december 25, 2021

Died: Charlie Chaplin, English comic actor and filmmaker. Čapek is considered to be one of the most important Czech writers of the 20th century. December 26th 2021. Cassini orbiter released Huygens probe. His books describing his training in shamanism sold over 28 million copies in 17 languages. Countdown App for iOS . Pancha Ganapati is a modern Hindu festival that lasts for five days, from December 21 to December 25. Create your own countdown.

Christmas has evolved to a celebration with both religious and non-religious elements and a mix of traditions from many countries across the globe. Tweet. 1777 - British General Lord Charles Cornwallis musters 6,000 men and immediately marches on the Americans during the Battles of Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey, USA. In Canada Christmas is a nationwide statutory holiday. On December 25, citizens of Pakistan celebrate the birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

He served as President of Venezuela from March 12, 1974 to March 12, 1979 and again from February 2, 1989 to May 20, 1993.

Born: Noel Hogan, Irish musician, best known as the guitarist and co-songwriter of the rock band The Cranberries. Born: Conrad Hilton, American hotelier. Christmas has evolved to a celebration with both religious and non-religious elements and a mix of traditions from many countries across the globe.

In the UK Christmas is one of the most popular holidays of the year. Apollo 8 performed the first successful trans-Earth injection maneuver, sending the crew and spacecraft on a trajectory back to Earth from Lunar orbit. Born: Tuomas Holopainen, Finnish musician and producer, best known as one of the co-founding members of symphonic metal band Nightwish. Tithi, Nakshatra, muhurat etc on 25/12/21. He served as the 2nd President of Turkey, assuming the office the next day after the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, November 11, 1938 till May 22, 1950. Died: Dean Martin, American singer, actor and producer, one of the most popular entertainers of the mid-20th century. 1947 - The constitution of the Republic of China comes into effect.

Nowadays Christmas is also celebrated by a large number of non-Christian people around the world as a cultural event.

They were condemned to death and executed on the same day. Michail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, resigned as General Secretary of the Soviet Union. The second day of Christmas is known as Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day. Find out curious facts about your birthday.

Enter your date: Copyright © 2020 Calendar-canada All Rights Reserved - Terms and conditions of use, 2019 - 2020 School Holidays Northern Ireland, 2020 - 2021 School Holidays Northern Ireland, 2021 - 2022 School Holidays Northern Ireland, 2022 - 2023 School Holidays Northern Ireland, 2023 - 2024 School Holidays Northern Ireland. All 92 passengers and crew aboard died. Died: İsmet İnönü, Turkish general and politician.

Sign up to receive a weekly email update on forthcoming public holidays around the world in your inbox every Sunday. The occupation lasted till August 15, 1945, when Japan surrendered at the end of World War II. Died: Samuel de Champlain, French explorer, soldier and geographer. Michael sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Died: Carlos Andrés Pérez, Venezuelan politician. Her voice was noted for overwhelming force, reserves of power, gleaming brilliance and clarity in the upper register. Captain William Mynors of the English East India Company discovered and named Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Christmas celebrates the Nativity of Jesus which according to tradition took place on 25 December 1 BC, Marks the birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a notable politician and Pakistan's first Governor General, Find out the dates, history and traditions of A’Phabet Day or No L Day, Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Pumpkin Pie Day. Our low deposit scheme applies for new flight and hotel bookings valid on bookings up until 31st October 2021 (Note low deposits do not apply within 4 months of departure) and subject to availability. Died: James Brown, American singer and dancer, one of the founders of funk music and a major figure of the 20th-century pop music.
In 1971 he won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his contributions to the knowledge of electronic structure and geometry of free radicals. 1927 - The first-ever BBC Children in Need Appeal. What originated as a religious festival has evolved into a cultural celebration observed by billions of people around the world, many of them non-Christians.

Time until Friday, December 25, 2020 (New York time) One hour wrong? Historical Events on December 25. On December 25, Western and some Eastern Christian churches celebrate Christmas, an important festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas 2021 Saturday, December 25 Photo by: Scott Feldstein. Good Governance Day is an annual observance held in India on December 25.

He's a very important figure in the history of Canada, because he founded New France and Quebec City and made the first accurate map of the Canadian coast.
Pumpkin pie is one of the most popular desserts in the United States and Canada. Deposits to other destinations may be higher. Died: Birgit Nilsson, Swedish soprano, specializing in operatic works of Wagner and Strauss.

Using the calendar on this page, you can look at a day guide for any day. Born: Carlos Castaneda, American author of a number of best-sellers. Bogart is best known for leading roles in iconic films The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca and The Big Sleep.

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