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They terrorised the residents of Albert Square - but they were a lot of fun to watch. And it is a big one—she really shouldn't trust Ray and he will make his presence felt immediately after arriving. [12] Upon her return, the character becomes involved with the Carter family and accepts a job at The Prince Albert bar. We also publish your pictures and videos, so do message us with your stories. Linda, thinking that Mick has shot him, as he lied about walking Lady Di, then takes the gun and dumps it in the canal to protect him, however she is spotted by Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters). [72] The character left Walford during the episode broadcast on 16 March, but it was confirmed by Sophie Dainty of Digital Spy that he had not made his final appearance. Despite Kat and Jean's support, Hayley struggles to adapt to family life and runs away from home several times. [113] Stuart then keys his own car and tells people that Tina did it. She tells the family she thinks Mick is guilty, throws away her wedding rings, and later throws the family out, then allows Stuart to move in, and calls a solicitor to begin divorce proceedings from Mick. But it was Zainab who had the last laugh, tricking Yusef into believing his daughter was trapped inside. The assassin was Stacey Slater and who avenged an rape ordeal. Find out more », joining the BBC One soap as mysterious Ellie Nixon, stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage, Secrets From The Square fills the EastEnders-shaped hole in your telly schedules to perfection, 19 EastEnders moments which defined Mick and Linda Carter's reign as landlords of the Queen Vic, From Den and Angie's divorce papers to Lucy Beale's killer revealed — 35 unforgettable EastEnders moments.

[96] However, Stuart explains to Mick that he poses as underage girls online to expose paedophiles. Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) sees him in the launderette and assumes he is an asylum seeker and tells him to go home, to which he reveals he is from Hampstead and throws her out after she asks for a job. Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) realises that Alfie is the father but agrees not to say anything. 50,775 Pages. We will provide you with the latest traffic and travel updates, including updates on train and London Underground services, in areas including Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking, Dagenham, Stratford and the Docklands. All characters are introduced by the show's executive consultant, John Yorke. Arshad struggles to settle him but soon realises that grime music works. [62] It was reported that Georgi is already familiar with Tina's sister Shirley and Tina is "alarmed" that Georgi and Zsa Zsa are friends while Georgi is unhappy that Tina is Zsa Zsa's mother. [102] Fred is attacked and Mick gives Stuart an alibi, but the police tell Mick that Fred was contacting local girls to search for his daughter, and this leads to another fight between Mick and Stuart. ", "EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell confirmed as deaf as new storyline begins", "EastEnders confirms big new storyline for Ben Mitchell after boat disaster", "Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans excited as they spot returning character in backstage video", "EastEnders kicks off Frankie Lewis mystery as she befriends Tina Carter", "EastEnders confirms sexual abuse storyline for Mick Carter", "EastEnders' Mica Paris character revealed as Walford car crash revisits Denise Fox secret", "13 new EastEnders announcements shared by the producers ahead of soap's return", "EastEnders spoilers: Mica Paris reveals 'hardcore' Ellie Nixon is 'up there' with soap's most evil villains", "EastEnders spoilers: Mica Paris reveals new villain Ellie Nixon intimidates Phil Mitchell", "Mica Paris reveals her EastEnders storyline brought back memories of family tragedy", "EastEnders newcomer Mica Paris reveals future of Ellie, Denise and Phil storyline", "EastEnders spoilers: Exit airs for Ellie Nixon as Phil Mitchell and Callum Highway win Raymond", "EastEnders spoilers: Karen Taylor names Sharon Mitchell's baby", "EastEnders confirms Sharon Watts changed baby Kayden's name during lockdown", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_EastEnders_characters_(2020)&oldid=986613669#Ellie_Nixon, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Hunter confesses to the crime, and is sent to prison. The character's introduction was not publicised beforehand. [53] Following the birth, Hayley, described as "struggling" and "overwhelmed", abandons her baby with Mariam and Arshad, however, her baby suffering a "scare" reportedly makes Hayley "rise to her responsibilities" and "reevaluate her earlier decision to give up her child.

Bev lies to Hayley about a changed positive lifestyle, but Hayley is angered by Bev's suggestion of blackmailing Alfie and further angered when Bev goes through her belongings. Ray visits Jack and threatens to harm his children if he continues to talk about him to Mel. This thread is archived. When Bev relates how Hayley's father was abusive and violent towards Hayley and her after Hayley was born, the revelation makes Hayley cry. save. A distraught Mel rushes to her son and cradles him in her arms, mourning the loss of her only child. The police are unimpressed and a report has to be filed about Daisy's disappearance, which Masood worries will harm his family's fostering. Even the most clued-up EastEnders fan could now have guessed that one day she'd play a part in Nick's death. Bijan and Chloe are later arrested and Harley is returned to the Ahmeds. Frankie Lewis, played by Rose Ayling-Ellis, first appears in episode 6115, originally broadcast on 18 May 2020. When Louise's boyfriend Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) tries to rescue Louise, Hunter shoots him in response. Masood looks after her but when he leaves the room, she disappears. She says it is too late and pushes him away when he goes to kiss her, but she then kisses him. Stuart reveals that he has helped put 17 men in prison and that when he was in the Young Offender Institute, he suffered abuse from an officer. Arshad Ahmed, played by Madhav Sharma, first appears in the episode broadcast on 1 January 2018,[1] alongside his wife Mariam Ahmed (Indira Joshi). [14] EastEnders worked with charities, the NSPCC and SurvivorsUK, to accurately portray the story.[14]. Frankie then reveals that she believes that Mick is her father and explains that she discovered letters between Mick and her mother, Katy Lewis; Mick admits that he could be her father. [91] Stuart tells Halfway that Mick may not forgive him for lying, but Halfway admits that he blames himself for a woman's death when he was saving her child and Mick says it was not his fault, so Halfway tells Stuart he was wrong. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Keanu undertakes work on Mitch's van and warns him to keep away from his family, lying that they do not live on Albert Square. [21] Later, Ciara demands a share of the money that Aidan stole in exchange for not informing the police, and he gives her a key. In the narrative, Ellie is blackmailed by Phil into signing guardianship of Raymond to him, before leaving. Bijan was described by Duncan Lindsay from the Metro as "mysterious",[82] and Sophie Dainty from Digital Spy reported that Bijan's arrival would "kick off an intriguing new storyline. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. [23] Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) returns to Walford and works out that Ben has Ciara's money, so calls her[6] and follows Ben to the Port of Dover where she tries to get Ben to return the money as he could be in danger, but he refuses and he arrives in France; Ciara watches him.

Having taken inspiration from a listicle put together by our colleagues at Mirror Online, we've taken a moment to remember the 13 villains we lost too soon. Hunter Jeffery Owen, played by Charlie Winter, first appears in the episode broadcast on 6 February 2018. Archie Mitchell was such a pain the neck to his fellow neighbours, his reign ended with a classic "whodunnit". report. Keanu then says he recorded Jagger's burglary boast and tells them to leave. [11], As a deaf person himself, Swinbourne was proud to create the soap's first deaf character. [139] The next day, Keanu sees the gang outside the garage but they leave when Phil calls them immature. [8] When Daisy is due to be adopted by Dan and Ashley (Ifan Meredith and Ashley Cook), Mariam admits to Arshad that she struggles when their foster children leave, and she wants to give up fostering. Time in Albert Square: 1986–1989, 1992, 2017. ", "EastEnders' Hayley Slater gives birth alone in Halloween horror next week", "EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater abandons her own baby", "EastEnders' Hayley Slater abandons her newborn baby in devastating scenes next week", "Emmerdale wins big at the Digital Spy Reader Awards 2018", "EastEnders: where have you seen Magic Marv before? Upon Jean working out Alfie is the baby's father, Hayley goes onto the balcony of her family's old flat whilst drinking, but is talked down by Jean. Hunter died on 6 September after being shot by a police marksman in the middle of Albert Square. Add new page. Morag ignores them and sends Jean to sing with the background singers, so Jean leaves. Kim then reveals that she has looked Morag up on the Internet and she is lying about her credentials. After a furious showdown, Alfie turns nasty with Kat, who accuses him of taking advantage of Hayley's vulnerability. Ray leaves, but Mel later calls him. [140] Keanu texts Jagger from Dennis's phone, asking to meet at the garage. Trevor met his maker following a confrontation with Mo which saw a fire break out. [128] She told O'Connor that she would like to return to the role for a longer stint. He begins to force Jack to leave with him discreetly, but Hunter is quickly recognised - prompting him to instigate a siege by holding the punters hostage at gunpoint. [10] They also foster a baby, Harley,[11] whose mother is a heroin addict. [9] Daisy is adopted and Arshad and Mariam wonder what they will do next. Andy Hunter was arguably one of the smoothest mobsters to even reign in Walford. Games Movies TV Video. Bev tries to assure her her intentions are good but Jean refuses to believe her so Bev points out the times when Jean ignored her family's and Stacey's school's concerns about Stacey as a child, scaring Jean. Suki forms a friendship with Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) when the pair bond over their shared experiences with cancer, but it transpires that she is lying about her cancer in an attempt to gain her children's trust. hide. This prompts Mel to keep him from being discovered by letting him stay in an abandoned flat she owns. Amal thanks Masood and Kathy as it will keep her mother from interfering for a few months. It's fair to say Steve's plot to flee with Phil's infant daughter Louise did not go to plan. [127], Jessica Jones,[128] played by Tara Lee, first appears in the episode broadcast on 31 July 2018. Mel later compares Hunter to Steve and asks for them to start again. Stuart alleges Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) shot him when he regains consciousness. Time in Albert Square: November 2010 - December 2011. Mick bundles Stuart into the boot of a car and drives to an abandoned factory where he vows to kill him. [109] Tina decides to tell Mick and Linda but Stuart has already told them, and when Stuart knows that Tina was called a "slag" that night, she again thinks it was him. Bev surprises Hayley at the Slater house, revealing that she has been evicted from her flat and needs somewhere to stay. Hayley is caught using it illegally by a police officer, who urges her to get a valid license, but Hayley gives up on becoming a taxi driver due to the length of the process. [23], List of EastEnders characters introduced in 2020, "EastEnders spoilers: Boss Kate Oates reveals Christmas and 35th anniversary plans", "EastEnders answers Sheree Trueman mystery as Stevie Basaula joins the cast as her son Isaac Baptiste", "EastEnders reveals Patrick Trueman has a long-lost son", "EastEnders casts Balvinder Sopal as Suki Panesar", "EastEnders spoilers: Suki Panesar arrives and tells a shocking lie", "EastEnders spoilers: Ash Panesar reveals abortion trauma in huge row with Kheerat", "EastEnders – Who is Ben and Callum's new friend Frankie Lewis?

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