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While we were unable to find a Sumitomo Building, we did find Sumitomo Corporation in Yodoyabashi.

DE Dev’s disabilities are invisible, and generally unnecessary for the public to know. Instead, as I hope I have demonstrated, critical tasks were often delayed. prudis Friendly Neighborhood Toucan. Alex later tweeted allegations that Judd took advantage of having “direct access to young, vulnerable devs often desperate for a break.” However, the Medium post made no specifications about Judd ever putting Alex in a position where it was implied she would lose her job if she was not involved with him.

There’s just no recourse for Dangen to compel developers to cooperate. A developer of this app has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Around this time, developers beyond the Fight Knight and Devil Engine teams had taken issue with Ramachandran’s alleged “laziness, incompetence, and lies.” On May 11th Judd wanted to discuss the Devil Engine project. To the few employees of Dangen Entertainment who are not complicit with Ben’s actions, I apologize. Far later, after multiple royalty payment delays and while I was still struggling to send money abroad without a “proof of payment of withholding tax” from Dangen, Ben attempted to reach out to DE Dev to schedule a face-to-face meeting at TGS with him. 505 made mistakes when releasing Bloodstained that will cost Koji Igarashi millions of dollars. I’m not sure if this portion of Dangen’s rebuttal meant to assert that it was my sole responsibility to process withholding tax, or if they were implying I had tricked DE Dev into giving me power over his finances.

Dangen also requested a new Chinese Nintendo Switch build of the game.

I knew that getting Three on the Switch was one of 33’s only reasons for signing with Dangen. Judd claims the relationship with Alex was always consensual, and at networking events only ever had relations with Alex, his ex-partner.

Nayan had requested this document as a condition of my being able to see our royalty reports. He brought this up to explain why he always made sure to accommodate people in proper hotel rooms when I requested funds for my stay at Bitsummit 2019. The reason I even remember these videos exist was I was shocked when Chyadosensei posted these meanspirited videos mocking failed indie game Kickstarters while working for an indie publisher promoting an image of being supportive and friendly to indie devs. When examining the initial contract, the developer and the author noticed many “concerning clauses,” including a loophole “that allowed Dangen to charge whatever they liked to FK’s expenses without his approval.” The author allegedly rewrote the new contract, which Ramachandran agreed to and Judd co-signed. DE Dev’s requests are often worded like “can ya get this put up there real quick”, or similarly blunt/short requests, and Dangen staff seemed to read a “demanding” or “angry” tone into them. The reason I was always the one relaying messages between Dangen and the development teams is basically Dangen staff rarely did anything or responded to the development teams unless I personally asked Ben Judd for help. I want there to forever be a public, searchable, easily accessible testimony to Dangen Entertainment and Ben Judd’s failures in business and common human decency. One, I could help him negotiate a contract termination quickly, before Dangen had particularly begun any work on Three. Scott eventually never followed through on meeting up with me or the FK/DE teams on Saturday as he initially requested. “When we met, we discussed business for about 5 minutes, and then he changed the topic to my personal life. Additionally, they have been sent the latest Q3 sales report as per the standard contractually agreed to timeline.”. I had known 33 to be kind and honest before he contracted his illness in 2019, and perhaps he had managed to receive some treatment for it by then.

“As basic support for their games fell by the wayside, this obvious self-aggrandizing bent to Dangen’s marketing began chafing on a majority of the developers under them. I actually had the good fortune to be approved for a Switch publishing account with Nintendo, but I had wanted to finish up all the projects I had already signed on for with Dangen before leaping into things on my own. I suspect they were worried they wouldn’t have access to our private messages if they did this. I assumed perhaps Dangen staff mixed my opinions and character up with DE Dev. Seems like there is, at the very least, a severe lack of professionalism (and simply knowing how to do your job) on both sides there. In particular, DE’s lead developer did not believe Nayan was lying until well after the Golden Week sale fiasco.

In response, Dangen respectfully agreed to pay the equivalent of the expected sales lost from missing the Golden Week Sale, hoping that it would show we would own our mistakes. They also claim that the contract between them and the Fight Knight developers has not been “legally terminated,” and that no one on the Fight Knight team had not “expressed that the song should not be used in the trailers.” Dangen stated they ceased the use of the song in the trailer, and as of this time the video is no longer available. That dude’s so fuckin’ creepy.”, I tried to briefly explain some of the things Ben Judd had done that I found odd or “creepy”. However, those videos were created at least a year after he joined Dangen. Mods, I apologize if this is not the right place to post. DE Dev knew this developer to be suicidal and was told that one of Dangen’s staff regularly had to speak with this developer for emotional support. While the author asserted that the two projects were different, Judd seemingly took Ramachandran side.

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