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He hits a tree, a pole, and a house before plowing through a fence. ]Eddy: "This key's useless. He laughs and has fun playing with his shirt. "Edd: "Must be three o'clock. Eddy… "Eddy: "Lemme see that key, Double D." [He pulls it away. [He grabs Eddy and begins to dance while singing.] Ed stays behind, worried about Jonny. Honest, mister, I'm just a kid. "Eddy: "Ha! ]Jimmy: "Too tight! [turning around to talk to Ed] "Ed, Eddy's made a very important first step, and–"[Eddy kicks Edd in his rear, sending him flying through the air. Rolf: Close the curtain, as it is colder than my nana's wooden leg! "Nothing, see? Jonny: Plank says clothespins are known to attack in the blink of an eye! ], Edd: [as Ed tries to open a fire hydrant] "There's a fellow human crying for help, trying to mend the unraveled ball of yarn handed to them. ][By now the lane has collapsed into chaos. Someone is really missing this key! Rolf: Tell me the ways of Jib! AAAAAHHHH!!! ", [The Eds run down the lane. [He reaches into his pocket and his hand comes out his pant leg.] Jonny always naps at three o'clock. [She helps Jimmy. [protecting the liquid with his body] "This mixture is very sensitive!" "Ed: "Does Al Capone's wallet have pictures, Eddy?" Cool Hand Ed [Edd has refused to partake in Eddy's plan of breaking out of school] Eddy: Oh yes you do, or Ed here will write your locker combination on the girls' bathroom wall. ], [The Eds are barefoot in Ed's basement. I feel uncomfortable. ]Ed: "A kazoo? "Sarah: [with Jimmy, both have bags of jawbreakers] "Hey! [He pulls at Ed's jacket] 1! "[Edd falls off of the cow onto Ed. https://ed.fandom.com/wiki/Key_to_My_Ed/Script?oldid=235803. Edd: [to Ed] Ed, lasagna isn't a major organ. [He straightens up. Nazz goes over to examine it, and the balloon explodes in her face. Get away from my sister you stranger! " "Ed: "Huh? "[He and Edd continue onwards. All the while, the girls giggle. [holds up coat hanger] What's this do? I'll give you 3, to GET OVER YOURSELF! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "You want to see, yes? "Hey! [shouting at Ed] Hey, rumpled forehead! Nazz pulls the wet paper away and reads it. My belly told me it was bottomless gravy day in the cafeteria. But I won't let myself fall prey to such shallow emotion. I am invisible. WARNING CAN … Rolf: And the cat sours the basil! [He runs after the key. April 18, 2014 Crayεx Sεxy Stablεman of Hεlland . So can I be a bumblebee? You idiot! "Eddy: "Nah. "Eddy: "Got that right. "Eddy: "Follow my lead." No flowers? [Hopelessly, he tugs at the mouthpiece and then goes off to find Sarah. The series features three boys, Ed, Edd and Eddy, known as 'the Eds', who create crazy money-making schemes in order to by Jawbreakers, their favourite candy. ]Ed: "Ow. Ed's having a bad day! Ed: Spending an extended period of time in female company can be physically disorientating and mentally confusing. Ed: It wasn't my fault, Eddy! [A hand pushes him forward, destroying his sand castle.] A Kanker closes the stocks and padlocks them. "Marie: "Give him the lip-lock, Lee. Rolf: You have an invitation, overdressed Ed-boy? "Edd: [holding up a key] "Look! I'm broke! Eddy: That's because he doesn't have a chin, Einstein! Ed: My sister likes to watch me eat custard from my belly button. "Kevin: "Who cares about that stupid key?! Fight! ]Eddy: "Ed! ]May: "You're such a slug, Marie. "Lee: "Is it real? ]Edd: "EDDDD–DDYYYY!!!! [Marie presses her feet to Edd's and wiggles her toes on his. It's the key to the oyster, Double D. Let's find the pearl! Edd and Eddy look at Jonny, who's wearing a suit]. "Eddy: "The guy's a hazard. Edd: We're home, Eddy. Ed: I was swordfighting with my friend, Jib! Eddy: What country are we in? "[May and Marie are taking turns jumping on Ed's back. It's our responsibility to see this key returns to its forsaken owner so life can–"[The key pops out and sticks in the gap between Edd's teeth as if it were in the keyhole of a door. Ed: There, there, Double D. Santa forgives. [The retainer is horribly mangled around Jimmy's face. Get over it! "Eddy: "Like cash? Oh, I know! "Ed: "It's a whatchamacallit. "Edd: "Apology accepted, Eddy." "Eddy: "Um, yeah. ], [Eddy is trying to use the key to open a manhole. "Ed: "Oh, I know! Rolf: \"Hello, Eddy!\"Eddy: \"What's happening, Rolf?\" [Rolf slams head into the ground]Rolf: \"I cannot hear you. Or some exploited cartoon character's theme park! A fine strip of bacon, yes? Then wait for naked photos of you to be developed, so she can hand them out to all the kids in the cul-de-sac. [The kids look up.] "Edd: "It's locked, I tell you! ]Ed: "I bet that key unlocks big gates of molten lava, releasing the demons from a box of Oat Bran, on the shelf of a mutant truck stop! "Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy, Season 2 Quotes." "Eddy: "Out of my way, you're doing it wrong!" It's called a sextant, an astronomical instrument used to - [Ed and Eddy start giggling] Eddy: [regains his composure] Again. "Ed: [confused by the hydrant's unwillingness to open] "Hmm. [They begin to fight with each other. ]Eddy: "It's an international incident. Stranger Danger! Rolf: You need to eat more fiber, head-in-sock Ed boy! "Kevin: "Rolf! "Eddy: "Did you see that case?

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