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Okay, that’s enough heavy stuff, let’s get back to studying the action: Sorry Edd/Nazz shippers.

"[1] Cornelius also concurred that the "animation is colorful and intentionally bizarre; bold lines forming the characters and backgrounds wiggle and morph in a delirious haze. Jimmy wanders into a crowd and realizes he’s not with Sarah anymore.

Ed Edd n Eddy S02E08 Urban Ed_Stop Look and Ed.

“THIS AIN’T A CARTOON!”  Eddy, almost ALL of the acknowledgements that you guys are canonically cartoons come from you, get your story straight. Eddy tells him “any of that crystal ball stuff will cost ya extra.”  Huh?

I think the thing that makes season 2 so much better, even more than the improved designs/animation, is how confident the writers now seem that the other kids are just as funny as the Eds (or funnier). Kevin complains that Edd cut him off, but Edd corrects him that the airbag would not have deployed if Kevin hadn’t rear-ended him. Log in. We get this overhead shot of the cul-de-sac– the Eds are on the sac even though they were just seeing the kids there. While the first season itself received generally positive reviews, the second season proved to be an improvement in reception, garnering acclaim and earning two Leo Awards, while the first received one.

Ed really knows how to tax one’s patience. I wonder if Edd borrowed the tuba from Nazz and the trike from Sarah, or if he already owned both of those. After another failed scam for a circus, the Eds start a repair business, only for Ed to destroy everything they fix. Jonny insists it’s a joke but I believe it.

This episode is by Leah Waldron and Timothy Packford (aka Evil Tim). I’ve always loved this drawing and the timing on Jonny’s head denting the trashcan. After pulling an all-nighter working on a project, Edd tries to sleep, but is constantly interrupted by Eddy and the others. Although purely coincidental, this title card seems as if it knows about the cow pasture in the movie and the city behind it (although it’s much much further away than shown here). They distantly caused a chain of events that resulted in Plank hurting Jonny’s feelings, and for that this entire incredible feat of child labor has to go to waste??? Suddenly the target tree is right next to the sidewalk.

I’ve always been really interested in this shot of everyone walking past Jonny. Ooh, this dramatic shot is like a reverse of that earlier scene where Jonny was in front of the camera with shading and Eddy was holding the jar out to him!

The Eds try to watch a monster movie marathon at other kids' houses after Sarah kicks them out of her and Ed's house. The Eds all romanticize big city life, worn by their mediocrity. Thanks, Ed.

The shape of this cow’s head always made me think of Cow & Chicken, especially when a couple CN shows later inserted cameos of Cow.

Edd is able to take away a funny lesson from this, unmoved by Eddy’s increasing plights.

Maybe screeching “GET OFF” at Edd changed Erin Fitzgerald’s voice for a moment.

Ed is pretending to drive a biscuits and gravy truck. This is the effect the city has on people? Edd protests that the Eds are too young to drive, and Eddy suggests they build the cul-de-sac’s very own city.

I forget if Jonny has an official run that we’ve seen, I only ever remember his walk cycle (which they also rarely use). While Jonny catches Eddy up on the Plank situation, I am not able to unsee this as Eddy trying to reenact his brother’s behaviors when they were younger. The Eds turn Jonny into a pest and charge kids to get rid of him.

[1] The other children mostly dislike or show indifference to the Eds, though they all share a common fear of the Kanker Sisters, a group of teenage girls who live in the nearby "Park n' Flush" trailer park. Jonny’s really proud of how he does with the target, but Eddy continues right into the next challenge.

Where is the electricity for that lightbulb and what is operating the ‘GO!’ and ‘STOP’ signs that come out of it? Eddy apparently sees the anvil didn’t kill anyone and resumes dropping yogurt, unfazed. Eddy leaps out of the way before Ed mows down every single kid (a win for Edd?). Eddy for some reason makes a big thud for every box he breaks down as if he was landing on anything besides soft sun-warmed cardboard.

Ed loves the noise and congestion of the city, sounding as if he’s lived there first hand.

Getting back to the harsh matter at hand, to be clear, I wish this didn’t have to happen between these characters at all. It’s a big lose ending, even with the neutrality I tried to draw from Ed rebuilding the city or Eddy having a secret stash of Nazz-money. A forlorn Jonny watches as Plank disappears, corrupted by city life.

Plank tells Jonny to leap and drop the quarters.

The only traffic signal we ever see in Peach Creek is a fancy city style one under the highway to the actual city, and it doesn’t even definitely have lights on it. I also really like the Eds’ billboard ideas, I hope they actually have a buttered toast scam somewhere. Now that we’re getting closer to the detailed animation of season 3, I’m going to start taking more screenshots so we can appreciate the amount of work that went into every storyboard.

Eddy catches up to Jonny (I wish we got a shot showing Eddy climbing like King Kong too– just friggin send every character up there with the same shot over and over haha). "The Incredible Shrinking Day" music video, This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 22:32.

Jonny runs to home plate! Jimmy and Sarah have reverted to infancy, stacking blocks and making dolls dance. https://edfanon.fandom.com/wiki/The_Urban_Ranger_Adventures?oldid=4528, Plank was destroyed by saws, but survived by getting put back together by hammers and his remaining pieces. This episode’s storyboarding really lets you appreciate the feeling of a group of kids wandering the city. The dorks have proven to have the upperhand in the city. The entire episode is from the kids’ perspective and Jonny’s the real main character of the story, but we need these two Eds-focused scenes to pad the framework of the events and keep to some sort of formula. Ed begins to set up a new set of box tower dominoes in the background.

Oh, or is this because Ed tried to murder Nazz?

An older, more mature Nazz explains to Sarah that there are always lines in the city, although neither of them seems to know what they got in line for, nor are they aware that cardboard people aren’t going to stop you from cutting ahead of them.

[15], Cartoon Network compilation DVDs featuring selected, "Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy — The Complete Second Season", "Cartoon Network Greenlights 26 New Ed, Edd n Eddys", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ed,_Edd_n_Eddy_(season_2)&oldid=980332267, Pages using citations with format and no URL, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. “Boy, Plank, you’ve really lost your finish!”.

We get a lot of strong Jonny and Plank stories out of this season, in particular.


REALLY, any time the Eds piss off Nazz, it feels worse than anything they do to the other kids. I think Sarah also wears it in season 3’s ‘Three Squares and an Ed’.

In 2000, the season won Danny Antonucci the Leo Award for Best Director of an Animated Production.

After the Eds find Jimmy with Plank due to a feud between him and Johnny, they make new friends for Johnny at a cost. Edd curses his chivalrous ways, with good reason. This is a very season 5 storyboard-direction– Jonny’s new pose causes an immediate reaction from at least 3 characters (can’t tell if Nazz changed) because it was all drawn on the same board panel. She gives Edd a painful karate chop, a clear sign that she has been taking self-defense classes. Eddy’s face lights up when Edd mentions the big city.

Jimmy wants to stroll down the “boulevard of dreams” but Jonny appears with awesome shading.

This shot really sells the bad day Jonny’s having. ), Jonny’s anxiety about crowds and cities drives him to madness long before he finds the Eds. Development Concept. Is he too high up to recognize his crush and his friend or is it just another case of him not thinking pranks through? Kevin’s room is eventually seen in season 4, where I believe he has a poster for this issue of Bikini Babes. Crystal ball stuff? Another beautiful shot, love the shading on Jonny. It seems like such foreshadowing of Jonny’s panic attack in the movie, but it’s weird because… Jimmy isn’t Jonny… and also Jimmy gets out of the madness almost immediately.

Eddy begs Edd for any sort of happy ending, any saved quarters at all. Edd spots Nazz walking by, apparently having shopped at a bunch of other scams.

[6] Antonucci stated that change in the characters from the first to the second season is "very" noticeable, due to the amount of development they've went through. Does Eddy not know how to drive at all?

Some may feel this should only be viewed as a common gag, but let’s face it, the whole “accidental pervert” bit is inherently dark on the girl’s side, and I don’t feel like it’s as common (or at least, the misperceived attack would not be as physical) elsewhere in children’s entertainment as it is in adult fare. Kevin rationalizes that the Eds are just trying to bug him, but concedes that their plan has worked and he gives chase. Jonny does a series of crazed giggles.

Sign up. This seems to be the same basic idea as some of the Eds’ amusement park scams– they launch Jonny into a series of bizarre rules for a strange game. Watch fullscreen.

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