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Gore-Hepburn is exactly the sort of charismatic character you can see pulling this off. He's a tin-pot tyrant, with little or no understanding of people. 7.4. Watching his perfectionism as he hangs up his coat is fascinating. He's the Scrooge-like manager of a bank, visited upon by an insurance inspector (André Morell) only to find out he's been duped into assisting in a robbery. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. prowlerneedsajump.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/cash-on-demand-1961/, Het onvolprezen Indicator label heeft middels een vijftal zeer fraaie box sets een aantal minder bekende Hammer-films ontsloten, die mij hebben doen inzien dat veel van Hammers beste films juist buiten het vertrouwde gothic horror-genre zijn gemaakt. Also some New Years…. After all, he's clearly the sort who values dignity, and the central action strips it of him in small, vicious ways…. More details at I first saw this film in the late sixties and never forgot this compelling tale of sheer suspense.It is rare indeed for a film with just two principal characters to sustain a film with sheer psychological terror. Een bankier die zeer streng is voor zijn personeel komt tot inkeer wanneer hij gedwongen wordt mee te werken aan een bankroof. Hammer Films traditionally made their horror films palatable by setting them in period and in Europe somewhere; the colour making the blood more vivid but the films incongruously pretty. Regardless: Peter Cushing plays the world’s most uptight and British bank manager, a cold and terrible petty tyrant of the stiff-upper lip variety. As they talk Fordyce receives a phone call from his wife saying she's being held hostage by men threatening to kill her . In a short span of time Fordyce shows a touch more humanity by revealing what it is in the world that he cares most about. Cushing and Morell do outstanding work in their roles. NR. All slowly pile onto Mr. Fordyce (unfortunately indecipherable from "Mr. Four-Eyes") until his desperate final revelation wraps everything up nicely in well under ninety minutes. It's all Tight and Closed In with the Camera Never Leaving the Confines of a Bank (unless you count the sidewalk out front) . De film is eigenlijk een variatie op het bekende kerstverhaal van Charles Dickens. A Columbia Release. Cushing of course excels as a miserly SOB who plays by the rules no matter the human cost, and Morell is every bit his equal as a magnanimous scoundrel capable of quick pivots into grim cruelty. As a result, Cushing unravels layer by layer under the psychological strain, saved only by Morrell's only decent turn in the film. Peter Cushing. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. No, it's not an action-filled bank heist -- only one gun ever appears and it isn't even loaded -- but Cash on Demand is a severely overlooked drama and an unconventional triumph from Hammer. This review may contain spoilers. AKA: The Gold Inside, Banka soygunculari. Cash On Demand is a neat little thriller set entirely inside a very small bank with a very small cast. I'll make only one.". Fordyce initially tries to resist, but is soon beaten down – both physically and psychologically – and follows his visitor’s demands meekly thereafter. This was one of the films I was looking forward to most in this project, and perhaps for the precise reason that Hammer often brought something slightly different to the table with…, It’s very stagey but the cast turn this into a advantage, especially Cushing and Morell who take the chemistry of their Holmes and Watson and nicely play off it - Cushing starts of humourless and taut and ends up an emotional wreck; Morell is charming and callous. On Demand View all On Demand ... Cash on Demand Quentin Lawrence (1961) 80min. Set your filters according to your mood and let our engine suggest you movies. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. But the concept at its core hasn’t dated at all, and it’s a solid small-scale thriller, depicting the dismantling of a man who believes his life to be one of perfect order. I may be being too kind to this movie but I absolutely dug it and the ending took me to a sweet place.

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