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This is a new song which is sang by Famous Singer/Band 5 Seconds of Summer.This song is from CALM (Deluxe) Album. / Why do we always gotta run away? Is it easier to stay? This song is from CALM (Deluxe) Album. 'Cause you're too hard to forget Right now, it’s so hard to blame you

(Ooh) You know we need it like the air we breathe When does it get easier, cause the taste of it still lingers here I hope you lie, lie, lie, lie, lie to me You’re so damn beautiful (Oh), [Chorus: Luke, with All] ‘Cause you’re so damn beautiful

Prepare to have "Is it easier to stay? The Lyrics to "The Skye Boat Song," Explained, The True Meaning of this Frozen 2 Showstopper, Analyzing Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over”, No, Lil Nas X's "Panini" Is Not About A Sandwich, The Meaning Behind Beyoncé's "Spirit" Lyrics, Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" Lyrics Are Beautiful, 5 Seconds of Summer has released their latest track, "Easier," and the hook "is it easier to stay, is it easier to go" is on constant repeat—making it a contender for. Now I wish we never met Their first EP, Somewhere New, was released December 7th, 2012, and featured “Unpredictable,” “Out of My Limit,” “Beside You,” and “Gotta Get Out”. Changing flights so you stay with me And I know that you don’t, but if I ask you if you love me “Beside You” was remastered and put on the album. Is it easier to go? Now I wish we never met When your love doesn’t line up. Is it easier to go? More on Genius. Easier (Live from the Vault) Lyrics: Why do we always gotta run away? Here are the lyrics, courtesy of Genius.com: Is it easier to stay? Flashing back to New York City (Yeah), I love you so much that I hate you (Hate you). In early 2018, they broadcasted their new sound and released two singles, “Want You Back” and “Youngblood” in preparation for their third album. "'Easier' is the most confident we have been in the first song to be released off one of our records," Luke says of the band's new single. So when does it get easier, cause the weight of it still kills stuck in your head all season. I don’t wanna know, oh Is it easier to go? That’s when you get the very best of me For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter!

[Pre Chorus: Luke & Calum]

From their On The Record Apple Music Documentary: Luke: Breakthrough songs like “Lie to Me” took so long to get to. Is it easier to stay?

I'll bend until I break If you want to read all latest song lyrics, please stay connected with us. 5 Seconds of Summer enlists fellow co-writer of “Easier” Charlie Puth for the official remix of the song.

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But I know that I’m never, ever gonna change

But I know that I’m never, ever gonna change Remember thinking that I got this right Have I lost my mind I know he’s taking off your dress While I'm cleaning up your mess Is it easier to stay? Theres not much more I can fake I'm done with all the thrills, my hearts about to spill And you know you don’t want it any other way, [Outro: All & Luke]

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