crisis on infinite earths: part 1

Earth-1 - Waverider

- Clark, you can't. - I did. the superheroes suit up for battle while J'onn and Alex recruit Lena to help them find a way to save the people of Earth-38. Kate is unsure how she would bear in a fight even with the kryptonite, and tries her best to talk her friend down.

Well, one little extrapolator is not gonna do the job. All while using her x-ray vision to do some subtle investigating. She has brought with her eight individuals, including Kara's cousin Superman and Lois Lane. Oh, Sprock. First Batwoman, followed by Superman, Supergirl, he also takes the Flash, Ray, and Mia. [SCOFFS]. [NEWSCASTER], Turning our attention to local news, a series of robberies by the Wonderland Gang continues with seemingly no end in sight [CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY], - I said, "Where is Alice?" Edit. Now, I'm simply a man serving his penance.

Kate sees how good of a person Supergirl is, and decides to give her the Kryptonite that she took off Bruce. Kara is both devastated at the news of the loss of her planet, along with the reality of Green Arrow's pending demise.

Sara explains they are at the Vanishing Point. Oliver tells Superman and Supergirl to see what they can do and they both fly up, Superman realizes the tower is powered by what looks like solar panels and immediately begins blasting it with his x-ray vision, Supergirl follows suit. I was trying to stop you from using Myriad.

Go! Every pet in National City is having a nervous breakdown. I didn't know he was of this universe. Followed by Lex is amused at the destruction of his homeworld, and the Monitor tells Kara that even Lex has an important part to play in this crisis. (Hawk and Robin stand heroically, facing--) Because now, the entire Multiverse is about to come under attack. This is not his ending that I foresaw. The Monitor congratulates them on finding the Paragon of Truth and how Lex led them to him. Iris, Clark, and Lois find that Earth's Clark chopping wood. The strange visitors are the winners tonight.

Once on the treadmill he begins running at super speed again, Cisco opens another breach for them to escape through, everyone leaves as Cisco forces Barry to come with them.

Everyone is surprised at such an out-worldly attack. Kara and Kate arrives at the Justice League headquarters and find Bruce Wayne. Jonathan really has your eyes, huh? Lois decides to return to the legion ship, because Rory still has baby Jonathan, and she will keep everyone updated from her end. Alex suggests Galleon's Theory of “using an inverse variable to help calculate the differential?” Lena agrees it is a good idea.

Supergirl informs them that Alex and Brainy are still safe and everyone from Earth-38 is still present and accounted for, regardless of the continuing distractions of all the other universes. Uh, no, that's wrong. The two women pry the Book open and picture the Clark-96 that they met. - Then she called me - "Little Robot Man. " The Monitor reminds him that that deal was last year, and this is a new threat.

[SUPERGIRL], Looks close enough. I'm headed to check on them now.

Depends on how attached you are to your hand. Do you really think they will?

The Crisis is now upon us all. A man is standing outside CatCo Worldwide Media holding a sign that reads; "Prepare to Meet Thy Doom. The anti-Monitor corralled his speed and used it to build his antimatter cannon, which he tested by destroying the first earth, Earth-2. Did Alex get Lena on board? During that moment, the trio realizes this Earth's Clark is a Paragon, and Iris asks Clark-96 to come back with them. Watch Crisis on Infinite Earths, the 5-episode DC crossover, free on The CW.

You know, when I used to picture us together, we were always living on Earth, and we had two kids.

He seems to have not. Lyla, The Harbinger appears before Supergirl and the DEO. Superman-96 punches Superman from Earth-38 and says that he doesn't care about saving the universe. Back on Earth, Supergirl is left devastated after watching Argo get wiped out. A man who was imprisoned for most of Barry's life after one of Barry's enemies framed him from murdering his mother. I mean, after Myriad, after everything she can't be trusted. Captain Roxas 5,921 views. I found you in Lian Yu. Just like you shared our home with your family, we shared our home with this whole world.

Kelly Olsen even saves a woman using Jame's Shield from when he was Guardian. The End of The World is Nigh" and is telling everyone that Supergirl herself cannot save them. Oliver is struck by one of the flying spirits and loses his footing, only to realize he is out of arrows. Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1 - Suite (Remake) - Duration: 9:35. And in my world, that trip it set off a whole series of events that neither you or I could've ever dreamed of. Clark and Lois offer to find him, and the Monitor says that the fourth Paragon is of Courage and is known only as the "Bat of the Future".

Earth-16 - Star City - 2046

He tries to console the older man, but he believes nothing is going to be okay again. The tower is working again and the portal is open. Everyone is outside in a panic, and they are quickly met with Alura Zor-El. Afterwards, Lois and Clark bring up their concerns about Jonathan again, not sure where his pod is, or if he even landed on Earth yet. Later, Kara looks at a display of Earth-38 being destroyed, and Lex comes in with the Monitor. Alex knows she is lying, but this is not the time to argue. He is immediately surrounded by The Flash, Supergirl and his daughter Mia. Flash insists they have to get their old friend off of the treadmill. The Monitor brings Iris to reunite with Barry. Oliver: It's ok, Sara. Hopefully, they'll have enough time to stop this wave before it hits.

Given explanations from earlier this episode, and when the Multiverse was introduced in The Flash, however, it makes sense their time travel would involve, or inadvertently create, alternate Earths. I've been thinking that a lot, too, lately. On November 24, 2019, a full trailer was released, followed by additional long trailers on December 3 and December 6. The Anti-Monitor's goal is to eliminate the multiverse and replace it with his own design. Now, let's go help people get on these ships. When the Waverider arrives, the Monitor says that they've suffered a horrible loss.

Earth-1 - Central City

There, The Monitor tells the room, Earth- 38 did not survive, but because of Oliver Queen's noble sacrifice, he was able to personally ensure the lives of another billion people. [GASPS]. Kara also initially mistakes Earth-96 Clark with Ray and says he's looking quite jacked. Ilana's worried about you. If we don't stop the antimatter wave here, it will continue to the next universe, and the next and the next...until it has obliterated not only every Earth, but everything...across all reality. Oliver reminds him that they had made the agreement that he was to die in order to save Supergirl and The Flash. While waiting, a green ring suddenly flies towards the waverider and goes on the John's middle finger. They are soon attacked by an army of flying spirits. The red skies are dissipating, which means it's working. RELATED: Crisis: A Crazy Number of Cameos Still Haven’t Been Announced. If you're not gonna wear this, no one should. Lois Lane is light-heartedly mocking her husband Clark Kent while he changes their son Jonathan's diaper.

How do you know? Sarah is furious, but Ray calms her down admitting that he stole a lock of Janis Joplin's hair when they were at Woodstock last year. But you aren't even you.

The Monitor: Not knowing what you're fighting for means you will prepare for every possibility. Mia. A tall woman with dark hair dressed in all black with a long black trench coat is running from rooftop to rooftops while trying to speak with someone through her earpiece. I get it. Flash and Iris are saying their goodbyes to each other, Iris is still worried of the prophecy about losing her husband in the Crisis. He appears at the beginning of thr episode, reading a newspaper that trumpets the headline, "BATMAN CAPTURES JOKER." There are too many variables to calculate precisely, but I will say this. I know we can beat this together. J'onn suggests Lena Luthor and Alex is hesitant given their new fresh disdain for each other.

[SIGHS]. Earth-1 - Central City [CLATTERING], The reason the sky is red, and the planet feels like it's falling apart is because it is. - [BABY COOING]. Better luck next time, legends. That is not a good option. I just hope J'onn can get enough ships. Cisco says the room has an intense amount of vibrational frequency surging through it. She said, "One army. "

The two Supermen battle across the city and Superman tells Superman-96 that he has to get Lex out of his head. But then her own cousin says to her that this isn't Ray, but her cousin; sort of. As she mourns, Brainy informs her that their planet is next on the energy wave's trajectory. The End of The World is Nigh" and is telling everyone that Supergirl herself cannot save them. Everyone is redirected to a board room where Lyla is able to explain their situation, “There is a wave of antimatter sweeping across this universe destroying everything in its path” Oliver pipes up admitting he has seen this antimatter wave in action, it already wiped Earth-2 out of existence. They bump into that world's Clark Kent, who looks like Ray Palmer. Harbinger staggers through Waverider, a voice telling her to find the Book and to destroy it. I'm still a little bit angry. The trio disappeared, and Lex steps out with the Book and greets his "old friend".

Well, I guess you should all just call me Kate.

Clark and Kara try to comfort Jonathan, but the baby doesn't settle down until Mick takes him. Alex immediately reacts and tells her to put her hands on her head, demanding to know if she is what is behind the phenomenal cosmic activity that is currently plaguing them. Lena is unthreatened and asked Alex if she has come to accuse her of more crimes and arrest her.

She is understandably hesitant to take it, but Oliver insists she is the new Green Arrow. Lex again makes a joke, but Batwoman twists his arm harder behind his back. The Monitor admits Oliver was to die, but it wasn't supposed to be like this, things are different and they are changing quickly. Earth-167 - Smallville Pariah: Things are turning out differently than expected. Novu interrupts, reminding everyone that the wave is moving rapidly, and Earth-1 will be the final world to be destroyed. Go ahead.

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