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Clarence giving Amy the lizard tail at the episode's end. But she ducks, they both fight outside and the neighbors come outside and see Mary and Sue fight. Jeff’s moms EJ and Sue (Lea and Tig, respectively) have appeared in a handful of episodes over the show’s two seasons on Cartoon Network, including last week’s “Jeff’s Secret,” where it’s revealed their son has six toes on one foot, something he desperately doesn’t want his classmates to know. Family
Sue explains the rules to her. In " Field Trippin'", after a whole school thinks that Clarence is a new student, he finds the real kid he was posing as, and discovers that each time he moves, he has to make new friends constantly, afterwards giving up. First, Clarence and Bella talking with each other is just adorable! Although, he is rightfully punished. They spend, along with Clarence, the entire episode trying to help boost Jeff's confidence. Breehn, for his part, was very forgiving and understanding, making for a wonderfully nice way to end the surprisingly action-filled episode. Sue Randell is a lesbian character from Clarence.

Portrayed by Mary thinks on going to her house. Jeff forgiving Clarence for taking his fries, and subsequently losing them down the slide they're at the top of (which Jeff was about to kick Clarence into). As soon as Ms. Baker sees this, she goes over to comfort Sumo, reassuring him that he's not going to summer school, and that he should be proud of putting in the time and work to make his own rocket instead of taking the easy way out.

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Mary thanks her. Her full name is revealed as Eleanor Josephine in "Cloris".

This is the first episode with Mary and Sue's names in the title.

Mary said that she doesn't want to see Sue anymore. At the end of "Ren Faire" just as it seems Joshua is about to be enlisted in a somewhat demonic cult, it turns out that they were all actually throwing him a surprise party. EJ and Sue, who were introduced a month and a half ago in “Jeff Wins”, the most recent episode of Clarence, are Jeff’s mothers. Character Information She tells her to leave her alone and leave. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation Sue Randell Template:ClarenceNav Sumo's mom stops the fight and gets them to calm down. Later, Mary and Bella's mom set up a play-date, and although their meeting is a bit awkward at first, Clarence pretends to speaking on a phone, immediately getting Bella out of her anxiety. Read 'em if it's worth it. One of the show’s three main characters, the lovable block-headed germaphobe Jeff, just happens to have two mothers. Clarence Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. https://lgbtqia-characters.fandom.com/wiki/Sue_Randell?oldid=10818.

Although the actual comic strip is questionably too simple, the entire school loves it (even Belson! In " Freedom Cactus" as opposed to punishing Clarence, Ms. Baker convinces him to write a comic to let his creativity flow.

In "Escape from Beyond the Cosmic", Clarence recreating Jeff's favorite video game to make up for breaking it at the Laundromat. Also from this episode is when Clarence sneaks into his mom's bedroom to give her and Chad subliminal messages while they sleep: he tells his mom that she's going to have a great day and shouldn't worry about her moocher friend Sandy, and that she should make chicken salad for Clarence. During dinner, they have meatloaf. Lesbian Tomboy and Girly Girl: EJ's the Tomboy who dresses in traditionally masculine attire to Sue's Girly Girl. Mary is ether jealous or mad at Sue of what she does. Mary drives to Jeff's house to pick up Clarence.

Sue finds out that she hates her now. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

And even though he goes back to the Laundromat to finish the actual game, he feels empty, and decides to finish Clarence's version instead.

Sexual Identity Near the end of "Breehn-Ho! Sumo's speech about how he achieved his goal of building the boat (even though it ended up collapsing and sinking) at the end of "Dream Boat". She starts having an idea. Chad pushing Clarence out of the way when the floor collapses and Clarence telling him 'You are my hero'. Then, once he goes feral and leaves him, with Sumo also being injured, Clarence, Jeff and Sumos's mom take care of him. Mary sighs. At the end of "Space Race," Sumo becomes upset when Belson's team wins the rocket launching contest with what is clearly a store-bought rocket. Clarence promises he won't, and when Mary wakes him up, he tells her about him, showing he kept his promise. Because Mary wasn't there to drive by to Jeff's.

Mary tells her another and puts her feet on the table.Sue warns her not to put her feet on it. Later, when Clarence is speaking through the intercom, the baby smiles. ", Jeff apologizes to Breehn for the way he was treating him earlier. Mary wakes up and sees Sue right next to her.

EJ and Sue (Jeff's mothers) Jim Reese (Vice principal of the school) Gilben; Mavis; Episodes Season 1. In the Sneaky Peeky, it's revealed that she was in a film making class when she was in college. Belson's friends dreamily talking about what they like about girls. Also, as awkward as it is, the teenage girl driving Sumo home was also pretty cute. When they walk out, Sue tells her she should've used a credit card. Where to begin with "Mystery Girl". Chad, EJ and Mel don't appear in this episode.

Clarence kinda bonding with Belson over his creation of Bodhi.

Clarence especially is behind Sumo every step of the way, and is there to lighten the mood when it looks like Sumo is about to lose it. He really is a nice dude. The show first aired in 2014 and admittedly eased their viewers into the diverse relationship between these two ladies.

"Alright, guys, take it easy, you're gonna break my head.

But for more specific examples we get moments like: Clarence and Amy bonding over their parental issues (Clarence's biological dad not being around, Amy's parents getting a divorce). Strangely touching. "Chad And The Marathon". Second, after Clarence gets bored after a while, he feels bad when he realizes it's her birthday, he leaves many messages wishing her a happy birthday. They both take a walk and both agree to just be friends and stay apart for today. Mary gets furious and grabs a lamp and swings in at Sue. Sue found out that she forgot to lock the door last night. Sumo and Jeff reconciling in " The Break-Up".

EJ Randell (wife) Sue is flabbergasted of every story she told. This is the first episode with Mary and Sue's names in the title. Fun Dungeon Face Off (April 14, 2014) Pretty Great Day with a Girl (April 14, 2014) Money Broom Wizard (April 21, 2014) Lost in the Supermarket (April 21, 2014) Clarence's Millions (April 28, 2014) Mary tells her everything for over an hour. Because she blabbed on about things she does and Sue tries to correct her during all two weeks. This reveals how Sue met EJ and why she doesn't have a husband. He even got her a present, which was his old toy of their favorite cartoon. Sue wakes her up by turning off the alarm's snooze button. Clarence and Sumo return from Sumo's house and they run to Clarence's room.

Sue Minor Characters Edit. Sue kind of finds Mary's life a bit modern. It is revealed in "Chimney", that EJ along with Sue doesn't let Jeff have a dog. She frantically cleans the spot. Mary and Sue is a fictional episode of Clarence. Sue is a tall, skinny woman with short red hair. Watching her get younger as he flips back the pages make him realize that she was once a kid like him. Even though he ends up being a little forceful, Clarence still found a way to make him get over his shyness and make friends. He was mad at her for taking him to karate class, which he found boring while she starts getting into it. Sue agrees on staying.

Pronouns But Mary was in bed for over twelve hours. Though her job sometimes causes her stress, there are some scenes showing Ms. Baker genuinely enjoys shaping young minds. He then looks at her, shakes his head, and talks to the waiter... to then have another man walking straight up to him. The whole of "Pretty Great Day With a Girl" qualifies as one. Also, in EJ and Sue Randal's flashback, we see a, The fact that, like "Neighborhood Grill", they show a same-sex couple that's well-adjusted, are semi-recurring characters (they're Jeff's parents), and not the subject of some, The end of Chimney and Joshua and the dog say they love each other — before. Sue agrees while she walks home. Clarence runs outside the door to the car. The next day, Sue comes by her house to see Mary.

In "Bird Boy Man", Sumo takes time to take care of baby roadrunners. She wears a white dress, pink flats and a large green medallion around her neck. Sue is disappointed on Mary for cutting hair incorrectly.

Clarence and his sheer interest for Chad's old band, Dogmon. Sue and Mary have a good time during dinner. Sue Randell is a lesbian character from Clarence. Sue says goodbye to Mary for having to know her. A soothing melody sung by a child, whose lyrics talk about common things from childhood and how she is always feeling fine, and accompanied by images of the night sky at Clarence's neighborhood, creating a very nostalgic and heartwarming atmosphere. This features three of the moms of the show to be featured in this episode. His unbridled enthusiasm is what motivates them to perform in the end, even when he's the only fan and moshing to nothing in a bowling alley. Via: Twitter.

Those Two Girls: In most of their appearances, they're seen together. Fans who tuned in to the animated show titled Clarence were greeted with a character that had two moms. Sue wonders what she does and what her life is. In "Plane Excited" Clarence cheering up a crying baby with a puppet made out of the plastic bag. Jeff rushing Clarence to the sink to wash the fiberglass out of his hand. Clarence's entire character in "Capture The Flag" is pretty adorable, with him freeing everyone from their Jail, and then he gives juice and water balloon freedom to everyone after he stops Sumo. Clarence hears his mom's car horn honking. Mary and Sue apologize to each other.

This is the first time Mary sleeps with her casual clothes on.

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