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88 plus burness, brodhead, and alleva ("its not about the truth"). KC, this is worth noting. God knows, they deserve it after the last year or so. I have heard the horrible news from my department chairman that Ohio State is going to bring Gordon Gee back as president.I can only hope he doesn't bring Houston Baker along with him from Vandy. Ignorance can't explain their continued support of Brodhead. And they emphasize the lesson that Duke callously advised its own students to ignore: if you’re unjustly suspected of any crime, immediately call the best lawyer you can afford."

A ll eyes will be on Loyola attacker Collin Finnerty while he?s playing against second-ranked Duke at Diane Geppi-Aikens Field this afternoon at 2 in front of a national television audience. Colin:We are proud to have you. I agree with 2:16 poster:"Where's the "we're sorry, please come back" statement then? "When it's 6-6 [today] and we are hanging in there, I don?t think anyone is going to think about Collin Finnerty not being at Duke and being at Loyola, and when he gets his hands free from 10 yards out and gives us a shot, that's what it's going to be about.". 6:57 Why is a great question. What if one of the 88 violated it.

Newsday. Duke is a vastly different squad since Finnerty?s days, as Coach MIke Pressler was replaced by John Danowski, who held the same position at Hofstra.

But that ain't gonna happen, not with the present BOT. .
(4) Commenters who either misrepresent their identity or who engage in obvious troll behavior will not have their comments cleared. A year after Collin Finnerty and two other Duke lacrosse players were cleared of rape charges in the racially charged, trumped-up case, the Garden City, L… Attorneys for Seligmann, Finnerty and Evans sued Nifong, the city of Durham, N.C., police investigators and others for damages resulting from the bungled investigation, seeking around $30 million and reforms in the legal process. I thought the Finnerty's might consider having Collin go back to Duke once Nifong was confirmed to be out. I hope your future is bright. BTW, does the BOT have a clue at all?Maybe I better make it a buck and a quarter.Finnerty -- Duke's loss, Loyola's gain.Houston Baker -- Duke's gain, Vanderbilt's loss. He has always been the most vulnerable of the three in my eyes. Shy and introspective.________________I agree about Collin. Underwater hockey or pool hockey is more of just a social game (here at least, who knows what the POMs do?). Here are her comments on A Peter Bailey's editorial.http://www.webcommentary.com/asp/ShowArticle.asp?id=gaynorm&date=070711. And that bit about FERPA and the keycard was interesting. I agree with 12:55.

Prestigious, elite university, oh please!!!!!! But the fallout continues from what North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper dubbed a "tragic rush to accuse.". I'm glad he was accepted to a school that will give him lacrosse and an education. document.write(currentYear); Why would ANY white heterosexual male go to Duke?

BTW, a bunch of Yanks were here for the World Cup in April... One from Greensboro, NC!

I'm sure Finnerty will do very well at Loyola just as he did at Duke. RalphMayor Carmen DePasto is running the show.

The poor kid in the movie didn't realize he was part of someone elses agenda. Where's the "We're sorry, please come back" statement then? HILLSDALE, Michigan — Sometimes, lessons we are trying desperately to unravel as to where we are as a country and a culture are right in front of us. They will flourish with your talents on the lacrosse field.Debrah. . "Walking away from his visit, we realized we had not only a talented player, but a talented human being.". I?m just happy he's wearing our jersey.". Their statement today is all PC bull.Best wishes Collin.

This is a mystery. The trio, along with their teammates, had the remainder of their schedule canceled by school officials, who launched an investigation. . I hope things go well for you at Loyola. than Duke. Except he ain't mayor,and he really isn't named Carmen.That's the "grand scheme of things.

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