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She loves to play like a child and adores dolls. one's husband.

in the library. He’s also cute in ‘Stella Dallas’ 1925. The couple received an extensive amount of publicity.

half in, half out of the shade supplied by a giant umbrella.

Around this time, Crawford was chosen to play Sadie Thompson in Rain, a role that she was determined to do justice. Clark Gable had quite a lot of business with women as far as I see it… This was a great article and it’s lovely to know that Chaplin was also there when they first met . She is sentimental to an extreme degree, and is gullible when the most obvious sob stories are told. I agree completely about Fairbanks. It will be a talkie, she's sure It’s been sitting by my bed for a few months but I still haven’t re-watched it. While the play did lead to more offers, it also led to a new chapter in Fairbanks’ life.

denied. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Mrs. Fairbanks turned nonchalantly to her writing again.

Nonetheless, I am a fan of both of them. But maybe he was secure enough in himself and their relationship. from the sun, broke into the conversation. Fairbanks was only nineteen years old at the time and four years younger than Crawford (or five depending on your source).

The marriage between Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Crawford was the first for them both. In 1930s Los Angeles, the Belasco Theater was the place to be and the opening night of Young Woodley was publicized as being the social event of the season. He is so versatile in his talents. she beamed.

consistent rumors they had been married in.

He's really more like them than they are," she added Also, I love that Chaplin and Doug, Jr. got along really well. She felt, she confessed, like a fish out of water, gasping for breath, longing for something familiar to cling to.

I completely agree that it would be awesome to have a book that compiles old fan magazine articles.

her hand so that the light was reflected from the large diamond ring she He didn’t seem to hold grudges, even at people who probably really hurt him. Joan's mother said last night In Hollywood that the marriage was a

There was a time, for example, when an interior decorator insisted Fan magazines ran pieces on them regularly and even had them write their own pieces (if we are to trust the often unreliable fan magazines of the day).

Her husband, Hal Hays. There are certainly aspects that make it seem as though he were played. He just seemed young and naive and she definitely was more focused on her career which is admirable but can also be problematic at times. married today in St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Church by Rev.

The Prince and the Flapper: The Romance of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Crawford, http://theredlist.com/wiki-2-24-525-527-973-view-1930s-3-profile-douglas-fairbanks-jr-2.html, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0280234/bio>, We Point With Pride to Douglas Fairbanks, Junior, Happy 107th Birthday to Douglas Fairbanks Jr: Here’s 50 Fun Facts about the Prince of Hollywood – Prince of Hollywood.

She has a great capacity for study. several days ago for a vacation trip to the East, they declared they were not to and it certainly was news to me. And so when the final scenes on "Jungle," her first talkie for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer were shot … Doug Hollywood and it was not long ago that they admitted their engagement after

The extras of the photos and clip of our dancing daughters.

", "As for me," interrupted his wife, “I love you She takes a great interest in clothes and all things feminine yet has the analytical mind of a man. I agree about Crawford. So home we went – ahead of schedule. which, she said, started with "Dear Mother, it is but an hour Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. yesterday. I think they just grew apart and were not a good fit for one another. burning a light mahogany color … only three things in the world, at She has a secret desire to eat everything with a spoon as a small child would. her hand so that the light was reflected from the large. But what a romance for the era! Really wonderful article and exceptionally fine photos accompanying it. His agent, Mike Levee, knocked on the door and attempted to make small talk. She has a passion for antique furniture.

ounce of pep.

Ad Choices. four. ", "You know, Dodo is a marvelous swimmer," getting back to the It was almost a scientific piece! A sort of doldrums or marital torpor seemed to be setting in.”15. Doug has developed such charm!

she demanded.

However, as the two began to drift further apart, it became more apparent that something wasn’t quite right. When they left here they did not intend being The only film of his I have seen is “Gunga Din” and that was so long ago I don’t remember his role at all – only that he was the third person along with Grant and McLaglen.

"And in the meantime … we sit on the floor," Joan demurred. Suddenly she ran to the lamp and held I think that was the undoing of their marriage, they became mismatched after a while, which is sad because they made a very youthful smart beautiful couple back then. Crawford played the part of the lonely bride desperately trying to hold on to her marriage and save it from the impending doom. Entre nous, they are quite good. Immediately, I set out to change myself in every way.


NEW YORK June 3. The romance has been watched with interest for many months in I’d pretty much recommend any of his 1930s films. She is extremely sensitive to surroundings and instantly conscious of any discord. It’s interesting how long the Crawford-Gable romance went on, isn’t it?

I’m another who doesn’t know anything about Fairbanks. A note from Joan Crawford!“3, Needless to say, Fairbanks did not hesitate to call upon the budding star.

After the incident, the couple was not invited back to Pickfair for some time.

I don't know that it

According to LeSueur's complaint, which was prepared by Attorney

happy for them.

When she meets with disappointment she has a tendency toward bitterness rather than remorse, which no doubt, is a throwback from an acute memory of less happy days. I don't see They are fascinating! He was never involved in any kind of scandals or anything. She had arranged to have all his belongings taken to a room at the hotel and changed her private phone number.

Thank you so much for your fantastic article! They were no longer talking to each other in baby voices or using cute nicknames (Joan was called “Billie” and Doug was called “Dodo”).

Jr. left.

On an October night in the fall of 1927, Joan Crawford laid eyes on the young and dashingly handsome Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. "We bought it

, Thank you so much for reading! We were truly married.

Joan Crawford's Relationships Spanned Hollywood & Her Career

On their first meeting, Fairbanks asked Crawford for an autographed photo in return.

“But it's That was a real treat to have three back-to-back! Like many people who have had little happiness in their own childhood, she has a tremendous sympathy for children. Mr. Fairbanks, who married Miss Crawford in …

"Why, I couldn't really tell you what I thought of my role. Fairbanks and Crawford had come a long way since that night at the Belasco Theatre. Crawford received a warm welcome from Doug’s stepmother, Mary Pickford.

In fact, Crawford even gave credit to Pickfair for being influential in transforming herself into a proper, sophisticated woman. brother of Joan Crawford, asserted in his divorce complaint on file He later admitted, “The opposition of my family actually had much less to do with the unsuitability of glamorous movie-star Joan Crawford as my future wife than it had to do with my youth.”11, At the time there was, and still is, a lot of speculation on whether Joan Crawford used Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., as an instrument to advance her own career.

I enjoyed reading it.

Edward F. spot on her shoulder that just wouldn't take on the "high yaller" No warning.

All she wanted to do was get home as quickly as possible – home to the United States, home to California, home not to Cielito Lindo [the name of their home], but to the Culver City and MGM studios, home to the security of what she could recognize, home to her work. That would be wonderful!

"He gave one of his finest

NEW YORK June 3. In the 1920s and early 30s, Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. were society’s golden couple. I can really understand Crawford’s falling for him.

Of course, we weren't the present writing, interest Joan Crawford: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., was so busy watching Dodo.

consistent rumors they had been married in Mexico more than a year ago. wore. Fairbanks described their love by insisting, “It was sort of love at first sight.”6, In 1929, Hollywood capitalized on the love of Doug and Joan by giving him a role in Our Modern Maidens alongside Crawford.

Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! On April 29, 1933, Crawford filed for divorce and a year later it became finalized, ending the great love affair of the early 1930s. Especially at so young of an age.

She takes a pardonable pride in the strides that she has made in her chosen field yet she is never satisfied with her work.

An hour after the ceremony the couple was back at the, penning a letter to her mother, Douglas was the son of silent screen legend Douglas Fairbanks Sr., he was also the stepson of Mary Pickford. She told me a career

We understand each other too well.14, Based on these countless articles, one would believe that the two were soulmates that would last until death do them part.

for a while.”8, Despite their deep love for one another, Fairbanks’ family wasn’t too keen on the idea of him marrying Crawford. surprise. Billie had thrown me out of our house – just like that. Crawford inscribed the photo, “‘To Douglas, May this be the start of a beautiful friendship. All of this seemed perfectly natural. be married until August 23. alias Doug, alias Dodo.

A very wonderful article on Fairbanks Jr!

began kicking a pigskin from the hither to the yon for "The Forward If anything, the atmosphere at home had seemed a little more relaxed and even, at times, friendly.”19 Before he could even discuss the issue with her, Fairbanks read about their separation in the Examiner. After all, he was the crown Prince of Hollywood and an invitation to Pickfair (the home of Fairbanks, Sr., and Mary Pickford) could only be beneficial to a rising star. When LeSueur refused to put his home on a companionate basis, she

How his gaze had been fixed on

Young things with a talent for living.”1 We see this Joan Crawford burst onto screen, madly dancing the Charleston, in Our Dancing Daughters in 1928. Angeles Times.

He was only 16! true. Fairbanks wrote, “It was hard to find time or reason to be together.

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