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by AcronymAndSlang.com (Express 23 Dec 1990:15), I live the carefree now-for-now, Worship the nine-day- wonder, I have no future plans or hopes, No scruples to live under. Learn more. View all posts by Kirt Morris. After Sunday lunch, real man does be sprawl off in a hammock under the coconut tree. The amount of ‘bobboll’ and rachifee going one with we money in that project. (Mavrogordato 1977:103-5), You playin’ bad-john!

Just like fire except it's not hot.

Whole year them people does want to pass you straight like a full maxi.

This Trinidad Dictionary of slang words and phrases is the largest of its kind online and growing.

A word commonly used by Homer Simpson (sometimes his family) from the Fox TV show, "The Simpsons" He says it when something bad, annoying, etc. Cyber Definitions An Academic Look at "Cyber Speak" Dotish men like you deserve what you get.

Doh put that cake out – you put cockroach before fowl. A good brulejol must never boil, Once it’s well mixed, is matta fixed. The charm and sing-song tone of the Trinidadian articulation is easily distinguished from the other Caribbean countries.

Find. The acceptance of normally disapproved social practices such as the public consumption of alcohol and forms of sexual interaction also relate to this phenomenon, as gan warfare, no less than male/female relationships and the Carnival-baby syndrome, contribute to a societal detumescence even if for certain portions of the society more than others. Since 2001, the word "doh" has appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary, without the apostrophe. The second coolest thing in the world. (Bomb 9 Nov 1990:25).

Once you type the (doh) text, Skype replaces it with the image. Printer friendly. I find both appalling and disgusting..the pettiness that sees a sinister plot behind every move the brand new government makes. The man who stole the chickens and was acquitted is really ah loup garou. An wat about de year dat Crazy “Nani Wine” and Baron “Somebody” had people dancin. Well for me I waiting on Jour Ouvert, Just to jump me jum[p] and break away.

A disease, attributed to maljo, characterized by fever, changed colour, inability to urinate, loss of appetite and weight, greenish stool. What does Scientific & Educational DOH stand for? (Martin 1998:227), We call him Mr. Ka Ka Nez because he alway digging he nose (Baptiste 1993:96-7), The children playing kick the can down the road. Then there were phantom – the headless spectre with extremely long legs that grip his victims in a death squeeze (Ahye 1983:45). (EX 18 Dec 1994:11). It is such an obscene dance that it is only [performed] by moonlings in the bush.

If I cannot get justice from the law of this land, I will even light candle. Even our mighty phantoms have found themselves confused with the old mas character from the comic strips (Araujo 1984:43). (Baptiste 1993:116), “Allyu only eatin’ ah set ah junk food like dem social bakes dey does call Pizza, an’ allyu still want to find out why allyu gettin’ fat an’ obsozky.” (Keens-Douglas 1984:87), Devotees of the Orisha or the Rada faiths were often imprisoned and even flogged under an 1868 law –, Steelbands as well was tamboo bamboo bands had a deep connection, in terms of musical influence with Orisha centres in East Dry River (Stuempfle 1995:39), The African legend of Papa Bois mixing with the European tales of werewolves – our, I myself buy rum for when the neighbours come over, and when the parang pass playing the.

Allyuh take yuh fight outside. Jouvay is a nocturnal mas that breaks shortly after dawn. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of doh is. A Scottish firm designed Killarney also known as Stollmeyer’s Castle [sic] Castle in 1902. The design employs several elements from Balmoral Castle in Scotland, such as the tower and the pepperpot turret this is corbeled from its wall. She lend one brush to Lord Shorty, the catty catty one from South. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat "global warming" Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7. Tringlish – Trini Slang:  The local vernacular, considered as a variety of dialect of English or as an English-related creole language. Platform work demands at least the minding of one deputy, in case your wife is horning you while your’re out there, drilling. (Growler “I Don’t want no Calaloo” 1939), His wife horning him, she have him so kuyoh, he only washing wares. The mauvais langue, vicious and calculated to damage reputation and character. Everybody was jam-cram in the North Stand.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We stand up in the waving gallery and watch you pulling your bag, I could imagine how your hand feeling. The slang word / phrase / acronym doh means... . Owing to the unsettled political situation in Venezuela, the sons of Dr Siegert, Carlos and Alfredo, decided to leave the country.

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