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Eddy deliberately cheats in Edd and Plank's "match" by having Edd sit on him and doing a rapid count, which Johnny is quick to call him out on. "Ed: "Oh, yeah, I've seen Rolf do it before. ]Eddy: "This is harder than I thought. Get outta there! "[Marie is then shown wrapping him in his toilet paper.

[He takes the box.] "Ed: "What's a purple nurple? [Ed laughs. ]Edd: "Allow me to pour your milk? [after Edd doesn't give in] "Okay, don't come out. "Ed: "What is it?" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Edd: "I could just increase my calcium intake–"Eddy: "Aw come on. ]Ed: "Mine too!"

[He points at the udders. [he steps on Plank and slips] "Eddy! "Eddy: "No, but these knee pads will!

"[Ed spills some cereal on his face. Who invited you? "Marie: [leaping into the ring] "Come to mama!

[She throws him down and lands on him. ]Ed: "Hi Eddy! Look into My Eds: The Eds use a hypnotising pinwheel to control everyone in town. The kids all laugh at him. "Marie: "Hiya, muffin. ]Eddy: "When I'm done with you, you'll be the next Charles Cullis Supreme. ", [Rolf is underneath his cow, milking it. That gives me a headache, Eddy.

", [The Eds are looking over the fence at Rolf's backyard. Edd: "But Eddy, muscle expenditure can cause unsightly stretch marks."

[walking Edd to the center of the ring] "Don't fall for it. Eddy: "Your brain's the only thing with stretch marks. You can live in there forever. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Give me some of those! "Ed: "Uh, Rolf did some stuff and milk came out. "Eddy: "Go on! ]Lee: "I just love home cooking!" "[Edd tries it.

"Rolf: "Sha-ha! ]Marie: "Spin, dry, and tumble!" "Edd: "Your techniques are incorrect, Eddy. "Let's see what's in those puny, skinny sticks you call arms. "Eddy: [dragging him out] "Cool. "Edd: [peeking out from the Masked Mumbler] "Eddy, wrestling? [They both laugh. Look! Edd picks up some of it and eats, happy.].

]Jonny: "Leave some for me, Plank! ]Marie: "Here comes your prize!" [He turns Edd towards the sock.]

"Eddy: "What are you talking about? ]Eddy: "Here's your chance, Double D. Get in there! "Cow: "MROO. It's easy. Look into My Eds: The Eds use a hypnotising pinwheel to control everyone in town. "Eddy: [walking Edd over to the treadmill] "Forget him. "[Edd attempts it once and fails completely. She finishes tying him up. [One dumbbell falls off, and he tilts to the side that kept its weight.

]Jonny: "Here you go." ]Lee: [leaving the ring] "Wrestling the Eds sure is fun. "Rolf: "Sausage and ribs, yes? "Edd: "I think it has something to do with strudel filling.

"Go for it, Sockhead!

"Kevin: "Show me what, his butterfly collection? [He runs in circles around May. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/EdEddnEddyTagYerEd. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. "Eddy: "AAAHH! "Eddy: "Plank's just playing mind games." Ha ha! View production, box office, & company info. "Huh?" [He winds up right next to Marie, sitting down.]

Edd, mortified, pulls his hat down over his face. To extract milk from a cow, you must use its udders." His uniform consists of a red leotard with a belt around the waste and a plunger on top of his head.

"Eddy: [to Edd] "Don't let him get away with that! "[The Eds enter the shed.

Marie Kanker [He pulls the prize out and stuffs it in Ed's mouth. [he laughs] "Get it? "[We now get to see Edd in full battle regalia. "Edd: [interested] "Like chess! "Ed: "Cool, Double D!" "[banging the pan again] "Get it on! "Edd: [after Plank falls on his foot] "Yowch!

"Rolf: "Your garden is overgrown and your cucumbers are soft! Look him in the eyes, and watch out for those sharp corners. ]Eddy: "I hate chunky milk. "Eddy: "Well then, you should sit and rest. [A box of Chunky Puffs is sitting in a cupboard. ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Tag_Yer_Ed?oldid=67704. "Eddy: "Oh, yeah? [He throws a handful of Chunky Puffs at him, and the kids laugh.

"Eddy: "You can't quit! [Edd attempts to lift it. ]Edd: [walking up to a dumbbell in front of Eddy] "Oh let's quit now, this is embarrassing. Your brittle bones will be as strong as steel after this! ]Kevin: [laughing] "Oh, my ribs! "Lee: "You Eds are so cute when you do stupid stuff."

This video is unavailable. He hits it, and his arm crumples. Cool! "Edd: "Certainly, Kevin. "[The milk comes out as a big glob. ]Edd: [taking the box from Ed] "You should chew your food, Ed.

He feeds Plank a spoonful of yogurt and then feeds himself one.

And the winner is...The Masked Mumbler! Ed has a bucket with him. "Kevin: [appearing behind them] "Yeah, you better get some ointment, Double Dork." [Edd has toilet paper rolls on all four limbs. "Edd: "I'm not really comfortable with this, Eddy. It has clearly rotted. Wrestling ain't about fighting. While he is unsteady, he has still managed to lift the dumbbell. "Edd: "Oh, boy..."Eddy: [setting Edd on Plank] "Easy does it. Kevin / This FAQ is empty.

Now, let's find you a challenging opponent. (08 Feb 1999).

No more sweets for you! ]Eddy: "If there was a crowd, they'd be going wild! "Ed: "Cool! Eddy: "When I'm done with you, you'll be the next Charles Cullis Supreme." ]Edd: [humbled] "Well uh...my skills are...um...more in–"Eddy: "He'll show you! ]Eddy: "Hey! "May I have another?" "Edd: "But Eddy, muscle expenditure can cause unsightly stretch marks. HELP!" "Eddy: "YYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAA–" [Edd's grip slips. It said something! ]Edd: "GAHOH!" ], Kevin: [sarcastic] "I guess the Eds showed us. LIFT! ", Eddy: [carrying a plastic tree to a makeshift wrestling ring in the construction zone] "This'll prove to everyone that Double D's a champ! "Rolf: "Ya, perhaps we should take up basket weaving." Tag me tag me tag me! LIFT!" [seeing the change] "Ooh, oh, Plank. "Lee: [bullying Eddy] "What are you doing here? "Ed: "You first, Double D."Edd: "Oh, look, my shoe's untied." If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. "Eddy: "I love Chunky Puffs! "Eddy: "Forget them. [They laugh and walk away.

Here! "Ed: [leaping on Eddy] "Give me my fat!" ", [Eddy bangs on a pan with a spoon. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! "Eddy: "Your brain's the only thing with stretch marks. She flips him like a pancake. "You gotta know where to look! ]Kevin: "Ha ha you throw like a two-year-old. This one will be easy." "]Ed: [grabbing it] "Yum yum yum! [to Eddy, who's eyebrow is raised] "I love it when you raise your eyebrow like that. Ed Eddn Eddy Season 1.

"[The other two Eds continue to eat Chunky Puffs. "Rolf: "This is better than counting chickens.

[clutching at Eddy] "Eddy, please reconsider.

", [Jonny is sitting in the lane with Plank.

"Ed: [covered in Kankers] "I can't, Eddy. "Eddy: [seeing that the ring is complete] "Bingo." Please." The Kankers have rigged up their own slingshot on the other end. Leave a Like And Subscribe to Our Group Channel for Editors And Memes ! "Hello, Marie. [They throw him into a frying pan Lee holds. [Ed sticks his head in one of the cow's nostrils.] ]Edd: "Oh dear." Later, the Kankers all gang up on Ed and Eddy during their match instead of fighting one at a time like the Eds, though it is doubtful fighting one on one would have given the Eds much of a chance anyway. "Ed: "Milk? This stump, like Plank, has a face drawn on it in crayon.

"[The Eds are tied together in a knot. ]Ed: "Good job, Double D!"

Edd, stumbling around in pain, runs into the Kankers, who have suddenly appeared. [He holds out a jump rope.] Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I say we wrestle you! "Eddy: [wiggling the cow's tail] "How hard could it be?" [A football hits him on the side of the head, knocking him off the log. "Edd: "Not good! He quickly slips off the treadmill with a scream and lands at Kevin's feet. May and Marie are great at purple nurples. ]Eddy: [now talking in a "don't care" type of voice] "And, the Calcified Kankers. "Kevin: [walking away with Rolf] "Stop with the sausage stuff, Rolf, you're killing me!

Take him down!" Help me!" [raising his football] "Hey Rolf! All you gotta do is run! Eddy arguably gets it even worse in the match with the Kankers. She then proceeds to throw him into the ropes. Incoming! [She flips him to the top, where Marie spins him. "[Edd throws him.

]Edd: "I don't want to fight, Eddy. "[The crowd boo the Kankers. With Matt Hill, Sam Vincent, Tony Sampson, Keenan Christensen.

[He steps into the ring and kicks Edd in his shin. "Eddy: "Sure it is! [to Eddy] "Eddy, training is painful. Ed pulls out the box of Chunky Puffs and proceeds to eat.

[Edd is in position to lift the dumbbell.] Add the first question. "[Edd takes a jab at it.

"Rolf: "Ya, and butterflies cannot stuff sausages either! ]Eddy: "Kankers. ]Eddy: "Give em the burrhead bump, Ed!

[She then proceeds to use him as a jump rope. "Edd: "Eddy! ]Edd: "Okay, that's it.

"Eddy: "Any time you feel like letting me go there, Lumpy, I'd really–" [Ed drops him. [He hauls Edd to his feet and hands Plank over. He pulls out a cup and offers it to Jimmy. "Eddy: "Exactly! ]Edd: "I'm not sure this is legal. "Any milk yet, Ed? [He bends over and leaves. "Low in fat.

My mom says I can't fight girls." ]The Kankers: "Come back, dumpling! One two three. Edd: "I really don't think I can." We're just warming up! ]Rolf: "I love this music, it is so shiny. "Eddy: [grabbing the box] "Ooh, a prize. ]Kevin: "C'mon, dork, throw it over! "Edd: [grabbing one of the ropes as Eddy drags him to center stage] "Oh no! "Eddy: [being lifted by the Kankers, who have formed a tower] "AAAH!

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