparent platform, accessed with stairs, then the tiled ground. At the end of both games, GLaDOS sings songs - "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone," respectively - that openly express pleasure or relief at Chell's departure, but hint, in GLaDOS' customary passive-aggressive style, at considerably more complex feelings on the subject. Chell exploits the situation and uses portals to redirect the rockets back at GLaDOS, detaching and incinerating her Personality Cores one by one. GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is an artificial intelligence created by Aperture Science. Since the time of Chell's unexpected escape from Test Chamber 19, GLaDOS has shown signs of intense and complicated emotions toward her, seeming to combine hatred with a kind of twisted affection.

In the ending song, "Want You Gone," GLaDOS sings that while she once wanted to kill Chell, she is now satisfied to simply have her out of the way. As GLaDOS lacks other weapons, she is helpless.

GLaDOS lowering a tube in an attempt to poison Chell with neurotoxin. She explains that she experiences Caroline's persona within her as a kind of conscience; something she claims to find intensely disturbing is the fact that the voice of this conscience was her own voice. The Central AI components are suspended from the ceiling in the center of the chamber, and make up all of the chamber's height: The topmost component is a large, dark disc attached to walls. She alternates between comments attempting to make Chell feel guilty about her destruction, ostensibly well-intentioned advice suggesting that Chell's best option is to give up and allow GLaDOS to kill her, and open verbal abuse - alleging that Chell is "not smart," "wrong about everything [she's] ever done," and "a bitter, unlikeable loner whose passing shall not be mourned". Her backup system activates a room full of Personality Cores and files a letter to Chell, telling her that she is "still alive" and "not even angry" at her, but not before extinguishing a candle on the cake, which was not a lie after all. She possesses an extremely dry, bitter, and sarcastic sense of humor; her jokes are usually dark, morbid, or outright cruel. More than once, she tells obvious lies, then explains it away as a "required test protocol." 101 talking about this. En la canción de cierre del juego, "Want You Gone", expresa sentimientos encontrados acerca de la partida de Chell y en un momento canta la línea, "Ahora Caroline tambien está aquí", aumentando la posibilidad de que pudo haber mentido acerca de la eliminación Caroline. La voz de Caroline se puede escuchar brevemente en los mensajes pre-grabados durante el juego.

Floor Plans Amenities Virtual Tour Neighborhood Resident Portal Gallery Events Our Blog Apply Now Contact. She prepares four testing tracks in the game's cooperative campaign, unveiling them linearly for her android Test Subjects, ATLAS and P-body. It is only when grabbed by Chell and destroyed in the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator that their effect on GLaDOS stops, implying wireless contact. Tras la activación, la I.A. Voiced by

Wheatley rolling into the neurotoxin ventilation tubes. While Cave Johnson ultimately died before his consciousness could be uploaded, he left instructions that his assistant Caroline should be fitted as the Genetic Lifeform component so that she would be able to run Aperture in perpetuity after his death. She seems to enjoy making manipulative comments that frighten the subject or undermine their self-esteem, but does not usually express open malice. Gender The two would then proceed into a control room with a projector. The mainframe that controls the Enrichment Center is hardwired with a compulsion to constantly run experiments, described by Wheatley as "the itch." She claims to be happy on Chell's behalf as well; however, she also implies ominously that Chell would have been better off remaining in Aperture, singing, "When I look out there / It makes me GLaD I'm not you". GLaDOS shortly after awakening in her ruined chamber. Aperture ScienceIndependent Prior to May 200-, GLaDOS was activated several times by Aperture technicians, each time being quickly turned off after trying to kill them within "one-tenth of a picosecond" after activation. However, Wheatley has thought ahead for once, and their attempts trigger a booby trap. Near the end of Portal 2, shortly before claiming to delete Caroline, she tells Chell, "I thought you were my greatest enemy, but all along you were my best friend.". Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada.

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