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Versions of this story also appeared on the BBC, Favorite Story, Weird Circle, NBC Short Story, Theater Guild on the Air, the U.S. Steel Hour, and more recently by an independent producer called Monterey Soundworks. James, as part of the collection "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary", available at Project Gutenberg. Marshall, Tammy Grimes, Paul Hecht, Robert Dryden, and Earl Hammond. "The Ring Of Truth". Versions of this story also appeared on CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Escape, NBC Presents: Short Story, and The Weird Circle. See also "The Thing in the Hall" (Theatre 10:30), A young man inherits the home and fortune of his eccentric uncle, with the bizarre stipulation that he inspect his uncle's mausoleum daily to insure no one was tampering with the locks. A heavy-handed negotiator is assigned to include the remote and peaceful world of Manitu in the galactic hegemony, but his assistant entertains her doubts when a furtive native of the planet tries to warn them away.

An archaeologist and his daughter suspect a link between the statues on Easter Island and a 'malformed' Tennessee hillbilly who happens to resemble them. Haunted by the memory of a dead lover, a discredited reporter travels to a nest of UFO nuts waiting for aliens to land in order to write a story that will remake her career—or are they nuts? Stars Kim Hunter. Desperately looking to locate his missing fiancée, a man follows his best friend's advice to seek help from a palm-reading fortuneteller. Sponsored by: Kellogg's, Budweiser.

and download episodes even faster! See also "Arctic Rescue" (Suspense). Washington is infuriated by the fear that prevents them from bringing the 'apparition' down, and sets out to prove that the headless Hessian is no ghost.

Versions were produced for CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Fear on 4, Hall of Fantasy, and Haunted.. A warring couple on a mining colony planet indulge in a deadly feud over the husband's invention of a new superweapon, a crab-like all-terrain attack 'tank'. An abusive father discovers that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in this cautionary tale. In the story you... + Program #2. The brainchild of Himan Brown (who guided Inner Sanctum), CBS in allowed Mr. Brown to relive the days of thrilling radio for an hour a full seven nights a week! Prisoner of the Machines | Resident Killer | The Captain of the Pole-Star. Out-of-work Charlie Daring, accepts the hospitality of his Uncle Jonas and moves his family to Jonas' farm, pledging to earn his keep despite suffering a severe nervous condition. Time: The Reign of Terror. Edgar Allan Poe's story of a man's descent into madness over a family curse. Other versions were produced for Escape and the BBC. In this tale, Satan attempts to divert the latest Lamed Wufnik from the path of righteousness and, in doing so, destroy the world. In the year 2029, an alien spacecraft descends to the White House lawn. --- Malone, "The Merry Men, and Other Tales and Fables", "The Viceroy's Protegé; Or, A Prince of Swindlers", "A Desperate Character and Other Stories".

Two American pilots on an Arctic patrol sight a downed Soviet plane; suddenly their own aircraft mysteriously loses power and they too are forced down onto the ice.
A woman plagued by headaches seeks solace from a hypnotist, but her regression to previous lives reveals a deep-seated guilt over incarnations in which she might have changed history for the better, but failed to. On a misty morning in early July, high atop the palisade above the Hudson river, movie director Max Perrodien stages a duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr with authentic costumes and fake pistols. Stars Fred Gwynne. When out riding, one of the girls sees a red brick house at the bottom of the hill.

A man and wife seeking peace and quiet in the Scottish hills instead run afoul of a medieval vengeance enacted by two statues of 12th century knights. With Robert Dryden (), Fred Gwynne (Jawn Malone), Jack Grimes (Daniel Tobin), Marian Seldes (Katie Mahorner), and Gilbert Mack (). "Lost Dog". The residents of 19th century New England are haunted by repeated encounters on the road with an uncanny horse-drawn carriage and rider who are perpetually pursued by black storms and who seem to be eternally lost, incapable of finding their way home.

A couple follow a crashed meteor and find a baby. The phrase refers to opponents who are an equal match in wit, cunning, or strong-mindedness.

At 42 George Wesley ... + Program #25. A programmer builds an A.I. A physicist attending a conference in Munich looks up the author of a brilliant research paper and instead uncovers a nest of neo-Nazis seeking to develop the ultimate weapon. An alien lands in a remote Midwestern farming community, claiming to be of no threat, but shows an unsettling interest in the area's nuclear weapons silos. Copyright 2007-2020 Old Time Radio Downloads; Reproduction of text strictly prohibited. The ninth volume is missing, but should record the future. The other side sabotages the project, and the resulting ecological catastrophe threatens to make an end of the world as effectively as any war. An aspiring mathematician, looking for a solitary retreat to study for the tripos, rents a house reportedly haunted by the specter of its former occupant, the infamous 'Hanging Judge'.
Instead they find themselves tumbling in orbit about the Moon, a thousand years in the future. Returning home late one evening he passes the Place de Grève—the square where public executions are performed—and spies a disconsolate young woman weeping on the steps of the guillotine. Sponsored by: Budweiser, Kellogg's. Unexpectedly, he is found to have been shot with a real pistol engraved with the name Aaron Burr. I first heard it about 40 years ago when I was a teenager back in the 70s. 61. "The Resident".

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