craze in a sentence

Also, thanks to last season's craze for everything metallic, silver and gold pumps have added glamour to this classic style. Madonna provoked the Chanel craze by carrying a Chanel bag shaped in the style of a video tape. Craze definition, to derange or impair the mind of; make insane: He was crazed by jealousy.

This game presents the best combination of word search, crosswords, and IQ games. Find more ways to say craze, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Buying unique wedding rings isn't just a new craze for couples. TY Beanie Babies are a line of small stuffed animals that has gone from collecting craze to digital pet since debuting in 1993. Videos are the latest internet craze, with some analysts estimating that millions of people watch internet videos each day. There is no doubt that rockers make life easier for parents of newborns, but the newest craze among rocking chairs is the nursery glider.

He continued releasing new music, including She's A Lady and The New Mexican Puppeteer, but his popularity had dropped off as music fans were more interested in the growing disco craze. Costume Craze, which has a Little Red Riding Hood costume that consists of a dress and cape.

I cannot believe that their colonial craze will … 3. During the seventies, college towns started a new kind of Midnight Movie craze - any 'cult' movie shown at midnight to mainly college students. 5. Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 2.0 France. Su Doku The PC version of the puzzle craze sweeping the nation.

This was the big craze in the. How To Use Craze In a Sentence – Craze sentence in English is simple to make. Are You Learning English? The aviation craze, with Charles Lindbergh at its head, made leather jackets all the rage. Cycling shorts were the latest craze/ the craze that year. (58) … The craze pervaded all classes. Cub is credited with starting the genre of "cuddle-core", a mix of punk rock and love songs somewhat related to the emo craze, but more upbeat and fun. Example sentences with the word craze.craze example sentences. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. Icons are the new craze amongst web designers because they offer universal understanding. Sentence Examples. Product manufacturers couldn't wait to cash in on the Mickey Mouse craze, and before long there were dolls, handkerchiefs, banks, clocks and watches, all bearing the image of Mickey Mouse. The fastest growing craze in the world of casual games is hidden objects games. The Yankee Candle craze began in 1969 when 16-year-old Mike Kittredge melted some crayons to make his mother a candle for Christmas. ‘The first craze for learning English in Shanghai occurred in the 1860s, according to a paper recently submitted to a Fudan University symposium.’ ‘Japanese arts and crafts exercised such a hold over European and American imaginations that in the late 19th century there was a craze for everything from fans to porcelain.’ , vogue, trend, fashion, enthusiasm, passion, infatuation, love, obsession, mania, compulsion, fixation, fetish, weakness, fancy, taste, novelty, whim, fascination, preoccupation, rage.

(55) A craze is a thin platelike region. Its on course to become the craze of the decade. Tournament craze he has been is the world 's is scheduled for. The diligent company weathered the quartz craze of the 1970s to emerge weakened but alive and even more committed to its principal mission of superior quality and affordability. You were in a book buyin’ craze. : 2. The first home video games tapped into the craze for arcades. But, the boot that sent fashionistas in a craze during the Western trend of last summer is the Dorado, a slouchy boot that is one part cowboy and one part stylish. skiffle group craze hit Britain in the 1950s he learned a few chords on a second-hand guitar he bought from a classmate. Copyright © Benesse Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.

Free podcasting videos are the latest craze in online entertainment.
This is not the first time that the famous father-of-two has sparked a hair-style craze. Costume Craze offers pirate striped socks that go over the knee. During the grunge craze in the early nineties, Doc Martens were frequently seen paired with feminine, floaty dresses and skirts; it's a look that doesn't sound as if it should work, but you may well be surprised.

Needless to say swing has been enjoying a rebirth lately with ordinary folk getting into the, What you can do Young people are often curious and like to experiment with the latest, So is this really a new panacea or a just a passing, Empower and inspire women of today to lead healthier and happier lives. In addition to online dating services, there are senior singles clubs, trips, and events, not to mention the newest dating craze: speed dating especially for seniors.

The blogging craze is one of the biggest to hit the web, and your Xanga page has its own blog that incorporates RSS feeds for people to subscribe.

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