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Jagger Wagner Productions, In New York, the skeptical rogue detective Corbin Nash (Dean S. Jagger) learns from a veteran cop (Rutger Hauer) and his mentor Jack (Bruce Davison) that his parents were demon hunters killed by demons. He, however, does not have to because Corey Feldman is just as strong in his screen presence and delivery as the movies protagonist Queeny. Corbin Nash He is a poster child for ’80s films, appearing in all of our childhood favorites – Stand By Me, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Gremlins, Dream A Little Dream, License to Drive and Friday the 13th – Final Chapter. Cast & Crew Dean S. Jagger Corbin Nash Corey Feldman Queeny Release date: 20 Apr 2018 Genres: Action, Horror. He even did the voice of the hound in Disney’s Fox and the Hound. A daft performance from Corey Feldman couldn't really save this film which given only 90 minutes felt a lot longer, Good special effects but this movie doesn't make any sense but some how also very entertaining, A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, Rocky LaForge 18,799 films 2,326 59 Edit, Witches in Movies Unicorns in Movies Pegasus in Movies Mummies in Movies Werewolves in…, pink and purple love⋆.∗̥✩⁺will continue to add, *and thanks so much to letterboxd.com/deedeee/ and letterboxd.com/fxckitdude/ or continuing to recommend hoards of…. Release Dates (2018). It is fast-paced, and there is some gore to satisfy that thirst. Corey Feldman's pact with the devil did not quite result in the career revival he'd been promised, but I hope the DP and composer get more work.

Diversity x Design Hosted By Billy Porter Benefitting Diffa, First Look at Corey Feldman in Sunday Night Slaughter, Corey Feldman Is a Cross-Dressing Vampire in Corbin Nash Preview. After his eldest son is murdered in a gangland hit, an absentee father desperately tries to protect what's left of the shattered family he abandoned. And even worse, nothing interesting happens. I loved the look, the score was intense and it has a wicked supporting cast with the obvious standout being Corey Feldman as a drag queen vampire!

It gets a additional 1/2 star for Corey Feldman as a tranny vampire. Filming & Production Watch Corbin Nash.

As he is forced to acknowledge a foreboding destiny, he is attacked and brutally left for dead, only to be recovered by Macy (Fernanda Romero), a pure soul who is led by the mysterious Blind Prophet (Malcolm McDowell). | 15 of 30 people found this review helpful. Corbin Nash 2018. Enter your location to see which film, after decades of paying between £15 and £25 a pop for a disc, often regardless of quality, was monstrously great value. Some cool concepts that are never really explored. But if you go with that expectation, you will be disappointed. Directed by Ben Jagger and co-written by himself and his brother, Dean, who also starred, the film is a modern crime noir flick.

Maybe Corey Feldman over-acting was a little bit entertaining for a few scenes, but….

John Cusack, Felicia Day, Kathy Bates, Alice Krige, and Mel Brooks were all born on this day. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, producer (as Dean S. Jagger) (produced by) (p.g.a. A supernatural thriller set in a cozy Tennessee town where Sheriff Jimmy Muldoon and younger brother, Deputy Lloyd Muldoon, have a firm grasp of law and order until a stranger, Denny White,... See full summary ». Malcolm McDowell Corey Feldman Rutger Hauer Dean S. Jagger Bruce Davison Fernanda Romero Patrick Brennan Elizabeth Greer Courtney Gains Michael Emery Katie Oliver Thomas Q. Jones Lovake Heyer Kimberlee Peterson Holly Lynch Richard Wagner Chris Pardal Rich Paul Chelsea Debo Enrique Tito Contreras, Justin Steele Matthew Berkowitz Ben Jagger Richard Wagner, Jagger/Wagner Productions StarTree Productions Enhance Entertainment, 95 mins   Fun Facts About Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Hollow Man’ As The Film Turns 20 In 2020! It’s an LGBTQ+ world and these are my other LGBTQ+ lists on Letterboxd: ➡️Feature Films: Pride: A Chronological History of…, Legend is said that sometimes the dead will return to haunt the Earth in search of blood to sustain their…, Update: I had been trying to slowly find every movie that had a vampire in it, but that has already…. This film has now shifted my entire concept of 'value'........ 'Before Corbin Nash' (BCN if you will), the idea of paying just £1.99 on iTunes for a HD (sometimes even 4K!) 2018 Directed by Ben Jagger. Instead, they just made it more annoying.

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