decline of protestantism

Nearly one-quarter of Americans identify as Evangelical Protestants. It is free, and professes to be free, only in these United States ; and of the use which it makes of its freedom, even here, none of its advocates have any great reason to be proud." “The big trends are clear,” Ed Stetzer said in 2015, “the nominals are becoming the nones, yet the convictional are remaining committed.”, “In other words, Americans whose Christianity was nominal—in name only—are casting aside the name,” Stetzer added. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An additional factor is the shrinking white non-Hispanic population, from 69 percent of all Americans in 2000 to an estimated 61 percent in 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Hence, after the first ebullition of that species of half political, half religious revolution, they bega.i to draw the semblance of a creed around themselves, and to throw some restraints over the private reasoning of their own adher­ents. While we humble ourselves in the dust for our sins and short-comings, we may take new courage, and press forward with renewed ardor to the charge against the en­raged but disheartened enemies of the Lord and of his Im­maculate Spouse. Following their own foolish hearts, their minds be­come darkened, and God gives them up to a reprobate sense, and permits them to be carried away by strong delusions in punishment for their rejection of the truth and consent to iniquity. .

Thirty-five percent of liberals report no religious affiliation, compared with 21 percent of moderates and 12 percent of conservatives. This is all that was ever wanting to make an end of Protestantism, or at least to compel it to retire  into some dark corners,  to be forgotten save by the antiquarian, or the curious traveller delighting to detect the. "We will now, therefore, regard Protestantism in its purpose. For the benefit of ... under the charge of the Sister's of Mercy [Hughes, John] on Amazon.com. Its mission, according to its own state­ments, was to renovate a faded, fallen, and false Christianity- Its mission was to introduce a pure and perfect religion, as a substitute for that 'apostate church,' ns it called the Catholic faith, from which itself went forth; and if this were its purpose, we should suppose it would take certain grounds in reference to its mission ; for if it were conscious of the possession of truth, if it really be­lieved it had now taken the form in which God would have the world to be saved, it was bound to propagate itself, to make itself known, to speak in a consistent, uniform, and unequivocal language, so that it might accomplish, in time, something like what the pretendedly faded Church had indisputably accomplished, in its time before." Its being is non-being, its life is Ihe negation of life, and its movement is the movement of dissolution, of the body after life has de­parted, subjected to the operation of the natural chemical agents.
Protestantism. Another fact equally remarkable, and which no Protestant can have the hardihood to deny, is the entire falsification, by the event, of all the predictions and promises of the pretended Reformers.

They have also still farther confounded the simple judgment of the Pagan. You have, there­fore, these two principles; and beyond these I cannot pretend to define what Protestantism is : - for if you pass from the generic title to the specific variety, and trace out its development from one denomination to another, down to the latest phase of human error, you will find in them all these two elements, - this and this, no ; and this and this, yes. Hence, if there were no Catholic Church, Prot­estantism  would   be   absolutely   inconceivable, and   if it could   succeed  in denying it and getting  actually rid of it, it would itself become  absolutely  extinct,  or at  best only an unmeaning word.

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