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For tetrad analysis and cytology, the SK1 strains, EAY1108/EAY1112, NHY1168/NHY1162, and their derivatives, were used (Argueso et al. Haploid strains were mixed together on synthetic complete media. is supported by a fellowship from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi. (2015). Data are averaged across three independent meiotic time courses. The percentage of crossover (recombinant) gametes formed by a given genotype indicates the frequency of chiasma formation between the genes in question. Chromosome-wide analysis of crossover distribution showed distinct crossover peaks compared to wild type, including elevated crossovers around the rDNA locus (Figure S6). Analysis of copy number variation using read depth information did not detect aneuploidy in any of the mlh3Δ, pch2Δ, and mlh3Δ pch2Δ sequenced tetrads (Figure S9). At the end of meiosis, there will be 100 gametes, each containing a chromosome with either zero, one, two, or more crossovers between A and B. Most markers (>97.5%) showed 2:2 segregation in wild type and mlh3Δ mutant (Table S5). These results suggest that specific regulation of DSB formation on medium and large chromosomes is affected in pch2∆. Interference analysis using the two pathway model that incorporates contribution from both interfering and noninterfering pathways also showed reduced interference in mlh3Δ, pch2Δ, and mlh3Δ pch2Δ (File S3, and see Copenhaver et al. Both crossover- and noncrossover-associated gene conversion tract lengths were significantly longer in mlh3Δ, pch2Δ, and mlh3Δ pch2Δ compared to wild type (Figure S8, A–C and Table S5). 2011; Farmer et al. BLM helicase ortholog Sgs1 is a central regulator of meiotic recombination intermediate metabolism. We inspected each nonexchange chromosome in the wild type, mlh3Δ, pch2Δ, and mlh3Δ pch2Δ mutants for ambiguity in the annotation for double crossovers and double noncrossovers, and did not find any significant difference in the estimate of nonexchange chromosomes (Table S9). Crossovers in all three mutants, mlh3Δ (64 crossovers per meiosis on average), pch2Δ (137 crossovers per meiosis on average) and mlh3Δ pch2Δ (100 crossovers per meiosis on average) showed reduced genetic interference.

Previous work by Sonntag Brown et al. Detection of copy number variation was performed as described in Krishnaprasad et al. The study was financially supported by a European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant (AdG-294542) to L.M.S., and A.S. was supported by JSPS (KAKENHI Grant Number 22125002 and 15H05973).


The correlation coefficient for mlh3Δ was comparable to wild type (r = −0.84, P = 5.7 × 10−5).

Question: In biology, what is the maximum crossover frequency? (A, B) Bar plot showing average crossover and noncrossover counts per chromosome for wild type, mlh3Δ, pch2Δ, and mlh3Δ pch2Δ. Genetic interference was reduced in mlh3Δ, pch2Δ, and mlh3Δ pch2Δ. 2008).

2012). Fast gapped-read alignment with Bowtie 2.

The viable spores per tetrad (x axis) and the percentage of each tetrad class (y axis) are shown. 2004; Nishant et al. Among the small chromosomes, Chromosome III was exceptional in showing an increase in both crossovers and noncrossovers. 1999; Berchowitz and Copenhaver 2010; Krishnaprasad et al. More NPD tetrads are also observed in pch2Δ mutants relative to wild type (Joshi et al.

RecQ helicase, Sgs1, and XPF family endonuclease, Mus81-Mms4, resolve aberrant joint molecules during meiotic recombination.

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