courage the cowardly dog perfectionist

Full Name All of these lessons ended with Courage failing the task, much to the Teacher's anger and frustration. It is possible that she is a manifestation of Courage's own doubts and insecurities that have troubled him the entire series. Yup! Let the epiphany flow on your mind and just do anything that you could think of. On Cartoon Network's online episode viewer, she is named "The Perfectionist" in the episode's description.

I think it was a great episode to end the series, although truth be told, wouldn't the previous episode of when courage was a baby and how Muriel saved him from the evil vet have been a better season finale? It is unknown if that is her actual name.


Using his secret knowledge of rocket science and aerospace engineering, this has led him to send many dogs into space against their will, including Courage's parents. While Courage is in the kitchen with Muriel and trying without success to perfectly make some baklava, a mysterious, elderly school teacher named The Perfectionistappears. 'Ah. Courage's task was to draw a "perfect" six. She chastises him for making something creative or something different. Perfect ', 'My dear friend, everyone have imperfections in life but that doesn't mean that their imperfections make them bad at all. He was just enjoying his last minutes swimming freely since he was going to be cooked for the Bagges' dinner.

The Perfectionist is a villain who appears in Perfect and the final antagonist Courage faces in the series. Courage's task was to draw a "perfect" number 6. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In particular, the first was once considered a villain on this wiki, but the page was later was deleted due to it simply reminding Courage that he is not perfect. and one of them looks very much like the wizard of oz! By: Spleriia Emperor Splerii. Other than that, there is no reference to The Perfectionist's younger days, which might lead to why she believed in perfection and why she taught people how to be flawless. Muriel and Eustace take Courage to the same veterinarian to get him checked out. A strange, dog-hating woman of unknown origin named Kitty, wearing a mask and a white robe, appears at the farmhouse. He acts like a kind old man, as seen by giving an infant Courage some candy.

Dislikes However, in reality he is cruel and insane, believing that sending dogs into outer space would make them superdogs. The canine washes his face with pawfuls of water before he took a toothpaste tube, poured some of it on the toothbrush and started brushing his teeth. Yeah it's his mom's fault,She should have raised him better. With his inspiration on his very mind, Courage then left the bathroom. The Perfectionist had Courage enroll in various "perfection lessons", to improve anything about him that was not flawless. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. He then continued on swimming. Despite this, when his owners or friends are in the face of danger, he will stop at nothing to save them, making him easily the bravest and most morally-aligned character throughout the series.Though he is willing to risk his own life to protect Muriel at all costs, his irrationality sometimes causes others to doubt his intuition.

The violin girl used to scare me, she was creepy as hell :S and the windmill vandals, I still cower behind the sofa whenever I see them. oh thank u! Courage the Cowardly Dog

Teaching everyone to be perfect and expects nothing more than perfection.

Realizing this, Courage returned to her. At least you're doing it that didn't make you a bit forced and all.'. EducationConjuration

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