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Release Date: July 9, 2020 (8 Episodes) Well, it’s about GODDAMN TIME! You see plenty of hairy butt cheeks and middle finger waving, a trippy marijuana sequence, and the silhouette of a clown stripper’s lower half as he turns his balloon animal-like member from a dog into a giraffe. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 'Close Enough' Review . Close Enough does it more blatantly with booze and good old fashioned hallucinogenic drugs. Close Enough is an adult version of Regular Show through and through.

Final Space apparently under performed for the network (even though the third season is set to debut in 2021) and the sexual misconduct controversy surrounding Louis C.K. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. These cookies do not store any personal information. The show gets away with just about everything except full frontal nudity and the F-word.

Adult content aside, Close Enough is able to hide a few Regular Show Easter eggs including an Eggscellent hat, Josh developing a video game called Clap Like This; a video game featured in Regular Show, and a backwards “Satanic” message that encourages the audience to buy Regular Show DVDs.
Regular Show ended in January of 2017 and Close Enough was announced to debut on TBS the same year. Regular Show fans will miss that dynamic J.G.

So, believe me when I say how exhausting the three-year wait for this show was. Close Enough should be enjoyed for what it is; an escape from our responsibilities as adults in the modern day. Quintel, Close Enough finally has arrived. Now that it has found a home on HBO Max, we can only hope that future episodes — if this lives to see a second season — won’t have to abide by a cable channel format. Close Enough is a perfectly outlandish and gloriously hysterical exploration of 30s-something adulthood. The voice cast also includes former Saturday Night Live cast members Cheri Oteri, Horatio Sanz, and Rachel Dratch and several actresses from Orange is the New Black; Kimiko Glenn, Danielle Brooks, Lea DeLaria, Lauren Lapkus. All eight seasons of Regular Show are streaming on both Hulu on HBO Max, but Regular Show: The Movie is currently only on HBO Max.

After being teased nearly three years ago, the long awaited series from Regular Show creator J.G.

While Regular Show was about two best friends coping with the menial routine of working at a park every day, Close Enough is about married couple Josh (Quintel) and Emily (Gabriel Walsh) cooperating as a collective unit to raise and do what’s best for their five year old daughter Candice (Jessica DiCicco, Flame Princess from Adventure Time). "The Canine Guy" is all about Jim Carrey’s film career and Quintel couldn’t resist referencing Sylvester Stallone’s 1987 action arm wrestling epic Over the Top again (see episode 23 in season 2 of Regular Show and the second half of episode 4 of Close Enough called “Cool Moms”). Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We can only hope that Salyers voiced Troy aka Dog Boy himself because the character has the most interaction with Josh in the episode and is fairly memorable in his own right. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

It’s interesting that Quintel addresses what it’s like to be a struggling artist in both shows. Quintel. The animated series also has writing credits for Minty Lewis (voice of Eileen), Ryan Slater (producer), Madeline Queripel (writer), Bill Oakley (writer), and Ryan Pequin (storyboard artist).

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Season 1, Episodes 1-8. The cool thing is that even though Josh and Emily are somewhat irresponsible as adults they do seem to mostly do what’s right for Candice or eventually come around to doing the right thing.

This could definitely catch viewers off guard until they realize it was simply trying to abide by the frustrating TBS format that cuts to commercials way too often. To answer the all important question; is this a true spiritual successor to Regular Show?
Unfortunately, the episode credits for Close Enough don’t break down what characters each voice actor portrayed. Each episode contains a premise but follows wild and random scenarios that don’t make a lick of sense.

The show does contain much more adult content that would’ve failed to pass the Cartoon Network censors if they were done on Regular Show, but at no point did it ever feel excessive, which is something a lot of adult animated sitcoms don’t usually do. Quintel, Gabrielle Walsh, Jason Mantzoukas, Kimiko Glenn. Audience Reviews for Close Enough: Season 1. The possibilities are endless. The show got away with edgier content and the dialogue was more adult oriented with, “crap,” being used at least half a dozen times and phrases such as, “How in the H are we going to fix this S?” being used without hesitation.

Close Enough is hilarious, but when it gets weird, it gets fucking WEIRD, which isn’t new coming from the same people who delivered shit like this: Produced at Cartoon Network Studios, Close Enough consists of two 11-minute segments per episode but does this strange thing where it cuts to black in the middle of a segment.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Just like Regular show, abnormal events ensue over the eight episodes/sixteen segments. The voice of Rigby himself, William Salyers, does have a voice credit for the last episode of Close Enough; "The Canine Guy." That said, J.G.


animated series called The Cops. A lot of factors went into the show not debuting until 2020 (on the newly launched HBO Max, no less).

It’s not exactly fair to compare an eight-episode first season (yes, it’s only eight episodes and yes, it’s way too short) to another show with 247-episodes that aired for eight years/seasons and also had a movie, but the similarities are certainly there. Close Enough is developed by a bunch of Regular Show alum including Calvin Wong (storyboard artist), Sean Szeles (writer), and Matt Price (voice of Quips). Summary .

Runtime: 11-minute segments per 22-minute episodes, Production Companies: Cartoon Network Studios, Studio T, Voice Cast: J. G. Quintel, Gabrielle Walsh, Jason Mantzoukas, Kimiko Glenn, Jessica DiCicco, James Adomian, Danielle Brooks. How long has it been? As fans, our only gripe should be that it should be picked up for a second season and hopefully not take three years to get to our all too eager eyeballs. Mortdecai could never really find his groove as an artist while Josh fumbles around in life as a video game designer. An animation block was planned for TBS in 2017, as well.

Quintel’s strange efforts feel worthwhile. Close Enough can get away with a lot more than Regular Show did because it caters to adults. Granted it’s only the first season of the show and regular show was the very same for the first few seasons (with no real arc until towards the end of the show), but judging the mature take I think having an overarching storyline would’ve made much better sense but instead it just turns to be a different situation each episode never or barely mentioned again. Other supporting voice actors include Max Mittleman (Saitama from One Punch Man), John Early (Dirk from Tuca & Bertie), Seth Morris (Greg Glaser from Big Mouth), Brandon Johnson (Mr. Goldenfold from Rick and Morty), and Marc Evan Jackson (Agent Trout from We Bare Bears: The Movie). Close Enough received an official trailer (which was oddly enough was the pitch trailer than official which TBS just showed to the public as the official trailer) and a Fall 2017/early 2018 release date, then all traces of it disappeared and TBS went radio silent about it. The trailer was released online and many people were hyped for all the right reasons. After being teased nearly three years ago, the long awaited series from Regular Show creator J.G. Close Enough approaches being in your thirties, feeling old, not having time for anything as an adult, and relishing the quieter more boring moments over going to parties or staying out all night. J.G. I highly recommend NOT binge-watching this show.

It’s also pretty easy to tell that a few jokes are slightly dated, considering this was meant to be released in 2017/2018, I’ll look over it but TWO different references to fidget spinners and a parody of the music video for “Turn Down for what” just had me cringing to be honest. Quintel from my first NYCC in 2015 when he was promoting Regular Show: The Movie.

The episodes are so random that if you blink, you’ll miss the context of a joke or a gag that turns into a story element, but much like its predecessor, it’s too damn creative and charming not to appreciate. Close Enough carries a lot of what made Regular Show so fun like movie references and licensed music montages. Close Enough is now streaming on HBO MAX and is absolutely worth unleashing that inner BJ. Lo and behold, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max came into the picture and snatched the series off of TBS’s shelf. With J.G.

Quintel's Close Enough is a fun and energetic adult animated series that works best when it presents adult themes through realized and focused ideas.

Watch a few episodes at a time, but don’t overdo it. Created By: J. G. Quintel. David Hasselhoff and Weird Al Yankovic appear as themselves and Noel Fielding from The Might Boosh appears as a giant mustached talking snail with a magic hat.

Close Enough should be enjoyed for what it is; an escape from our responsibilities as adults in the modern day. Voice actors making the jump from Regular Show to Close Enough include Fred Tatasciore (voice of Muscle Dad/various), Roger Craig Smith (voice of Thomas/various), Andres Salaff (storyboard artist), Steve Agee (voice of Zaxon), Matt Mercer (voice of Chance Sureshot/Recap Robot), Jeff Bennett (voice of Party Pete/voice of Johnny Bravo), and Rich Sommer (voice of Del Hanlon/Harry Crane on Mad Men). This is your chance to win amazing discounts! The highlight of the entire season is the opening segment of the second episode “Logan’s Run’d.” Josh and Emily send Candice off to her first sleepover resulting in their first free night in five years. You’ll find a lot of what made Regular Show great wrapped within the structure of Close Enough. However there are some criticisms I have with the show, the big one being (and this is a personal gripe, not necessarily the shows fault) a lack of a story arc.

Fortunately it’s a minority situation.

Close Enough (REVIEW) Jul 6, 2020.

Enter your email address and spin the wheel. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. ON A CHANNEL CALLED CARTOON FRIGGIN’ NETWORK?! Close Enough HBO Max. Production Companies: Cartoon Network Studios, Studio T. Distributor: HBOMax. Final Space was released (then moved to Adult Swim because nobody really watches TBS), Tarantula was released (and canceled), but there was no word on Close Enough for nearly THREE goddamn years. People who grew up watching Regular Show will find solace in Close Enough, which tackles relatable themes of a domestic lifestyle with a blend of familiarity and adult humor.

Tendo uma abordagem mais adulta do que "Apenas um show", Sem maturidade pra isso …

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As fans, our only gripe should be that it should be picked up for a second season and hopefully not take three years to get to our all too eager eyeballs. Josh and Emily live with divorced couple Alex (Jason Mantzoukas) and Bridgette (Kimiko Glenn) to try and save money. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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