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CrossCode was developed by Radical Fish Games and published by Deck13, and it’s available on PC, Mac, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.We played the Switch version. And while I wouldn’t get to experience the joys of the MMO until my late teens, I would spend months playing Phantasy Star Online; hopelessly anticipating the day that I might play it online. While I can’t say if the game slows down on the PS4 or Xbox One versions, it’s something I did notice on the Switch. The vast majority of these puzzles are required to pass through the dungeons, though some are for optional chests in the overworld. Generally favorable reviews CrossCode is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. The core combat is quite interesting, as even though CrossCode is primarily a top-down action game with plenty of closed quarters situations, the core attack mechanic involves projectile attacks which then makes the game feel like a twin-stick shooter as you aim with the analog stick. CrossCode is a good game; it's just not a great one. CrossCode is an outstanding title that is completely worth your time investment. I would recommend this game even before I would recommend AAA titles like BF1 and Titanfall 2. Beyond just the styling, however, CrossCode contains plenty of complexity, deep menus, and tons of character build customization. CrossCode had to undergo an enormous development journey to reach the state it is in today. I'd complete one, and then there'd be another one on the next screen.

Get ready to scare your guests, your neighbors, and even yourself with the best Halloween playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Great in terms of content, fits in well with the original story, plus gives a nice refreshing feel. Honestly, I find that puzzles make the game feel bloated, over-full of what would otherwise make it great, a feeling that sunk in after I hit the 15-hour mark. Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights - January 2019, This is one of my favorite games this year. All of these elements are explored as you progress, with a lot of the lore being filled in by your usual side quests and optional paths but not unlike titles such as Neptunia, a lot of focus is put on character interactions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CrossCode pulls off this meta game-within-a-game angle quite convincingly. Critic Reviews

For an indie title, a development cycle of over six years is a huge deal. CrossCode Review Switch – it’s an ambitious action RPG that pulls off the feel of MMORPG gameplay incredibly well.

Given its ambitions in design, it’s quite impressive how visually immaculate the whole thing is, from the incredibly detailed graphics to all the little pieces in the game world. One problem with it right now is that there isn't a lot of story, but again its in beta. It does suffer from stuttering, frame drops, and noticeable sluggishness at points, however. Tagged with Deck13 , feature , Radical Fish Games , review , CrossCode . What a bad game. The Apple Watch ECG app is coming to more countries which means it could be saving more lives soon. It feels wrong to fault a game for doing too much, and yet despite executing all of its lofty ideas with such success, the experience as a whole ends up being so staggering and contrasting that ultimately most players will feel unsure of just what exactly CrossCode is supposed to be. Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible to skip large parts of progression or hit certain points with lackluster gear but this hinges on play style above all else. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. CrossCode Review – Verdict Games like CrossCode are fun, not because they’re super challenging or add engaging elements, as much as they’re simple and effective. Little things like how partner characters need to be IM’d and invited into your party after they log off through the story progression; or how a certain miniboss fight plays out as a PvP duel, really adds a lot of character to the game’s MMO world.

CrossCode is a game that wants to remind us of the good ol' days. - You'll read this meta-narrative from the characters you meet along your journey.

I'd only subtract points for the fact that all puzzles are timed and I. Sprinkle puzzles in your RPG, not an RPG into your puzzler. Episode 182: Spooky Scary Skeletons – Q&A Quest, RPG Cast – Episode 561: “Pour Some Syrup on Me”, Why Did Ya Date Me? This game is severely underrated, deserves a 9.5/10.

CrossCode is a stellar game that mimics an MMO, but solves the repetitive nature of that genre by turning it into a single-player action game, utilizing the genre’s lyricism in a magnificent way. The game was enormous, and the developers were set on realising all of their aspirations, even when most indie teams would have probably focused on a few key ideas before saving the rest for other projects. CrossCode is a game that wants to remind us of the good ol' days. For attacks, you have melee and shoot, plus a dodge and block.

For an indie title, a development cycle of over six years is a huge deal. She’s met by Sergei Asimov who informs her that playing CrossWorlds might help her recover her memories, but before she even reaches the Intro Hub, she’s attacked by a strange being with incredible power.

There is the core issue regarding Lea losing her memory and getting it back, the MMORPG-esque concept, and the world that came before.

Like many great RPGs, it’s an incredibly interesting story that comes flying out of the gate, immediately combining several layers of intrigue and excitement; from the mysterious characters in the prologue, to Lea’s lost memories, to the true nature of CrossWorlds itself.

RPGamer has been covering RPGs since 1998, with the current version of the site launched in 2018. Plus, the art really is inviting enough to get lost in the world.

The game is clearly designed for fast-paced action, yet it adheres to old RPG logic, so upon completing a quest, you have to run back to the NPC that gave it to you to “turn it in.” While this might make sense in slower turn-based RPGs, or even proper MMOs, it bugged me that the pace of the game kept halting every time I completed a quest, which becomes very necessary as the pace of the story is pretty fast as well, and enemies  out level you pretty quickly. With stunning pixel art and engaging gameplay, it has the tools needed to succeed, but is it enough to be worth your time?

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One problem with it right now is that there isn't a lot of story, but again its in beta.

The RPG systems and customisations are deep, and this adds another dimension of grind and levelling which can feel a little out of place in the overall design of CrossCode. If that wasn’t enough, there is an in-depth RPG levelling system complete with customisable stats and skills. But it’s not simply fighting monsters.

Progression comes down to how many enemies I’ve defeated and the resources collected. The puzzle-filled dungeons in particular can be quite time consuming affairs, and most of the puzzles make use of the core combat mechanic as you carefully aim projectile attacks. However, not all is perfect. And upon reflection, I wonder why there aren’t more games set within MMOs—with the exception maybe of Sword Art Online, but, like .Hack//, that’s based on an anime so I don’t think it counts. And while my feelings on the game are somewhat mixed, it’s the first game I’ve seen in a while that puts such a fresh spin on such a novel idea.

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