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31.An ac current produces eddy currents in a test object. 12.Which factor does not affect the phase shift between the transmitted signal and the reflected signal for a reflection type coil(assuming the part is nonferromagnetic)?

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This function actually produces the output signal from the coil.

Alternatively we can provide training suitable for candidates working to an employer written practice based on SNT-TC-1A; EN4179 and NAS410. A fill factor or lift-off change will shift the operating frequency, To minimize the load on the constant current ac excitation circuits, The secondary field is exactly in phase with the primary field, The secondary field is at precisely 90 degrees with the primary field, The phase angle between the two field components is always greater than 90 degrees which partially cances the primary field, The secondary field is 180 degrees out of phase with the primary field which causes a large phase shift, The permeability raises the inductance of the test coil, The magnetic test sample’s conductivity increases the reactance value of the coil, This effect is described mathematically by thr equation B/H=μ, The object gets hot and no information is available, Insertion of the object cancels all information, The insertion of the test object intensifies the secondary magnetic flux producing a new total magnetic flux which can be used to supply test information, By subtracting the primary voltage from the secondary voltage, the net voltage is obtained, Contain only flaw information and not indicate variations in magnetic field strength, Not contain signals generated by cross talk, Test object making contact with test coil, Frequency, coil inductance, coil resistance, Changes in the test specimen such as a crack, metallurgical and dimensional change alter the secondary field phase and amplitude, The primary ac current must be 60 cycles to produce this effect, A mismatch of the Hp and Hs fields produces a change in the output, Inability to detect small discontinuities.

Eddy Current Level 1 PREREQUISITE : Registrants must satisfy all prerequisites that pertain to this training course . Now you've found your course, next find a location and a time. ESL Industrail Support Services, To minimize tester output signal changes that are not relevant to conditions with in the specimen to be tested.

The vector Hp represents the secondary ac field in the test piece. This courses is ideal for NDT trainees who must have Level I training in order to qualify for certification and the Level I course is well suited for personnel who are responsible for or oversee the application of testing or Quality Control/Quality Assurance. U2411-WB Introduction to Eddy Current; Basic Principles and Application - Online Course 13.Lift-off certainly reduces the amplitude of the flux leakage signal. The voltage of the secondary coil is dependent upon: 7.Which of the following is not a method that may be used to improve the signal-to-noise ratio? (See figure 10), 32.To separate cracks and diameter effects for steel cylinders, the optimum frequencies correspond to f/fg ratios of less than (see figure 11). This inspection method is sensitive to small surface cracks, pits, subsurface cracks, corrosion on inner surfaces, and other flaws and is used to inspect parts of complex shape and size. 28.Which of the following is not a common undesirable effect to the test caused by the testing environment? By the end of the course, you should be able to: Please note:All candidates attending a PCN examination (initial, retest or renewal) must provide photo ID (e.g driving licence number, passport number, PCN ID card) on the day of sitting the examination. A diameter change of the product in an encircling coil is: 6.In figure 9, AC flowing through a primary coil set-up a magnetic field and causes a flow of eddy currents in the rod.

E2510 Basic Theory and Application of Eddy Current Level I - Click Here for Upcoming Eddy Current Class Schedule Lecture notes, text book and necessary testing materials are provided. Welding is a complex subject and effective training is vital, TWI has played an important role in delivering this. EDDY CURRENT TESTING QUESTION BANK 1.In a feed through encircling coil eddy current system, what would be the purpose of running a calibration defect several times but in various positions (such as top, bottom, left and right)? Inspection & Technical Consultancy for Industries, Welding Inspector Program – CSWIP 3.1, CSWIP 3.2.2, Internal Auditor Course – ISO-9001:2015 (QMS), To ensure proper centring of the material in the test coil, To select the modulation analysis setting, Calibrate the approximate depth of the detectable flaws, Produce an indication relative to the depth of the flaw, Check the instrument for reliability and freedom from drift, Detection of surface and subsurface inclusions, Detection of surface defects such as overlaps and seams, Change to test frequency that will decrease the noise, Increase the amplification of the test instrument, The magnitude of eddy current flow is large compared to the current flow in the coil, The eddy current flow is affected by permeability variation in the samples, The eddy current flow dissipates no power in the conductor, They are weakest on the conductor surface, The phase of the eddy currents varies through out the conductor, Increasing lift-off which reduces the apparent width of the defect, Speed, frequency of test, sorting speed, and physical control of the product, Does not allow defective areas to be removed, Reduced coupling between the driver coil and the specimen induces less eddy current flow in the specimen, Reduced coupling between the specimen and the pickup coil results in smaller voltages across the pickup coil, Electrical circuits designed to provide fill factor compensation may prove to be inadequate, depending upon the extent of fill factor loss, To avoid arcing between the coil and the specimen. Contact This greatly reduces preparation time prior to inspection.

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